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Alex Weir

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The global aid and development business is a disgrace. It costs the Western Taxpayers a lot of money and it achieves just about nothing. UN, World Bank, EU, and bilateral projects are badly designed and badly executed.

The calibre of people working in the business is very poor. Management is
poor. There is no culture of achieving something for the recipients – it is
just a money recycling game.

What africa and the rest of the 3rd world needs above all is to get rid of
their dictators – they steal money from their own people and they
collaborate with International companies to underpay their nations for the
oil and minerals extracted.

The problem in South Africa is that the poor have not benefitted at all
since 1994. Despite the saint-like status of Nelson Mandela, neither he nor
his appointed successor – Thabo Mbeki – have distributed more than 1 cent to
the poor.

It is very obvious that this situation now has to change. With the
commodities boom – which is set to last indefinitely – it should be possible
to fund such redistribution without excessive pain for the rich whites, the
rich blacks, and the local and foreign corporates.

I worked 6 months in Guinea in 2007. Such a rich country with such grinding
poverty for 99% of the population! Good riddance to bad rubbish! Lansana
Conte was a pro-Western Dictator of the worst kind, whose evil actions
greatly exceed even the infamous anti-Western Dictator Robert Mugabe. Only
Fraud-Proof Voting Systems can rid the world of such monsters. But
Elizabeth Cote of IFES Conakry told me in 2007 that ‘This is not the time to
introduce fraud-proof voting systems in Guinea Conakry’.

Mr Alex Weir,

I worked 6 months in Guinea 2007. Such desperate poverty in such a resource
-rich country! And every election frauded. Now is the time for Guinea to use
a voting system which cannot be frauded (Elizabeth Cote of IFES – you were
wrong when you told me otherwise November 2007 in Conakry). But the West and
Russia have massive interest in Guinea and will manipulate everything for
their own interests only. Dommage pour les peuples!
Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Conakry

Lansana Conte, Guinea Conakry

The end of a very nasty pro-western dictator, who kept his people
desperately poor despite his country’s immense mineral wealth. The French,
Americans, British and Russians will now be plotting who goes next.

Democracy is exactly what Guinea now needs and exactly what the people of
Guinea will not get. Elections there have been rigged for many years.
There exist systems to conduct elections which cannot be frauded (even by
Mugabe, Obasanjo and Kibaki), but the West, Russia and China will not allow
these systems to be used. Elisabeth Cote of IFES in Conakry told me
November 2007 ‘Now is not the time to introduce fraud-proof voting to
Guinea!’. Let the passing of this recalcitrant Dictator be the first of
many downfalls throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America!

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Conakry.

The West had the chance to force Mugabe to use a fraud-proof voting system
for the 2007/03 Election, but they did not want this, since 47 countries
throughout Africa are populated by Pro-Western Dictators, most of whom are
every bit as bad as Mugabe, who is the main Anti-Western Dictator. Had they
used this system, Mugabe and maybe 2 other pro-western dictators would have
been peacefully deposed; but also 47 big friends of the West would be lost,
along with all the legal and illegal money which they bring to Western
Corporations and Western Banks. Even now, the West’s primary interest in
Zimbabwe is minerals. The West will wring their hands, but will do nothing.

Money talks. By the way, Britain frauded the 1980 Independence Election in
Zimbabwe to bring Mugabe (their puppet) to power. This was such an error of
judgement that it can be genuinely termed as a Crime Against Humanity.

Therefore Britain, who installed this Monster in charge of 12 million souls,
must also remove him, since Mugabe’s dictatorial skills are such that his
own people are now incapable of doing so themselves. Mr Alex Weir, Harare,

The best way out of this mess is to replace the pro-western tyrannical Arab
dictatorships which litter the Middle East with Governments which reflect
the will of the people (i.e. real democracy, and not the sham which the West
peddles incessantly). This can be achieved by using voting systems which
cannot be frauded. Such a system was invented in 2006, but has been brutally
suppressed by the British Government. Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Posted by Mr Alex Weir | 29.12.08, 10:23 GMT

The best solution to this mess is to replace the tyrannical pro-western
dictators who rule 95% of the Arab Countries with proper democratically
elected leaders who reflect the Will of the People. Israel, USA, UK and the
dreadful and comical Tony Blair will then not be able to withstand the march
of History any longer. The best way to achieve such democratic rule is to
utilise a voting system which cannot be frauded. I invented such a system
in 2006, but it has been brutally suppressed by my own (British) government.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

A major problem is that (according to Andrew Neil, formerly editor of the
Economist and the Times of London) almost every Arab and/or Islamic
Government is a tyrannical dictatorships. In fact, 95% of Arabic
Governments are PRO-WESTERN tyrannical dictatorships. Thus they pay little
attention to the wishes of their people, and concentrate on amassing wealth
in their own hands and in the hands of the oil majors and others. A
solution to this problem would be to use a voting system which cannot be
frauded. This was invented in 2006 but has been brutally suppressed by the
British Government. Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe (an anti-western
tyrannical dictatorship)

The problem is that countries like the UK have moved to becoming a virtual
economy – and the productive sectors have been moved to China. Thus it
seems that there is a self-correcting mechanism to countries becoming
wealthy – like the Roman Empire, they decline and fall.
This whole phenomenon is very much part of the Global Economic and Political
system which keeps poor countries poor, and which largely keeps the poor in
all countries poor (and their children and grandchildren).
As long as the world is run by the rich and for the rich, such problems will
continue – either continuously or cyclically.

We now have enough technology to ensure that everyone in the world has
enough to eat, a good place to stay, and a reasonably good standard of
living. BUT we refuse to harness this technology for these ends.
Would it be difficult to refashion the way the world is run? Technically –
no. Politically – the rich may have to be dragged kicking and screaming.
Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe. The crisis drags on, with no end in sight. Mugabe’s party –
ZanuPF – seems to be once again mobilising, organising, brutalising and intimidating in the rural areas, but to what end is as yet  unknown.

Mugabe is a shadow of his normal self – a de facto Coup d’Etat has taken  place – the Army Generals are now firmly in charge. There has been a silent revolution.

Is this a good thing? It might be if the Generals were any less brutal, any
more competent, were any less greedy and thieving, had any more empathy for
their people, or were any more democratic than Mugabe himself. Sadly, none of
these are the case.

What are the implications? If the Coup were overt, as in Guinea Conakry,
SADCC and the African Union would condemn it and would probably insist that Mugabe is returned to a power-sharing  administration and that the Generals are locked up. If Mugabe was for any  reason unable to rule  or unwilling to share power, then an early election would be insisted on.

The Generals refuse point blank to entertain any kind of power-sharing with
the Opposition – this explains some or all of the shenanigans which have
been going on  over the last few months to delay the implementation of the Power-Sharing

Thus we have a serious stalemate.

Is there any way out? Hyperinflation and the Forex shortage may be the  factors which bring down Mugabe and the Generals together. Only by effectively obliterating the Zimbabwe Dollar and adopting the US$ or  the South African Rand can the Zimbabwean economy be brought back into functioning order. This process is already well
underway. But the sticking point is the problem of  paying public sector salaries and crop purchases in this foreign currency.

That will require a massive infusion (i.e. a grant) of 20-40+% of Zimbabwe’s  GNP
for the next 5 years – i.e. US$ 3-6 Billion in total. This is not a lot of  money compared to the figures which we are used to hearing these days, but  it is well beyond the financial and especially the political capacity of South Africa.

Britain and/or the USA should be able to find this kind of money, even in
the present problematic climate, but they are demanding (correctly) that either
Mugabe is out of the picture, or that he is a very minor part of a proper power-sharing government. No deal, no cash.

Soldiers and Police and their families therefore are trying to live on the  equivalent of US$4 per month or less. This is an equation  which is going nowhere, and which will come to a crisis very soon. Either  mass resignations, mass desertions, or some kind of insurrection.
The situation is not helped by the strange behaviour, actions and inactions  of Western Governments and Western Diplomats. For example, the US  Ambassador James McGee and his Elections and Democracy Officer, Kevin Sturr,  have said “Now is not the correct time to introduce a fraud-proof voting  system to Zimbabwe”.

And yet the present impasse is directly down to consistently (since year  2000) rigged elections and to an Independence Election in 1980 which was  frauded by the British Government in order to install their puppet – Robert  Gabriel Mugabe, when in fact he was in a distant third place after Joshua  Nkomo and Abel Muzorewa.

In these days when the Gaza situation defies all reason, it is probably  pointless to appeal to the Humanitarian Instincts of the West – they have  none.

If they do have any such decency, then let them confront Mugabe and the  Generals with a public and global statement of what is going on in Zimbabwe,  and let them either force proper power-sharing to become a reality (and the  retirement of the Generals), and/or let them arrange a Third Election using  technology which cannot be frauded by Domestic Dictators or by Foreign  Intelligence Services.

A final word – Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) are known to have repeatedly  assisted Mugabe to rig elections….. Since the USA and UK do everything  which Israel instruct, then we should expect No Change and/or a bad outcome  here in Zimbabwe. And the mischievous Libyan Colonel Gaddafi, now Darling  of the West, is also getting involved, as usual
on the wrong side – Mugabe’s.

Mr Alex Weir

Zimbabwe – Politics as the art of postponing the inevitable

Friday 23 January 2009 the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper exposed Mugabe’s
latest plan B to continue his illegitimate misrule. It is composed of the  following:

1. Almost 100% Dollarization of the Zimbabwe economy

2. Public servants (including Health workers, teachers, police and   army) to be paid in Government-issued coupons with face value in US Dollars.

These coupons only to be redeemable in special shops

3. Income tax, fuel taxes, customs duties, sales taxes and indeed all
taxes to be levied in US Dollars

4. Zimbabwean Mineral reserves to be forward-mortgaged to Russian  oligarchs for hard currency

5. Urban school fees to be paid partly or wholly in Forex

6. Rural school fees to be paid still in Zimbabwe Dollars

7. A third election to be held mid- or late-2009

Some comments on these items as above:

2. These special shops will always be empty – they will have nothing to  sell. Thus the coupons will be worth zero or at least much less (maybe 80%  less) than their face value. They may also not be tradable, and will  probably require proof that the customer is a bona fide government servant  in order to tender the coupons. The army and police will continue to be  very discontented and possibly dangerous.

4. Russian oligarchs are very brutal towards anyone who tricks or crosses  them – typically they kill the miscreant and his or her entire family, regardless of whether they are peasant or president, and regardless of how well they are guarded. Mugabe beware!

4. These oligarchs must beware that any future legitimate Zimbabwean  Government will almost certainly nullify any and all such treasonous and  illegal agreements entered into by Mugabe.

4. How much did Mugabe sell or mortgage these resources for? One must  assume they went for a song, or he would surely have publicised the vast  amount of money he won on behalf of the Zimbabwean People.

4. Of the amount he gained from this mortgaging, how much did he steal and  divert to his huge financial nest-eggs in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and  elsewhere?

4. This strategy is not sustainable – it is a one-off attempt to stave off  the inevitable – the fact is that Zimbabwe cannot properly function at this  point in history without a massive injection of grant aid – whether by the  West, or by the Chinese, Gaddafi, Iran, Russia, India and other Friends of  Mugabe (who are thereby automatically Enemies of the Zimbabwean People).

6. The rural schools in effect will cease totally to function – this is an  abrogation of Government responsibility.

7. With his vast experience in election rigging (he totally fooled Kore  Vollan in 2004 – the Norwegian Leader of the EU Election Observer Mission),

Mugabe plans to massively rig any such Third Election. Only by the UN

insisting on the use of a fraud-proof voting system (which Britain, USA,  France and China have declared as ‘dangerous’ and ‘politically  unacceptable’) will it be possible to ensure that massive rigging does not  occur.

There are very serious problems facing Zimbabwe – Cholera, AIDS, a  devastated food production, an almost total elimination of all industrial,  agricultural and commercial productive sectors, a Global Economic Recession,  and an illegitimate president who spends most of his time and effort looting  and stealing what is left of the Economy. Now is not the time for Bad  Politics in Zimbabwe – with such Bad Politics, the negative Global Outlook  will only make the poverty in Zimbabwe more painful and more difficult to  eradicate. With Good Politics, there will be hope (as Obama has brought  hope) and a chance that the economic and social situation will improve.

Thus if Mugabe has any heart and any love for his country and for his  People, let him tender his resignation. This can be ostensibly on health  grounds. If the Zimbabwean Generals to whom he is probably captive decide to  kill him, then so be it – he will become a martyr.
Mr Alex Weir

In the good years, when the British got fat on Scottish Oil and the  productive sector almost disappeared, Blair and Brown should have stashed  away a lot of money into a British Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). Since it  was deemed to be a Socialist Measure, such a move was completely  disregarded. Those Britons crazy enough not to emigrate will pay the price  for this ideological stupidity.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe – victory or sellout?

It is very probably a victory for the Zimbabwean People, both inside and  outside Zimbabwe. Whether it is a victory or a sell-out as regards MDC  and/or ZanuPF is not really relevant. The country and the people will look  forwards and not backwards.

What counts now is for there to be a massive infusion of working capital and  investment capital, private and public, into Zimbabwe. And that money must  be used wisely and not diverted into caviar, lobsters and champagne, whether  for aging despots or for exhuberant entrepreneurs (of any and all colours).

What will seal and guarantee such a massive infusion will be the certaintly  that the next election to be held here (probably around January 2010) will  be truly genuine, and not the usual Carter-Center-rubber-stamped sham.

To ensure such a certainty it will be strongly desirable to use a new and  innovative voting system, which is guaranteed to be fraud-proof. This  voting system was invented in 2006 but amazingly it has encountered very  strong political opposition from the supposedly democracy-loving  International Community. The British Government and Gordon Brown have been  at the forefront of this opposition.

Mr Alex Weir

This chap Philip Barclay who is a great guy on his blog is the same fellow who on 6  September 2006 stated in no uncertain terms to me inside the British Embassy  Harare – ‘Sometimes Democracy can be a dangerous thing!’. This was after I  had spent 20 minutes presenting on my new and innovative voting system for  the third world which is designed to be Mugabe, Obasanjo and Kibaki-proof.
Since then Barclay, the FCO, Des Browne, and Gordon Browne have done  everything necessary to stymie any progress with this system.  Beware diplomats and politicians – they are not always what they seem.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Putting the Global Economic Train back on the Tracks.

Everyone knows that the Global Economic Engine has come off the
tracks. There are differences on the scale of the problem and also on
how best to fix it. But everyone is concentrating on getting that
engine back on the same tracks, going to the same (unknown and
unstated) destination, with of course some fail-safe mechanisms to
avoid any future derailment. i.e. no one is questioning are the
existing tracks correct and is the destination in order?

The existing World Economic Order has been very effective at making a
small percentage of the world’s population rich – indeed they now run
the world. And the Western middle class did also benefit, although
their prosperity is now in jeopardy or at least in question. But the
populations of the Third World seem to have been lost by the wayside,
apart from their robber-baron pro-western and anti-western

Of course Communism never worked anywhere, especially in Russia. But
people with brains (of whom there are few in our society with its
deliberate dumbing-down media and culture) should look seriously at
possible options.

The world now has enough technology for food production, for
industrial production, for everything, so that there is no need for
anyone in the world to go hungry, and no need for anyone to have a
quality of life which is less than moderately pleasant. But even in
the Capitals of Wealth there are homeless, poor and suffering people.
United Nations, Global Charities, Global NGOs and Global Churches are
a joke – they go through the motions without any intention of
achieving anything effective, useful or lasting. A problem is that
the major political drivers – with the USA and the UK at their core –
pretend to have the interests of the world population at heart but in
fact everything they do is with cold and calculated selfish intention.

Details? Dont ask me now – that would just be an opportunity for
established interests and the lackey media to shoot down this project.
The problem requires a lot of thought by the best and brightest. But
without any political pre-conditions – i.e. a blank sheet – it will
require those involved to think outside the box.

At this point in History there is now a brief Window of Opportunity to
check whether there is a better path to global economic and social
prosperity – we should take that opportunity and search for an
alternative destination or for an alternative path to the same
destination, or our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
will ask us why we didn’t.

Zimbabwe – a time for an end to futile and childish political games.

The Global Economic Crisis has changed the rules of the game – up till
now the patient and long-suffering population of Zimbabwe has been
willing to let the Old Man play his stupid games, whereby – in order
to remain in power and to continue to loot Zimbabwean – he has brought
down a once-vibrant economy and blighted the prospects of his brothers
and sisters and their children and grandchildren.

Now it is increasingly obvious that enough is enough – there is now no
safety factor whereby the economy can be allowed to plumb new depths
with the future expectation that the International Community will
restore Zimbabwe magically to its former living standards in record
time once the Pestilence has passed. Any International rescue plan
which was on the table is now off the table, or if it is still
available then it will be a seriously cut-down version.

Whether the ultimatum to the childish, selfish and insane Mugabe and
his upstart, childish, selfish and insane Generals is given by the
People and/or by the Internationals is an academic point – it needs to
be done, and it needs to be done now. There is no time to lose in the
race to rebuild a Zimbabwean Economy which will banish this Man-Made
Poverty to the history books.

Mr Alex Weir

A ‘new’ American Doctrine – with backing from Obama

Recently there has been some nonsense in the media about how the
global recession or depression will make life tougher for people in
the Third World (it will). They will feel like rebelling, and this
may threaten existing national governments. Where these national
governments are ‘Friends of America’, then the USA must get involved
to maintain their friends in power.

This drivel is promulgated by people who are part of the Obama  Administration.

Andrew Neil (former editor of the Economist and the London Times) –
who is no bleeding heart – said on BBC World TV around 2007 – ‘Almost
every Arab or Islamic country is a tyrannical dictatorship’. What he
did not say is that 95% of these tyrannical dictatorships are
Pro-Western tyrannical dictatorships.

These tyrannical dictatorships are maintained by having no elections
and/or by rigged elections. Often the West, in the shape of Carter
Center, International IDEA, IFES, EU Electoral Observation Teams,
EISA, etc is complicit in rubber-stamping this vote rigging. There is
a solution to this MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) – adopt a voting
system which cannot be rigged by any sitting government or by any
Intelligence Service. Such a system exists on paper (and on the
Internet), but it has been brutally suppressed by Gordon Brown and his
faithful puppy, Des Browne.

So – we have a new (it is not new, by the way) USA Strategic Doctrine
– sustain and protect 3rd world pro-western tyrannical dictators in
order to protect American financial, resource and geopolitical
interests. And Obama, by his silence, is backing this Doctrine…..
This kind of thing does more to nurture extremism than can ever be
doused in a thousand years. There are millions of potential suicide
bombers out there – and we in the West are encouraging them by our
selfishness, stupidity, indifference and passivity.


21 Feb 09

Musuveni is yet another of these pro-western dictators who litter the  landscape of Africa, the Middle East, and the rest of the Third World. They  steal big-time from their populations and collaborate with western  corporations, governments and politicians. The West is very afraid of any  voting system which cannot be frauded, since that would mean an end to these  cronies who perpetuate Global Poverty. Let the people be free. The West must  back down and embrace history, justice and an end to oppression and poverty

Philanthropy Cashback – Independent 22 feb 2009

Good idea, except that the UN and the Donors and NGO’s are mega-ineffective.
The Aid and Development Game has never been about succeeding – only about  applying a semi-effective bandaid to the problem and keeping extreme  suffering off Western TV screens. And the political, diplomatic and  commercial games going on are all about collaborating with pro-western  dictators to make money for Western Companies and to short-change the  poverty-stricken populations. Simple – such glamorous initiatives do not go  to the heart of darkness. Fraud-proof elections throughout the Third World  and the Middle East would do more than all the supermodels and all the  celebrities in the world. Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Thatcher signed off on the Frauding of the 1980 Independence Election in  Zimbabwe which brought the psychopathic charlatan Dictator Robert Gabriel  Mugabe to power. The British did this because they had already turned  Mugabe to become a British Agent while he was interned, and they deeply  feared the anti-British economic actions of Joshua Nkomo should he acceed to  power. The rest is history, and Britain is today directly responsible for  the 1983 Matabeleland Massacres, and for the ruinous Dictatorship years 1998  through 2009. This will hopefully shortly result in a case at the  International Court of Justice, at which the Zimbabwe State and People will  be awarded GBP 30 Billion from future British Taxpayers, as compensation for  Economic Loss during the period 1998 through 2009. Mr Alex Weir, Harare,

Zimbabwe – stop the gravy train

Huge numbers are being bandied about regarding how much money (real money –  US Dollars) Zimbabwe needs to function and to reconstruct. The shocking  history of Mugabe and his cohorts with respect to corruption has to be taken  into account, and also the MDC people are potentially new pigs coming to the  troughs.

The availability of monies from the rest of Africa and from the West will  and should be proportional to the amount of security regarding its  disbursement and the certainty that the money will reach the poor and the  needy, and will create real infrastructure, instead of disappearing down the  cavernous maws of USB and other Swiss Bankers.

There is a very simple solution to this problem – disable the capability of  the Reserve Bank and the Ministry of Finance to handle payments themselves –  and give that function to an independent International Trust Fund (IITF),  administered by a body such as Price Waterhouse Coopers. The ministries  create electronic payment lists, these are approved and modified by the  Ministry of Finance and by Cabinet, and are passed to the IITF for payment.
The IITF uses a banking system such as CABS (a foreign-owned Zimbabwean
Bank) to effect payment to individuals and companies. If and when the IITF
is requested to make large or accumulated-large payments to R.G.Mugabe or to
Grace Marufu Mugabe or any other recognised white-collar criminal then they
are under instruction to refuse and to bring the matter to public attention.

Every payment and their aggregated monthly, quarterly and annual totals can
and should be displayed on a website which is open to the world. There can
even be XML files of these millions of payments, which can be downloaded for
processing by individuals or organisations who are so inclined (Transparency
International and Publish What you Pay are organisations which could and
should be interested). And the National ID number and passport of every
payee must also be listed against each payment. Where payment is to a
company, then the company finances must also be treated in the same fashion
– every single incoming and outgoing company payment must be listed – that
will be the price of doing business with the public sector in Zimbabwe.

Then we will find out for example that companies performing council services are paying out 10% of their fee to labour, 5% for materials and 15% for  capital – i.e. they are making a cool 70% profit on revenue (at the expense  of the general population).

And payments to the Government by Mining and Oil Companies (both are  infamous in the world of international corruption) – must also appear on the  same website. That will cause very serious consternation in Angola,  Nigeria, DRC Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Saudi Arabia and many other  countries.

All this kind of thing is very simple to do. And why stop with Zimbabwe?

How would Cheney, Halliburton and the whole USA fare under such glaring  spotlights? Let Zimbabwe blaze a trail and light a fire which can never be  extinguished. Obama – where are you on this?
And don’t just treat anti-western dictatorships like this – adopt the same  practices with pro-western dictatorships also. One will find that a  surprising number of politicians quit their trade very rapidly, hopefully  leaving space for technocrats and public-minded citizens who are not there  for the spoils.

The current Global Economic Depression is of such severity that the Third  World can no longer afford the luxury of feeding its charlatan dictator-presidents until their bellies are bursting. And think – Oxfam and the  other aid and development vultures could quickly pack up and go home.
Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Mugabe may not realise it yet, but his power is waning. The return of
tourists will hasten that process, not delay it. Some tips – June and July
are cold/coldish – March, April, May, August September, October are better
for Westerners. Airlines – whatever is cheap. Kenyan and Ethiopian serve
Harare and you can get exotic stopovers. Johannesburg is best for sheer
volume of flights and seats. Buses are a good means of getting around all
the way from Joburg to Nairobi, Kampala and Kigali. Tip heavily in  Zimbabwe. Dont rely in credit cards inside Zimbabwe – bring US Dollars cash  and use a moneybelt. Violence is not a problem in Zimbabwe, but there is  petty theft (just like Paris). Think about a multi-country tour – you dont  need to do a long and expensive overland tour to achieve that – think public  bus. You can do a Kenyan Airways into Nairobi and out of Joburg – it takes
about 4 days solid bussing to do Nairobi to Joburg, so you can spread that  into 2 or 4 weeks or more. Or fly into Joburg and out of Nairobi. You will  probably have to throw away the missing leg but you will still save a lot of  money. Have fun. Mr Alex Weir, Harare

The Economic Catastrophe – a way out

The world economy has crashed because mankind has devoted too much brains,  infrastructure, cash and other resources into activities which do not  generate anything useful for mankind, and/or these activities have generated  only luxury goods and services for the undeserving rich.

At the same time, at least half the world’s population live under  dictatorship, work excessive hours, work excessively hard, earn  insufficient cash, have insufficient land, grow insufficient food, and have a low quality of life.

And the middle classes and lower classes in the West have seen their  purchasing power and their standard of living eroded over the last 10-20  years, with that problem only obscured by the availability of inexpensive  gadgets and cheap credit. They also have a low quality of life. This of  course is never ever admitted by the political classes (Obama is possibly an  exception).

Are these 3 problems related? And/or can some solution solve all 3 problems
at the same time?

Western governments and the International Community will tell you that
bringing democracy to the Third World is a dangerous and destabilising  project, which will diminish earnings by Western Companies and will endanger  vital access to mineral resources, oil etc.. And at the same time the West  preaches that democracy is desirable and essential to the development of the  Third World. What amazing hypocrisy….
The Global Reconstruction Project so far has concentrated on getting the  same train back on the same tracks going to the same (unknown or unstated)  destination.

It is now time to think the unthinkable. But the pathetic and craven  international media circus has a reputation for toeing the line and for  observing the crack of the whip (and of course for taking the proffered  monies).

To expect Developed Country Donors, the UN and International NGO’s to  implement any Marshall Plan for the Third World is a total joke – those  organisations are so riddled with incompetence as to be unredeemable. Some  totally new organisation will be required, with a dynamic, modern,  intelligent and caring leader (in the cast of Obama) – someone with a very   hard head and a sufficiently soft heart. Don’t suggest any of the usual  suspects – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jeffrey Sachs, Bill Clinton, Bono or  Bob Geldof – these people are useless and cynical charlatans and/or innocent  and ignorant amateurs.

And while we are saving the Third World don’t forget the struggling masses  in Western societies – their problem is every bit as acute as that of the  struggling urban and rural poor in the Third World. And there is no excuse  for the poverty of populations in the West – it is yet another indication  that the Grand Plan has been on the wrong tracks.

Mr Alex Weir, Zimbabwe

Guinea-Bissau – an other dictator hits the dust

Good that yet another of these disgusting and economically-ruinous pro-western african dictators has died. In order to prevent the appearance of a  dictatorial successor, it is necessary for the West to bite the bullet and  approve a new project which will bring real democracy (and possibly populist  presidents) to the Third World. Why not? Obama is himself a populist  president…. This arrival of democracy is incumbent on the use of a fraud-proof voting system.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Bachir – the first of many

Africa and the 3rd world are landscapes littered with pro-western dictators  and anti-western dictators. 95% of the dictators in the world are in fact  pro-western, and only 5% are anti-western. The west is very good at  pursuing the anti-western dictators (Mugabe, Bachir etc) and very pathetic  at pursuing the pro-western dictators. Cut the hypocrisy – get on with the  job, bite the bullet – give up your cronies and the people who enrich
western politicians and western multinationals. And while you are at it,  put in place the voting system which cannot be frauded, and which will  incidentally bring down all dictators, regardless of their pro-western or  anti-western credentials. The only good dictator is an ex-dictator.

Mr  Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

The psychopath Mugabe has struck again. But he failed to eliminate his  actual target – Morgan Tsvangirai. Susan is now a martyr for the cause of  freedom from tyrannical dictators not only in Zimbabwe but throughout the  Third World. Rest in Peace.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare

Mugabe strikes again

The psychopath Robert Mugabe, who was illegally installed by the British  Government in a frauded election in 1980, has killed again. However he  failed to hit his designated target – Morgan Tsvangirai, instead making a  martyr of his wife Susan. And to compound the felony, the British FCO are  now claiming that the assassination was a bona fide accident. Who is  running the British Government – the incompetent Gordon Brown, or the hard
men of FCO, MOD and MI6? The answer is obvious. And it is now time for  Obama and Clinton to clean up this mess once and for all – eliminate Mugabe  by whatever means are necessary.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare.

Who is to Blame?

The process was driven by rich people getting vastly richer taking risks  which were out of control. They were making vast fortunes as traders with  the downside that everyone else would suffer massively if the game finally  went South. And the politicians, especially Gordon Brown, were mesmerised  by the vast tax revenues which were also created in the process – therefore  they turned a blind eye to the possibility that the process would go wrong.   So – as usual – the rich and powerful are responsible, and the others must
suffer. This is the normal formula throughout history – but that doesnt  mean it is right…

Problems of the Quality and Effectiveness of the Aid and Development Circus  must be addressed – existing aid is less than 20% effective. The problem is  political – the West has never intended that the 3rd World should develop. A  sea-change in Western attitudes is now required. If that does not happen  then the 3rd World must go its own way, and cease to rely on hypocrisy and  lies.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Africa and the economic crisis

The effect of the global economic depression on Africa is that Africa can no  longer afford to support its 45 greedy thieving pro-western charlatan  dictator-presidents and its 3 greedy thieving anti-western charlatan  dictator-presidents. This process of elimination of dictators will greatly  upset western governments and global corporations (not to mention the  presidents themselves!). It is best brought about peacefully by using  voting systems which are fraud-proof.

Zimbabwe needs billions to get billions
The long-running soap – ‘How to be an anti-western dictator and get away  with it’ – continues. The latest move in this elaborate chess game – the  IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank state that in order to get  international monies of between 0.5 and 5 Billion US$, Zimbabwe must first  pay US$ 1.1 Billion. Sounds like a Catch-22? You bet. But – there is a way out of this – Mugabe has a personal fortune of several  Billions (MI6, CIA and Mossad know how much and where it is hidden). So –  Mugabe prides himself on being a man-of-the-people – let him liberate his  people by disbursing his hard-stolen fortune. If he fails to do so, then  MDC, the Zimbabwean People (diaspora and domestic), and the wonderful  International Community must expropriate these monies. To be honest it is  probably well in excess of the needed US$ 5 Billion, and therefore no
international monies of any kind will be required – Mugabe himself can fund  the reconstruction of the country which he has ruined. And why stop there – there are at least 20 Nigerians – they live outside of  Nigeria – each of whom has sufficient assets to pay of the entire Nigerian  National Debt.
But no – Western politicians insist that the very hard-pressed Western  taxpayers must fund Aid and Development Programs and Projects in Africa and  the rest of the Third World. While these Aid and Development projects are  largely a waste of time and money and mostly contribute to the further drain  of illegal monies to Swiss, Liechtenstein, Channel Islands etc banks. And  the scale of the out-flowing illegal fortunes is much larger than the size  of the in-flowing aid budgets.
If Mugabe does not want it to be public knowledge that he is giving their  own money back to his people, then let him channel it secretly via the  Chinese. Oh! – the Chinese like to punish corruption by executing the  politicians involved – maybe that last idea is not so good…

Mr Alex Weir

Tsvangira ‘Accident’

There is enough and overwhelming evidence to convince any jury that the
killing of Susan Tsvangirai was no accident – it was an assassination  attempt. Meanwhile the British and USA Governments have issued statements  to the effect that there is possibility of foul play. This is inexplicable  and sinister.

Official complaint about FCO statement on Tsvangirai incident

Dear British Embassy Harare,

I, Alexander Weir, UK passport number 761 097 843, date of birth 04 January  1949, hereby lodge an official complaint against the statement by FCO London  that the so-called car accident of Friday 6 March 2009 was a bona fide and  genuine accident.

Note that there is enough evidence that any and every jury would rule that  the so-called accident was in fact an act of state terrorism and an  assassination attempt – presumeably against Morgan Tsvangirai himself.

Why yourselves and the US Embassy are making these ridiculous, inexplicable  and quite honestly sinister statements is beyond the pall and beyond  civilised standards.

I would like a confidential briefing and explanation as to why this  monumental mistake has been made and what will be done to correct it.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Alexander Weir

DFID website

1. remove 3rd world dictators by a fraud-proof voting system –  cd3wd.com/SEEV/

2. take western governments to the ICJ to reclaim monies robbed by western -installed dictators such as idi amin and Mugabe.

3. install national payment systems in third world countries which make  presidential-level corruption and theft impossible.

And a few other measures which will eliminate poverty once and for all and  put DFID out of business.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare

Strangely enough, government financial accountability in the 3rd world is  the key to the eradication of poverty. Typically, 7+% of GNP (20+% in the  case of Nigeria) is lost to presidential-level corruption in most 3rd world  countries (pro-western dictatorships and also anti-western dictatorships).
The solution is to have Independent International Payment Trusts (IIPT)  which are administered by the likes of Price Waterhouse Coopers, and which  post every single payment on the web and make available also as downloadable  XML files. The Ministries of Finance and Central Banks cease to handle  money and payments directly – they prepare electronic payment lists which  are modified and approved by cabinet and are passed to the IIPT. This will  do more to eliminate poverty than all the DFID’s and all the Oxfam’s, World Banks, MDG’s, Bonos, Clintons, Sachs, Browns, and Geldofs in the world. And  many third world presidents and politicians will quit their trade and go  back to running criminal syndicates (which is what they are doing at the  moment).

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Why is the world full of climate change deniers?

1. Mankind and life forms on earth adjust to their environment (or  sometimes species become extinct because they fail to adapt or are overrun).  There has never been any serious discussion about the possibility of  accepting climate change and adapting to it.

2. The advocates of CC are a bunch of over-enthusiastic ideologues who dont  engender much sympathy.

3. The opponents of CC are a bunch of mean profit-oriented traditionalists  without imagination.

4. For example, Cold Fusion would largely solve the problems of CC, but how much research money is going into CF and do the Environmentalists ever  mention CF? (No they dont!)

5. Conclusion – a serious examination of the various possibilities needs to  be done, without political posturing – especially examining the ‘Third Way’  – adapt with minimum cost and effort to inevitable (?) change(s).

Mr Alex Weir

UK – Government and Banks fail again

So – the money which the Gov is injecting is disappearing overseas or  remaining in the jaws of the Banks? No surprise – what massive incompetence  on the part of Brown and Darling – who trusted and still trust the private  sector and the banks to do the right thing. Once again the rich get richer  and the poor get poorer. Abandon ideological blindness and false faith and  set up a state financial institution to direct lend to companies and to fund  housing. Stop throwing away the monies which future generations will have to repay.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Visa Mafia

The credit card industry has to be corrupting western politicians – nothing  else explains why they make so much money from providing such a bad service.
Their security levels are abysmal – they ignore even simple but highly  effective means of combatting fraud. Then they explain their high charges  by citing the high prevalent levels of fraud in the industry! Who is feeding  from their trough? – only the Civil Servants or also the Politicians and  Prime Ministers? Time for Change! and not Brown and Darling’s timid ideas of  change – Obama’s Bold Vision and Action are called for – Brown and Darling –
are you men or mice? Squeek…..

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

NGO’s and Value for Money

The world order requires that the poor and the middle class in the west  donate money which goes to the rich in the Third World. Meanwhile Third  World Dictators are supported and butresed by illegal elections which are  rubber stamped by the Carter Centre, IFES, IDEA and the like. These pro-western and anti-western dictators steal 7-25% of their countries’ GNP and  thereby perpetuate poverty. Their monies go to western banks. They should be in the Forbes List of Billionaires but for some reason are ommited. A  grand collusion and scandal, in which (Bill) Clinton, Blair and Brown are  implicated. Implementing fraud-proof voting systems in the Third World is  the first step to reform this unholy mess and to put Oxfam and their ilk out of business.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare

Power change in Madagascar is good

The December 2006 Presidential Election was massively rigged and frauded,  but the West, in the guise of EISA South Africa, as usual rubber-stamped the  result because Ravalamanana was a pro-western dictator. So – the West is  directly responsible for the 100+ protestor deaths which were necessary to  unseat this corrupt dictator – when will the West appear in the  International Criminal Court and when will reparations be paid? Only a  fraud-proof voting system adopted throughout the Third World will resolve
this ongoing tragedy once and for all.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare

Jacob Zuma on 27 March 2009 stated that Mugabe had received a large number of votes from Zimbabwean voters in the March 2008 elections. Possibly Zuma  does not realise that the 44% which Mugabe supposedly received was a massively rigged number. A University of Zimbabwe opinion poll done shortly before March 2008 gave Mugabe 20%, Morgan 48%, Makoni 8% and Maya 1%. There were also 25% dont knows or wont say – and the majority of that 25% would have voted for Morgan. The only way Mugabe was going to get 20% from an impoverished Zimbabwe population was through fear of reprisals (which did indeed occur during the period April-July 2008). The figures obtained by Makoni and Maya were spot on 8% and 1% respectively. Therefore one must assume that Mugabe in reality got around 20%, and not the 44% which Zuma appears to believe (or does he countenance Election Rigging?).

This whole continuing charade and continuing power struggle by a election-rigging charlatan anti-western dictator is without substance – any proper election would and will consign Mugabe and his fellow gangsters to the dustbin of history.

Only an un-fraudable voting system will bring prosperity to Africa and to much else of the Third World and the Middle East.

But the West doesnt want this, and will even shoot itself in the foot in order to continue the hegemony of making money from stable pro-western dictatorships.

Mr Alex Weir
Gaborone and Harare

Finding Toxic Debt – Independent – 05.04.2009

Those opposed to disclosure of toxic debt do so because it may open a paper  and electronic trail to their misdeeds, for which they may be liable in USA  and other courts. And – be sure – these people are still mega-rich. Thus  yet again a few ultra-rich miscreants hold the entire world in limbo, unable  to get on with the job of reconstruction. There should be some way out of  this – maybe a blanket amnesty for these vermin, however distasteful.

Mr  Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Blair as EU President will be disaster – Independent- 05.04.2009

It is difficult to imagine a more opportunist or corrupt leader than Tony  Blair, even including all the charlatan Dictator-Presidents with which the  3rd world and the middle east are littered. Will there be a popular vote  throughout the EU for this position? If so I sincerely think that Blair will  be consigned to the dustbin of history, which is where he most firmly  belongs. If not, then we have proof of the anti-democratic nature of modern
politics and of the EU in particular. Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Developing nations face malnutrition threat – Guardian – 05.04.2009

Donors and NGO’s in the Third World have a duty to monitor urban and rural  food prices and to publicise that data in-country and globally. Often  importers, presidents, politicians, wholesalers and supermarkets perpetrate  crimes against urban and rural citizens by creaming off fortunes from the  middle classes and from the poor through overpricing of basic and non-basic  food items.

Yet the entire bloated and overpaid UN Machine – and even our dear British  DFID and Oxfam – cannot provide this most basic of services. Whose wallets  and tax-haven bank accounts are they feeding from? – or is it innocent  incompetence?

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

WHYS – are some people inherently evil?

A lot of evil is perpetrated by racism, a lot for financial gain, some  because of mental illness, some because of what can be ascribed to be  possession by spirits.

There is a tremendous amount of injustice in the world, all of it  unnecessary. The West is complicit in a lot of this injustice – we back  tyrannical dictators who brutally oppress their populations. When these  populations resort to the only means possible we call them terrorists and  operate a shoot-to-kill policy and/or a torture-till-dead policy. Western  Governments are intimately involved in evil policies and evil acts which are  however sanitised by International Media such as the BBC, CNN, Sky and even  Al Jazeera.

Drugs companies, international Agencies and Governments who hinder affordable life-saving drugs in the name of profit are evil.

Mr Alex Weir
Gaborone and Harare

Moldova Election Frauded – Independent – 08/04/2009

This illustrates the folly of the West’s reliance on Election Obersver  Missions. These achieve nothing more than to rubber-stamp elections which  are often frauded. Only a voting system which is fraud-proof will solve  this problem of dictatorship, corruption, massive presidential-level fraud,  and the continuation of poverty. There exist on paper voting systems which  can deliver real and raw democracy to the Third World, but because of  selfish and greedy financial self-interest the International Community  brutally suppresses such initiatives.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Are big farms the key to African development? – Guardian – 08/04/2009

Scale of land ownership or land management is not the major issue – it is  using modern seeds, fertilisers (natural and/or artificial)), and sometimes  using animals and/or tractors for cultivation. This can be done by  smallholders provided that there is organisation, credit and markets. See  http://www.cd3wd.com/sfmss/ for details on a project in Kenya to provide  such inputs in an organised fashion at an affordable price using computers
and mobile phones.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare.

If protests turn violent — is the argument lost?

Visually-attractive events and video seem to be the only way to get  attention from the global media machine. The violence which results in death seems to come from the authorities and the establishment.

The frauded Moldova Election illustrates the folly of the West’s reliance on  Election Obersver Missions. These achieve nothing more than to rubber-stamp  elections which are often frauded. Only a voting system which is fraud-proof will solve this problem of dictatorship, corruption, massive presidential-level fraud, and the continuation of poverty. There exist on paper voting systems which can deliver real and raw democracy to the Third World, but because of selfish and greedy financial self-interest the International Community brutally suppresses such initiatives.
Mr Alex Weir
Gaborone and Harare

Mugabe Aides Are Said to Use Violence to Gain Amnesty – 10 April 2009

What Zimbabwe needed for the 2008 Election was a voting system which cannot  be frauded. What Zimbabwe needs now in 2009 is a voting system which cannot  be frauded. What the Britain, USA, France and China are unwilling to permit is a voting system which cannot be frauded.

This system exists on paper, and is extremely simple but clever. And it is  guaranteed to work. Dictatorships throughout the 3rd world will topple in  short order. The world will be transformed into a better place. But no –  the Global Establishment does not like this – and will assassinate to stop  it happening.

Is it the world’s responsibility to bail out Pakistan?

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran cannot be considered in isolation – they need  to be looked at in the context of the global Drugs Business, in which CIA  and MI6 are complicit.

Moreover, Musharaff, Bhutto, Sharif, and Zardari are and were all massively  corrupt; yet the West backed them and is still backing them. And the Pakistani (and Afghan) people are terribly poor.

So – as usual – the middle and lower classes from the West must pay an Aid  and |Development Budget to buttress the corrupt upper classes of the Third  World and their Western collaborators, whose grand larceny from their  economies keeps the majority of the population in dire poverty with no  freedom and no hope. Small surprise they listen to the Hard Men of  Religion.

I was reliably informed a few years ago by a Pakistani fast-food operator in  a UK city – “The people of the 3rd world have 3 problems – political  leaders, military leaders and religious leaders”.

Mr Alex Weir
Gaborone and Harare

Britain frauded 1980 election in Zimbabwe

Britain has bloody hands in Zimbabwe – Independent 12/04/2009

Dear Trelford. Why dont you tell the whole story? The 1980 Zimbabwean  Independence Election was illegally frauded by Thatcher, Soames, and the  British who organised the election and did the counting. Mugabe was not the  popular choice – he was a distant third behind Nkomo and Muzerewa. The  massacre of 20,000 in Matebeleland and the economic decline 1997 through  2009 are both a direct result of that illegal action by the British
Government. The International Court of Justice will almost certainly award  GBP 30 Billion to the Zimbabwean People from the present-day British  Government and British taxpayer because of that criminal and illegal action.
Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare.

There are many many costs in many 3rd world countries which are  extortionate. Sometimes the monopolies and importers are the president him  or herself, and/or feed into that money machine. What is very badly required  is a price monitoring site which can accept direct input from individuals  and/or companies and will create a MIS and enable MIS activity to result  from the raw data…

Mr Alex Weir, cd3wd.com , Gaborone and Harare

Is the human species suicidal?

It sure looks like it. We condone and even encourage global poverty,  dictatorships throughout most of the 3rd world, and uneven consumption when  we have the technology (but not the political will) to solve all of the  world’s problems. And any solutions we dont have we can soon develop. The problem is political – the rich and powerful are leading us to the abyss because of their greed, selfishness, and myopia.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare


The CIA torture/non-torture issue –  The only person worthwhile prosecuting is George W. Bush. Prosecuting the small fry is and has been a nonsense.

But of course prosecuting Bush will not happen. The shoe-thrower did the  world a favour, and – as to be expected – got unfairly punished for doing  the right thing. God will reward him.

Obama walks a tightrope between the Hard Men of the Pentagon and Langley  and his own humanist and liberal principles. How much freedom he has is  very limited. And all the time these reactionary forces are trying to bend his mind and soul towards their way of thinking.

The probability that Obama will succeed in changing the Secret Policies of  America, Britain and France towards the Rest of the World are very limited.   That is a shame because the very survival of the human race depends on very  major changes taking place over the period 2009 through 2014.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Wall Street wounded Ghana. IMF tonic could hurt it more

Ghanaian Government has 74 Cabinet ministers, down from the 85 of the  previous administration. The West’s policy of backing these ‘wonder-states’  like Ghana, Kenya (till 2008), Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe (till 1997) and  of pumping massive aid and development into them doesnt seem to create any  real growth and – surprise surprise – does not seem to solve the greed and  corruption problem at president-level.

Let us be totally serious – the West – whether it is Oxfam or IMF – is  really not at all serious about solving the global poverty problem – it is  just very good at going through the motions, even enlisting well-meaning and  naive celebrities to ensure their PR message has credibility with the very ignorant and/or selfish and/or apathetic average western man-in-the-street.

The problem faced by Third World Populations is becoming closer and closer  to the problem faced by the British Population – their economies and  livlihoods are being ransacked and ruined by the global rich in collaboration with their Presidents/Prime Ministers, Intelligence Services  and Senior Civil Servants. And of course democracy is an impediment to this  looting, which can be fortunately withdrawn in the name of combatting Global Terrorism.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

UN is Incompetent

Just GBP 4 Bn will save a generation from starvation, says UN UN, the West, the so-called International Community, Oxfam etc have no  interest in solving the Global food shortage and poverty problems. If they  had any real interest, then they would already have solved these problems.

The scandal which is the MDG’s (Millennium Development Goals) which keep moving their realisation dates backwards are only one symptom of the malaise. This global indifference is a sin, which the Vatican, Canterbury, the Judaic and the Islamic Bodies should rail against, but dont. One big cosy club, one massive moral crime against humanity. God
will judge all these transgressors. Especially Tony Blair’s afterlife will  not be what he expects.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Zuma needs to make elections unfraudable

The last thing Africa needs is another Big Man – Independent – 21/04/2009

One of Zuma’s first actions after ascending to power should be to insist that the Electoral Commission of South Africa adopts a voting system which cannot be frauded for all future Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.
That way, if his regime should become dictatorial, it will (unlike 90% of African regimes) be able to be ousted at the next General Election.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Kate G Wrote – “In Zimbabwe many Africans voted for Mugabe, so if Zuma turns
out to be a bad leader, it will be because of the will of its people.”

Please be corrected – since 2000, Mugabe has become the master of electoral fraud. Less than 20% of Zimbabweans voted for Mugabe in 2008, not the concocted value of 44%. Fraud-proof voting systems are vital to the economic and political future of Africa and the whole Third World. These exist, but the West and especially Britain are terribly afraid of the consequences, and therefore have used and will use all necessary means to
avoid such systems becoming a reality.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Does the ANC deserve another term?


Politics in South Africa is very racial. Neither the whites nor the blacks  have broken out of that mind-set. ANC are very corrupt, and have made a lot of ANC insiders and cronies very rich. The majority of blacks have not benefitted. But the West, the Whites and Business (much of it black) are satisfied.

ANC pretend to be the party of the poor, but in fact they are the party of the rich.

Under the years of global boom, there has been an illusion of prosperity in South Africa. Now that those years are gone, maybe the people will demand more.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare.

McRae’s vision is blinkered

Right now we need economists and journalists with some vision – in the Obama mould. But we are not getting that from any economists nor from any journalists. Time to examine how the global economy might meet the needs of the poor in rich countries and of the poor in poor countries. But if that doesnt make money for the global rich then journalists and economists are simply not interested.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Cable talks sense

Vince Cable is a beacon of sense and wisdom in a political pot of lies,  confusion, greed, corruption and incompetence. Now Vince – get more like yourself into the LibDems and eliminate or sideline the old guard. If the British People have any sense they will vote LibDem simply on the basis that. Cable will become Prime Minister. Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Blair is a Paper Tiger

Blair, Britain and the West (especially USA and France) install, back and bolster pro-western despotic regimes throughout the Third World and the Middle East. Blair – your fine words mask a web of deceit and lies – go back to working for MI5 like you used to in your student days. Your attempts to be a world statesman are risible and pathetic.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Conventional wisdom is wrong again…. Factory Farming created swine flu

Yet another case which confounds modern-day conventional wisdom as espoused  by Thatcher, World Bank, and neo-cons – that market forces left to their own  devices will create the best of all possible worlds. Time for a long hard  look at where the world, humanity and society are and where we are heading.

Time for ordinary citizens to flex their political muscles. Time to eliminate the situation whereby 1% of the world’s population dictate to the other 99% what happens, where and when (and what doesnt happen). This kind of stuff is much bigger than puerile national politics and the pathetic efforts of amateurs and incompetents like Brown, Cameron and Blair.

Food Riots

Douglas Kell is correct. But avoiding food riots is to do with so much more. In many 3rd world countries, food trading and pricing is a racket which generates illegal cash for the president. When this president is pro-western, his scams never get exposed in the international media. So – a combination of global politics and also technology is required to solve this and so many related problems. Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Removing Dictators Legally – Robert Fisk, Independent 2 May 2009

Sadaam Husein was a tyrannical despot, who had been greatly buttressed by USA and UK when it was in their interests. To remove a tyrannical dictator is a laudable objective, the question is how? The experiment carried out by USA and UK has created chaos in a previously orderly country, from which it may be difficult to return. A much better scheme would have been to enforce on a global basis fraud-proof voting systems – Sadaam would have been wiped out in the first such poll to take place. Such a system has been in
existence since 2006, but the West and China are very afraid of its geopolitical consequences – namely an abrupt and bloodless end to the vast number of pro-western dictatorships which litter the landscape of the Third World and the Middle East. So – those who wish to avoid more Iraqs and Afghanistans must campaign for fraud-proof voting systems for the Third World (and not for the meaningless rubber-stamping Electoral Observation mechanisms as promoted by IDEA, IFES, Carter Center and other such
charlatans). Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Zimbabwe – No Way Out?

As time passes, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Zimbabwe is trapped  in a Catch-22 – the relatively large amounts of money and foreign currency required to operate and improve the economy (now that Zimbabwe’s own currency has been driven into extinction by the previous Government) simply will not be forthcoming unless Mugabe exits stage left.

And Mugabe has no intention of exiting anytime soon. Although he is relatively old, his parents survived till the age of 95, so he has maybe 10 years more life still in him.
Mugabe firmly controls army, police, militias and the Electoral Managment Board, and could therefore fraud any election using conventional means even under the noses of millions of external Election Observors.
There is one solution which would work – there exists in detailed concept a  voting system which cannot be frauded. The West can offer a deal to Mugabe that in 6 months time he submits himself and his party to an election using this technology. Once he has signed on that dotted line, accompanied by Mbeki, Zuma and senior SADCC Officials, then massive aid can begin to flow.

The election will consign Mugabe and his fellow politicians to the dustbin of history.

Unfortunately the West and China regard this voting system as dangerous, since it would remove in short order not only the anti-western dictator Mugabe, but also myriads of pro-western dictators throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Thus there is a good chance that Zimbabwe will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis – and it is because of the financial self interests of Britain and America – Brown and Obama.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

A dictator is by definition anyone who cheats an election to maintain power or to ascend to power in the first place. By this criteria there are many many dictators globally, most of whom are pro-western, and therefore are not recognised as dictators by western media. These dictators ruin their countries by financial malpractice and grand larcency of their county’s money and resources, and they distort the whole functioning of government ministries. The west encourages the pro-western dictators for financial and geopolitical reasons. The only way out of this terrible situation is to use a voting system which cannot be frauded, even by the sitting dictator. There exists such a system, but the west is doing everything necessary to slow or halt the progress of this system to implementation. Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone

What is wrong with Pakistan?

USA and UK mobilised and bolstered the forces of Islamic Fundamentalism in their fight against the USSR in Afghanistan.

Additionally, USA and UK supported and support corrupt, undemocratic,  election-frauding and economically disasterous regimes globally.Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are only the tip of the iceberg of the countries which we the west have ruined and are ruining, for economic and geopolitical gain. And we expect our young men to give their lives for a
rotten cause which is never explained to them.

One move towards sanity is real democratisation of the voting process. But the West and China oppose this – indeed they brand such democratisation as “dangerous”. Meanwhile they mount completely ineffective Election Observation Missions which rubber-stamp fake governments, fake presidents and fake regimes.

Human Rights needs Fraud-Proof Elections Globally

Pro-Western Dictatorships are a very serious problem from Russia to China, Nigeria to Uganda, Morocco to Saudi Arabia. There exist fraud-proof voting systems, but the UK and China are terribly afraid of these. Until such systems are implemented, Human Rights is only a game which Amnesty and Human Rights Watch play at the expense of Billions of people who suffer daily under dictatorship.

West and Obama Love Pro-Western Dictatorships

The West loves election-riggers and vote denyers who are pro-western. The majority of Middle-Eastern and Third World Countries are pro-western dictatorships. It is now time to dismantle this hypocritical charade which fosters terrorism. Britain and US – who supposedly battle terrorism – are in fact the sole sponsors of the same terrorism which they profess to wish to eliminate. This is a no-win situation in its present guise. Eliminate
terrorism by bringing justice and freedom to all nations. Every leader who rigs elections is de facto a dictator. Every dictator must become an ex-dictator. Remove dictators by legal means. Implement fraud-proof elections globally.

Fraud-proof voting systems exist on paper, but the West and China are terribly afraid of these systems and their “undesirable implications” (Andrew Ellis, International Institute of Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2007).

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Obama went short on democracy

Obama’s speech section on democracy was short. He equates elections with democracy, which – in the light of the huge number of frauded elections in the Third World – is a huge mistake or omission. Third World Leaders do not want democracy and fraud-proof elections – they do very well out of the status quo – pro-western dictatorships are not labelled as dictatorships (anti-western dictatorships are of course). The Western military-
industrial-political complex loves pro-western dictatorships. If Obama is genuine and if he is intelligent, how long before he stumbles on the truth?

And who will neutralise him before or after that event? Will his strong Americanism be overcome by his strong internationalism and sense of fair play?

Fraud-proof voting systems are the only way to justice and freedom for all mankind – which must not be limited to the pampered and myopic few who by accident of birth live in the so-called developed countries.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Is the Political Right a Good Thing for Europe?

The Political Left in Developed Countries has lost its way badly. For example, New Labour are well to the right of the Conservatives and the LibDems.
But in Western Societies there is still poverty, but the so-called left pretends it doesnt exist and that there is no technical way to eliminate it.

And all kinds of established and new politicians just love to play the Outsider and/or the Race Card – it always gains votes and popularity among an electorate who are kept quite unaware of real political and economic issues – not only by the politicians but also by an over-compliant media.

What is required is a global alliance against poverty inside the rich countries and also globally. In 2009 we have enough technology to eradicate poverty, hunger, disease, misery, exploitation etc., but we choose deliberately not to use that technology and to stick with tried and trusted political systems which enrich the rich and leave the others outside in the cold.

Mr Alex Weir,
Harare, Zimbabwe

Shell’s Ogoni Settlement and Omar Bongo’s Demise

These events are 2 sides of the same coin – Global Companies and Western Governments conspire and collude with Third World Pro-Western Dictators to deliberately create poverty, misery, injustice and enslavement among Third World Populations while enriching themselves. The passive and gullable populations of Western Countries are encouraged to support ineffective Aid Donor Programs and to contribute to Oxfam and their ilk – who are in fact the 4th Pillar in this un-Christian and un-Islamic charade.

The 5th Pillar is – surprise – Western Media (including our own and supposedly radical Independent), who whitewash and muddy the picture so that the average person doesnt understand what kind of game is being carried on in his or her name.

The solution? – an end to Dictatorship in the Third World, by means of Fraud-Proof Voting Systems. These exist but have been blocked by Western Governments, even when their use could rid Global Society of Anti-Western Dictators like Mugabe. Why does the West block something which is so obviously beneficial to mankind? Because it is anti-beneficial to Global Companies, Third World Dictators and Western Politician-Collaborators.

It looks increasingly like the Obama Revolution has some way to go before it can obliterate those very powerful and dangerous Vested Interests – the Five-plus Pillars of International Deception and Larceny seem to have all the levers of power in their hands. This game has some way yet to play….

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Power-Sharing

MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai have been forced into a no-win situation by the selfishness and stupidity of Western Governments.

The Unity Government is presently obsessed with sourcing monies to pay salaries of ordinary public sector workers. Meanwhile the private sector is going exactly nowhere – noone of any colour or nationality will put their money into Zimbabwe while the International Thief Robert Mugabe is playing Elephant in the Cupboard.

Thus Zimbabwe is condemned to a slow and strangulating stagnation, so long as Mugabe is on the stage. And his life expectancy is another 10 years or so, barring accidents.

The upcoming Election will of course offer opportunities. Mugabe greatly fears any kind of accurate election, but at the same time he has refined his capability to rig and subvert elections to a high level. Thus one would imagine that the West would welcome with open arms any technology which would eliminate any and all attempts by anyone – internal or external – to rig any election in any country.

No – the West is dreadfully afraid of such fraud-proof voting technology being implemented – countries with pro-western dictatorships like Egypt, Gabon, Guinea, Angola, Nigeria, Uganda and a million others would topple like flies – the net balance of benefit to the West would be greatly negative with the introduction of such pro-people technology.

Therefore they resort to all kinds of obscufation and even to assassination to avoid embracing the Global Democracy which they so enthusiastically espouse. Hypocrisy is too gentle a word for this un-Christian and un-Islamic behaviour.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

AF447 Airbus 330 Control Systems

There seems to have been no second system apart from the Pitot Tube to  establish airspeed. Despite the fact that Airbus must use GPS to establish position. Thus there has been a gigantic failure of system architecture that the highly computerised facilities of the plane were not used to combine position with time to calculate airspeed net of wind conditions.

Even now it is not too late to issue a new software version which will do precisely that. And high-level personnel should also examine which other potential future Elephants are lurking in Airbus’s Cupboard.

Mr Alex Weir, ex-Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, Harare, Zimbabwe

AF447 Airbus 330 Control Systems

Calculations and algorithms correlating Groundspeed (from GPS), Airspeed (from Pitot Sensors), instantaneous Fuel Consumption (from instruments), and Altitude changes (again from GPS and/or sensors) should be able to indicate whether or not the Pitot Sensors are accurate, and possibly they could provide an airspeed recalibration estimate which might at least get the plane back to base or to its destination without crashing.

Such a mini-system or system patch could be described as a Heath Robinson  measure but it might alert pilots and ground control to the existence and/or development of problems and it might also save lives.

Mr Alex Weir (ex-Rolls Royce Aero Engines), Mechanical Engineer and Software
Developer, Harare, Zimbabwe

Africa’s People need Clean Elections

Graca Machel has pious words, which largely restate the position of the so-
called International Community. Behind the incremental changes which she  espouses, there lies an ugly truth – the large majority of African Leaders  are pro-western dictators. They cream off 7% of their people’s GNP every  year, and greatly distort the functioning of Government Ministries in order to effect this grand larcency by the Rich from the Poor. The key to this injustice is rigged elections to keep themselves in power and/or to pass the
baton to their collaborative successor.

Clean elections would do more to lift the Third World out of poverty than  all the Bonos, Geldofs, Machels, Browns, Sachs, Blairs and MDG’s could achieve in 300 years. But these celebrated worthies have zero interest in unfraudable election systems, preferring to operate their money-and-fame machine, although they know that it is a sham on the grandest scale.

God will hopefully punish them for their hypocrisy and deception.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Gleneagles (the West) fails Africa (again)

No surprise – the Global Aid and Development Industry is expert at spending  vast amounts of Western Taxpayers’ money for little or zero positive effect. Quality matters as much as quantity. Take the AIDS scandal – your correspondent states “successes include extending Aids treatment to 3 million people” – with US$ Billion 7-21 to play with, that is no success of any kind – generic ARV’s cost US$ 150 per person per year for the basic pill, US$ 500 per person per year for the advanced pill. Work it out. And the requirement is 25 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Of whom 4 million are already treating themselves with their own money, often from remittances.

The problem is not only funding, the problem is definitely not technology, the problem is that the West does not want the Third World to develop. Pure and simple.

Fraud-proof voting/election systems would do more than all the Gleneagles Conferences in 500 years to uplift the Third World from its quite unnecessary state of poverty. But the problem is that the West – including Bono, Geldof, Brown, Sachs, Clinton and Blair – do not want the Third World to have Democracy, Justice, Freedom and Development. That is for rich white people only.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Iranians at risk from electoral fraud

The liberal and reformist candidate in the Iranian Election is at risk from having the result frauded by the anti-western incumbent President and Establishment. When will the West realise that it is in their long-term political, economic and security interests to embrace electoral and voting systems which cannot be frauded, instead of fighting against them by all means necessary – including assassination?

The problem is that the West is primarily driven by Intelligence Services, Corporations, Civil Servants, Politicians and the Media in unholy alliances. Money and monetary gain is their driving force. Their idea of a long-term decision is 24 months.

Western Populations live in a fantasy world with their eyes wide shut.  While the global money machine was creating trickle-down to them, there was  no chance of reality intruding on their psychedelic existence. Now that the American Dream is temporarily (?) over, there is more chance that these myopes may reassess the nature of the Global Game.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Iran shows global need for fraud-proof election systems

There exist such fraud-proof voting systems, but the West and China are terribly afraid of such systems, since they would eliminate pro-western dictators as well as anti-western dictators. Of the many many dictators globally (including the anti-western Ahmadinejad), 95% are pro-western dictators.

Dictators globally cause untold poverty, death, suffering, imprisonment, torture. Regardless of whether these dictators are pro-western or anti-western.

The west has resorted even to political assassination to keep such voting  systems from seeing the light of day. But eventually justice, freedom, democracy and development will win out. Maybe Obama will have a hand in this, if he can cast off the very strong influence of the CIA, MI6, and Deuxieme Bureau.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone

WHYS: Should Iranians accept the election result?

The Iranians have very little choice – they now live in a dictatorship. A dictatorship can be defined as a country where the Elections are frauded (and/or there are no elections).
The question should in fact be – should the global public tolerate frauded and/or non-existent elections in any country in our globalised world? The answer should be a resounding NO.
There is technology which can make election frauding impossible. And that technology is inexpensive and universally available. Thus there is no excuse for tolerating this denial of freedom, justice and democracy.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare.

Botswana – SABC to Chop Philibao from its Channels

What pathetic behaviour by South Africa and by SABC. This of course is the extension of the Commercialisation of Society, which has been well underway for some years and is backed by the World Bank and the EU. Why not give something for nothing to poor countries and to poor people, especially when it doesnt cost you anything to do so. Blatant negative and bad behaviour.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone.

Obama has rubber-stamped dictatorship

The latest news (in the Telegraph but not in the Independent) is that Obama has stated that dictatorship in Iran is quite OK because the foreign policy of the dictatorship is very similar to that of the actually-elected leadership. What kind of idealism is this, Obama?

Human rights, democracy, development, freedom and justice are for Americans  only. We have been told so by the Uncle Tom who inhabits the White House and who uses his non-white and international credentials when it suits him and discards them when it pleases his Israeli Masters.

The world is going to hell in a bucket. Surely a world ruled by Osama Bin Laden cannot be worse than a world ruled by America, Israel, France and Britain? (Yes it can – but not by much).

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone

1 Billion go Hungry

In our globalised 2009, this is a scandal of monumental proportions. We can  put men on the Moon and send missions to Mars but we cannot feed our poor.
Jesus Christ and Mohamed must be turning in their graves – so much time has passed since their days and so little progress. We have the technology to kill everyone, and we also have the technology to feed everyone.

What we lack is the Political Will to solve this easy problem. We prefer to  perform our Danse Macabre towards Perdition.

Third World Governments, Western Governments and the Aid and Development  Industry have this shame and scandal at their doorsteps. The world is run by the Rich, for the Rich – the others dont have a look-in.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone

Britain – the real structural problems

The problem seems to be that Britain over the last 50 years has moved from  an economy which produces real goods to one which produces almost nothing except hot air. Scottish oil to some extent created this problem and allowed the economy to function pretty well despite the underlying weaknesses. Now that oil is gone and that financial sectors globally no longer generate lots of cash (but very little value), there is a serious problem. And the real jobs have been exported to China. Dont blame the foreigners – have a look at what the economists, financiers, and politicians have been doing or not doing. Britain is not unique in having these problems, but the extent to which we have them is greater than most – if not
all – other countries. Labour, Conservatives, UKIP, BNP, EU or no EU – the problems are the same and would be the same.

The answer? Not sure – but determining what the problem and problems are is the first stage to searching for viable answers and feasible strategies to counter depression, depair, poverty and misery in the UK.
Mr Alex Weir (Scottish-born and UK Passport Holder),
Gaborone and Harare, Africa

Kenya’s people’s plight caused by frauded election

The frauded election of December 2007 and the pathetic deal cobbled together by the International Community have ruined Kenya’s promising developments in the post-Moi era since 2003. The only solution to this Kenyan and indeed worldwide problem is the global implementation of unfraudable election systems.

These exist, but the West and China are determined that they will not be implemented. Britain is at the heart of this Fascist reaction to a global change which can lift billions from poverty and bring them also human dignity, freedom and justice.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone

Economic Slavery

Certainly Quality of Life in the UK for the majority does not seem to be so high. This applies to many so-called developed countries with high nominal GNP and GNP-per-capita figures, but especially to Britain. Possibly economies which are driven by the pursuit of profit are very successful in apparent terms but less effective in real benefits for the average person.

But dont worry – the rich are doing quite nicely thank you.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone

Fascism is alive in Britain

The British defeated German and Italian Fascism in the 1940’s only to install it in Britain in the 2000’s. This treatment of a British Resident is beyond the pall. Britain’s moral decadence is now covering a very wide area. The fact that Rideh is a foreigner and Islamic is no reason to excuse or condone or to ignore the uncondonable. British MP’s and voters who ignore this kind of thing are in breach of their responsibilities, and should be held accountable.

National Security is an excuse for the persecution of the innocent by the ignorant.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

DFID is ineffective

DFID’s brand change to UKAID is a mirror of their Developments Magazine – which would lead anyone to believe that all the problems of global poverty are being solved by DFID. PR and gloss instead of practical action.

The entire Aid and Development Business is a sham. There is no intention to assist the Third World to develop. Most Aid Projects are badly designed and badly executed, and their cost-benefit ratios are astronomic.

The solution? Give the Third World genuine democracy. They can cast off their dictators of the pro-western and the anti-western variety. The new leaders can immediately cease the plunder of national assets by Presidents, foreign governments and foreign companies in collaboration, and can build their countries and eliminate poverty.

Giving the Third World genuine democracy is simple – there exists a voting system which cannot be frauded. Use it.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone

Sadaam was a pro-western dictator

Sadaam was the darling of the British and the Americans for so many years, just like Osama bin Laden and Robert Mugabe. The West loves these corrupt dictators who ruin their economies and their countries but who do sweet deals with Western Resource Companies.

Time for these charades to end – the West and China must cast off their wish to dominate and control. Allow fraud-proof voting systems to change the face of the Third World and Make Poverty History.

Freedom, justice, peace, development, global prosperity.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone

Madoff – the real task

The real job to be done is to track down and confiscate the illegal proceeds  of this massive crime. Otherwise Madoff’s family and descendants will benefit from this criminal act of huge proportion. Get the money back and use it for something which uplifts mankind. Do not allow the rich to get richer while the global poor get even poorer.

Do not tell me that the world’s premier intelligence agencies cannot track down these funds.

Mr Alex Weir
Harare and Gaborone

Charles and the Pope

Charles and the Pope are both speaking out about the concept that possibly the train we are on and the track we are on are not heading for the correct destination, or are going we wrong route to get to that destination. The fact that neither has a balance or truly coherent strategy is unfortunate but not fatal – at least they know that something is wrong – that is more than all the World Leaders know – they are busy trying to get the same train back on the same track. Of course the rich in rich countries have a patrician view of what the future world order should be. But at least they are thinking and talking – do not deride them – extend the debate.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

DFID could eliminate poverty – but dont want to

The best way to eradicate poverty in the Third World is to implement fraud-proof voting systems globally. They are very inexpensive and 100% effective. But the DFID and the British Government do not want this step to take place. They have conducted political assassination to stop it.

Such a move would cost pennies and yield billions.

What about it DFID? What about it Douglas Alexander? What about it Gordon Brown?

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Barack Obama, like most Americans, has a vision that a 1st class life
is for USA, 2nd class for Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, 3rd
class for the 3rd world, and 4th class for Africa.

The best thing for Africa would be real democracy – the right to
un-fraudable elections.

The Carter Center and IFES are hostile to such a concept and to such
an implementation.

It would be interesting to see where Obama stands on this issue.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone.

Best Way to Help Developing World

The Third World and the Middle East suffer horribly from Dictatorship. A dictator is someone who frauds elections to remain in power and/or to gain power. Making elections unfraduable is the best remedy. That would take down the 95% of dictators globally who are pro-western dictators and the 5% who are anti-western dictators. The result would be a great reduction in the monies flowing to secret Western banks and tax havens, much greater democracy, freedom, justice and development for the populations of the Third
World. Bring on unfraudable election and voting systems! They exist, but – surprise – the West doesnt want them. Why not? Think about it. The world is not how it seems and not as laid out by Western liberal press like Independent, Guardian, Economist, IHT, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Sky etc.. And the problem and the solution are not as laid out by Sachs, Bono, Clinton, Blair, Brown, Geldof.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone
(currently working on an EU-funded Aid Effectiveness Project)

How Obama can help Africa and Third World

The Third World and the Middle East suffer horribly from Dictatorship. A dictator is someone who frauds elections to remain in power and/or to gain power. Making elections unfraduable is the best remedy. That would take down the 95% of dictators globally who are pro-western dictators and the 5% who are anti-western dictators. The result would be a great reduction in the monies flowing to secret Western banks and tax havens, much greater democracy, freedom, justice and development for the populations of the Third
World. Bring on unfraudable election and voting systems! They exist, but – surprise – the West doesnt want them. Why not? Think about it. The world is not how it seems and not as laid out by Western liberal press like Independent, Guardian, Economist, IHT, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Sky etc.. And the problem and the solution are not as laid out by Sachs, Bono, Clinton, Blair, Brown, Geldof.

Obama – see through the facade – implement unfraudable elections globally.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone
(currently working on an EU-funded Aid Effectiveness Project)

Beyond Aid to Self-Reliance

The Third World and the Middle East suffer horribly from Dictatorship. A dictator is someone who frauds elections to remain in power and/or to gain power. Making elections unfraduable is the best remedy. That would take down the 95% of dictators globally who are pro-western dictators and the 5% who are anti-western dictators. The result would be a great reduction in the monies flowing to secret Western banks and tax havens, much greater democracy, freedom, justice and development for the populations of the Third
World. Bring on unfraudable election and voting systems! They exist, but –
surprise – the West doesnt want them. Why not? Think about it. The world is
not how it seems and not as laid out by Western liberal press like
Independent, Guardian, Economist, IHT, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Sky etc.. And
the problem and the solution are not as laid out by Sachs, Bono, Clinton,
Blair, Brown, Geldof.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Gaborone
(currently working on an EU-funded Aid Effectiveness Project)

Solar Energy from Africa

Better to move factories to Africa – next to the power source. Whichever method is used, the outcome will be that the existing tyrannical dictatorships of North Africa will be even more bolstered and buttressed by the European Countries and consumers – and the man and woman in the street in these countries will not benefit in any way, least of all regarding freedom and justice.

Apart from that – it is a great idea. And it could be done in Botswana to feed the South African demand also.

Mr Alex Weir
Gaborone and Harare

Global Economic Order

The new GEO as proposed will try to freeze the status quo – the instigators of this report fully wish and expect the rich to remain rich and the poor to remain poor.
Yes – radical change in the GEO IS required – but not in the way the US Army and Rockefeller would like….

And also – a lot of Green Talk is really so much hot air – Greens are in the main self-centred selfish people who are afraid of losing their privileged lifestyle – therefore they want to pull up the ladder after themselves so that the poor cannot join them.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Voting to choose Aid Projects

GBP 40 million is about 0.6% of UK DFID’s total annual Aid Spending. A drop in the Ocean. Thus as usual with British politicians – style over substance. But it could be a good thing – depends how it is handled. What a shame that the alleged journalist Savage could not put the 40 million in context and I have to do it instead.

Let us hope that the population can see the merit of giving fraud-proof election and voting systems to the Third World, thereby ousting pro-western dictators. How will that sit with the Conservatives corporate backers?

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare#

Bad African Rulers

Bad African rulers already have 3 friends with hypocritical agendas – Britain, USA and France secretly back a slew of pro-western dictators across Africa, the Middle East and beyond.
They reject fraud-proof voting and election systems because that would upset their profitable little applecart and reduce the “stability” which pro-western dictators bring to western business and to the west’s need for natural resources.

The Chinese are playing the same game, but they have little or no hypocrisy.

The solution – implement un-fraudable elections globally. The people will then take care of dictators of the pro-western and the anti-western variety.
Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Third World

Douglas Alexander needs to break out of the conventional – a la Barack Obama – and embrace an innovation which will bring real development to Third World Countries and enable DFID to close down and save the taxpayers a lot of dubious spending. The innovation is fraud-proof voting systems for the Third World, which frightens the life out of FCO, MOD, MI6 and Gordon Brown, but which DFID should be embracing.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Replace Aid with Unfraudable Voting Systems

Give the Third World the power to regularly replace their leaders and to choose the leaders they want and development will commence and Aid will become unnecessary.  The present electoral sham which is encouraged by Carter Center, IFES, IDEA, EU etc is responsible for the myriad of dictators (pro-western and anti-western) who litter the landscape of the Third World and the Middle East.

It is that simple – save western taxpayers money AND save the Third World – this is a win-win proposition.

Mr Alex Weir,
Gaborone and Harare
(software developer currently working on EU-funded Aid Effectiveness
Improvement Project)

Rigged Elections are the curse of the Third World and the Middle East. With
2009 technology they can become immediately obsolete. But the West and
China do not want unriggable elections, and will conduct political
assassination to prevent their implementation. Meanwhile the young and the
brave must die needlessly to buttress the corrupt and their Western collaborators.

Mr Alex Weir,
Unfraudable Voting Systems Developer, Harare and Gaborone

De Beers collaboration with Taylor

At one point, Charles Taylor was ready to stop the war in Liberia and Sierra Leone. But De Beers wanted the war to continue for another 6 months for reasons to do with diamond supply and the diamond price. So they paid Taylor US$ 50 Million to continue the war.

Why dont we see De Beers also in the ICC?

Mr Alex Weir,
Gaborone and Harare

In order to remove these pro-western and anti-western corrupt and looting dictators who are holding back human and economic development throughout the Third World and the Middle East we need to implement fraud-proof voting systems.

These exist, but Gordon Brown and British Intelligence are terribly afraid of the consequences of using them.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare

Yes – let us have an online Management Information System which tells us where the Taxpayers’ Aid and Development money goes and to what kinds of Projects and through which Contracting Companies.

Then extend that to the whole of government and let us over a few years create a leaner and more effective British Government machine at home and overseas.

Of course there would be some casualties when transparency gets going – and it would be a Good Thing.

And dont let the Labour and Tory PR merchants get their hands on such an MIS, or it would rapidly start telling lies instead of the Truth.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone and Harare
(working on an EC-funded online Aid and Development MIS System)

1. Time for Africa to cast off its pro-western dictators – implement fraud-proof elections. The system is there, but the west (Dowden included) are vehemently opposed to such balance-of-power-changing moves.

2. China just ripped off Zimbabwe for US$ 48 Billion worth of platinum through a private deal with the anti-western dictator robert mugabe.  Strange that Dowden hadnt noticed this?…

Mr Alex Weir, Harare

Burma needs Fraud-Proof Voting System

Not only Burma, but a swathe of pro-western and a few anti-western dictatorships globally all need the new and freely-available fraud-proof voting system. The hypocritical USA, France, UK and EU refuse point-blank to entertain such a liberating force. They prefer to dance around the ‘problem’ which in fact generates lots of money for global corporations of
the West and East, and which condemns Billions to poverty of the pocket and poverty of the human spirit.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

WHYS: Is a flawed election better than no election

2006 I presented to Philip Barclay at British Embassy Harare on an innovative voting system which is 1) fraud-proof and 2) ideal for conflict zones.

Since then, DFID, FCO, OSCE, World Bank, UNEAD, IMF, Carter Center, IFES, International IDEA, Amnesty, Transparency, ICG, EU, UNDP, Shriti Vadera, Des
Browne, Justin Forsyth (of Number 10 Downing Street and now of Save the Children UK) etc have done everything possible to kill off this initiative.

But use of this system would have saved British and other allied troops’ lives in Afghanistan….

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

The West likes such fake organisations such as Amnesty, Transparency, OSI, Oxfam, Carter Center, IDEA, IFES etc because they give the pretence that the West is liberal and benevolent. Far from it. They refuse to tackle the basic problem – pro-western dictators and anti-western dictators globally are the root cause of poverty amd human rights abuses. Remove these dictators by peaceful means and mankind can get on with this business of living.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad

British Government Deports Iraqi Asylum Seekers

We bolstered and buttressed Sadaam Hussein so as to counter Iran, whose pendulum had swung to the other extreme after our support for the despot Shah of Iran. The result of all these British Machivellian machinations were varying shades of tyrannical dictatorship. The present situation in Iraq is that the Government here cannot guarantee the personal safety of the majority of its citizens. Our British Government over decades has created
serious problems in many countries through interference to further the
commercial interests of British and International Companies.

What a shame that we apparently are not willing to provide safety for 44 asylum seekers. What does this say about us and our government? It looks like we enjoy exercising power but we do not like to accept responsibility and/or the consequences.

Rather than creating chaos globally by backing dictators of the worst kind, it would be better if we gave global society the power to choose and to dismiss their governments by implementing fraud-proof elections.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad

Cannabis a Stealth Drug

Cannabis gives you the impression that you are becoming more intelligent,whereas in fact you are becoming LESS intelligent. This is very dangerous for society but is pretty good for governments, who prefer stupid and docile citizens who have less chance of working out what game is really going on. For example in Saudi Arabia soft drugs are in widespread use – much like the use of Soma in the book Brave New World.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad

Botswana – Darling or Dictatorship?

Having lived and worked in several African countries, including Botswana, it does seem that the fruits of Botswana’s mineral wealth have not been properly distributed. This has probably been through an alliance between South African and International mining companies, the ruling elite (which is heavily biased towards the military), and the Indian businessmen who dominate the private sector.

The various opposition parties seem also to be partners in a large confidence trick whereby they make personal monies by pretending to vie for power, while never openly disputing or challenging the status quo.

Because of the massive mineral resources and the small population, there is a large (at least in Gaborone and Francistown) middle class whose standard of living is enviable by African standards. But strangely there is also a sizeable underclass of people who work long hours for relatively low wages.

Having lived in Zimbabwe, it does seem that if Botswana does have a dictatorship then it is a very benign one. However benign dictatorships have an unfortunate habit of going wrong.

The best solution is global implementation of fraud-proof voting systems – then any mistake or dislocation has a maximum of 4-5 years to run.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Baghdad

Seeding a Safer World

Good – the Obama Administration may just achieve something. For decades now
the sociologist parasites have misdirected Aid and Development projects – it is time for a change of policy, strategy and tactics.
But – Hilary – be careful – I guess you intend to use established people and structures in this USAID, DFID, World Bank and UN etc machine to run these projects? These guys have a record of consistent failure, they like to back projects which they know will fail, and they refuse to back projects which are guaranteed to succeed and to have a real impact and a high benefit/cost ratio.

The solution – transparency should help – set up systems to display to the global public what monies and what projects will be run where and by whom over the next 5+ years.

Instead of reinventing the wheel in each country, run global projects, get seeds and fertilisers to the right people regardless of which political party they support and regardless of their ethnicity, religion or sex.

Cut through the beaurocrats who prefer to spend 1 million to achieve 10 thousand worth of benefit.

Good Luck

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Legitimate Government comes from Fraud-Proof Elections

What a merry dance the International Community weaves! 2006 they were offered a fraud-proof election system which is also ideal for conflict zones. No – they prefer to sacrifice the lives of innocent young and old servicemen and women rather than bite this (to them) poisoned chalice.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Sarkozy’s exploits overseas are the real crime

France’s real sins are not domestic but overseas. The way which France handles its ex-colonies can only be described as Crimes Against Humanity.  France has no compunction about killing individuals and groups to preserve its economic empire. The immediate recognition of Ali Bongo in Gabon is only one example of the multiple sins committed by the racist French State and French Nation. And dont forget that USA, UK, Russia and China are in the same category.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Nationalism and Racism are very serious dangers

The world faces very serious problems, but we are for some reason bogged  down in petty considerations of racism and nationalism. Politics has to rise above nation states to become a global activity. Otherwise our propensity to destroy ourselves may finally be realized.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Yes – a fair election in Afghanistan is possible. A fraud-proof voting system was invented in 2006 which is ideal for Third World and for Conflict Zone conditions. The problem is that Britain for unstated reasons is vehemently opposed to this system, stating that it is ‘dangerous’, ‘politically unacceptable’, and that it has ‘undesirable implications’. Thus the Champion of Democracy is actually trying to stifle Democracy. Because of this narrow and selfish attitude, chaos and loss of life must continue in countries like Afghanistan, Guinea and Gabon.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Are the rich morally obliged to share their wealth?

Put it this way – we live in a world where immense riches for a few coexist with dire poverty for many. And the poor are in almost all cases not poor because of stupidity and/or laziness – they are poor through accident of birth.

We also have the technology whereby it is possible for everyone to have a decent living standard. We in the West mount aid and development programs and projects which totally fail to make any impact and yet cost the Western taxpayer a lot of money.

Why is the West apparently incapable of bringing prosperity to the Third World? Because the West does not want a strong and self-reliant Third World. Even supposed paragons of virtue such as Oxfam and VSO are playing their own particular game, to the rules of the International Community.

And of course now we have an additional consideration – resource limits and/or climate change complications.

We live in a globalized world. It is time for every citizen of every country to set aside narrow racism and nationalism and to appreciate that we are all in this game together. We have to work to achieve common goals. If some rich individuals, groups and/or corporations dont like it then tough luck.

How do we start? Eliminating dictatorships is a very effective measure.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Sam Kiley writes:

With education Africans can and will rid themselves of the incompetent and corrupt leaders that we have kept in power …….for decades.

The West has indeed kept corrupt and dictatorial leaders in power for decades.

But the way to remove these robber-presidents of the pro-western and the anti-western variety is much simpler than through education – it is through the power of a people’s vote.
The West is desperately afraid of allowing third world nations to choose the leaders they desire. The West does NOT want fraud-proof election systems to be implemented, and they will assassinate to stop them.
Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Obama’s perceived failure

Obama’s big problem is that he is surrounded by a hardline establishment.America’s problems are small compared to those facing the Third World, with their plethora of Western-backed tyrannical and corrupt dictators. Since he is under the control of the CIA and their ilk, Obama faces little chance of changing that element of the global status quo.

So – global power is quickly and inexorably moving from a semi-fascist nation with a libertarian facade towards a completely fascist nation with no libertarian credentials whatsoever. The outlook for mankind is truly bleak.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

The West is indeed very hypocritical. But of course it is a well known fact from Opinion polls that Mugabe’s 44% in March 2008 was in fact a 20% or even a 10%.

The only solution to bring power to the people is to implement fraud-proof voting systems globally. That will also eliminate intimidation and torture of the electorate.

Fraud-proof voting systems mean that pro-western stooges are eliminated, as are unpopular dictator presidents who have date-expired.
Power to the People!

Mr Alex Weir, Harare and Baghdad

Nguema should exit

If Britain wants regime change in Equatorial Guinea, which not back and promote a fraud-proof voting system? The people deserve a release from his tyrannical rule and the resulting poverty and suffering. Where are DFID and Oxfam? Or do they kow-tow to Gordon Brown and his buddies in the Oil Companies?

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

The best guarantee that Africa’s riches will be shared around decently is to eliminate dictators by instituting fraud-proof voting systems.  Furthermore fix royalty payments by formulae which shadow world market prices for those commodities.
Finally, administer national finances by globally-supervised and transparent Revenue and Payment Trusts – which refuse to transfer monies to swiss and other crooked banks.

The West will fight these measures tooth and nail, but will eventually be forced to succumb to the inevitability of History.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

WHYS: Is British and American resolve weakening?

The USA lost in Vietnam, has lost in Iraq, and will lose in Afghanistan. Iraq is a fine example of the danger of creating and supporting a dictator – first of all the removal of a dictator is difficult and expensive.  Secondly, the after-effects of the removal of a dictator can be very unpleasant – therefore better to remove dictators at the ballot box. But that requires fraud-proof voting systems, since the first thing a dictator does is to fraud the vote – which is simple given our 400-year old voting systems…

Afghanistan is an example of the danger of following the tenet ‘My enemy’s enemy is my friend’. And of course Bin Laden has been largely motivated by the extreme dictatorship in his own country – Saudi Arabia – which is a great favourite of Britain and USA.

It is a shame that the Taliban were not allowed to stand against the massively corrupt Western Candidate of Choice – a proper fraud-proof vote would have indicated how people felt, and even the fact that the Taliban were standing may have forced the West to ditch Karzai for someone who might spread the wealth around and create some real development in that Narco-land.

Thus the West is making huge mistakes, which are to some extent the result of mistakes our governments have made over the last 20+ years.It is time to re-assess everything, to take nothing for granted and to remember that nothing is written in stone. To set aside the interests of KBR, Dick Cheney and other players in the global military industrial
complex. To stop pretending that Afghanistan can be ‘won’ on the battlefield or that insurgents can be bought off. If the West stops backing leaders who make life miserable for their people, then that will be an excellent start.

And it will remove the primary reason why most Third World populations regard Britain and America as countries who cause trouble for others in their pursuit of money and resources.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Have we fallen out of love with capitalism?

A better question is – have we fallen out of love with the International Community?

The direction in which the world is moving is dominated by the major powers, particularly USA and UK, but also EU and its countries, Russia and China.The West’s struggle to abolish world poverty is quite a joke – the Millenium Development Goals keep moving back in time since all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot apparently make any dent in the problem. In fact the results are so pathetic, one imagines that maybe the aim of the IC is
NOT to succeed.

The West’s struggle to bring democracy to the Third World is another miserable joke – as Andrew Neil said a few years back on BBC Televsion – ‘Almost every Arab and/or Islamic country is a tyrannical dictatorship’.  What he did not mention is that 95% are pro-western tyrannical dictatorships.

And the West is apparently incapable in 2009 of inventing or adopting a fraud-proof voting system – hence the recent fiasco in Afghanistan.  Therefore we have 0/10 for abolishing global poverty and 0/10 for bringing democracy the the downtrodden. So what exactly are the IC and the UN up to?

The answer is: making money for the rich from the misery of the poor.

Technology is not of itself bad, and indeed has the capability to bring a good and decent lifestyle to every person on this planet, regardless of accident of birth. Capitalism when regulated (neither under- nor over-) has the potential to create a lot of wealth. It is up to the people and the politicians to use Technology along with whatever political system they favour to create and maintain a decent lifestyle for themselves and for others.

It is certainly a time to consider change. The basic values of mankind, of political and economic leaders, and of the IC must be questioned. It is immoral for citizens of powerful countries which are also at the moment democratic to ignore the unpleasant realities of the human condition.

Mr Alex Weir
Baghdad and Harare

China – the craven West must act

Time for the International Community to insist that all countries, including China, Saudi Arabia and Cuba, hold elections using fraud-proof voting systems.

However the IC may have to be dragged kicking and screaming – since fraud-proof voting is the last thing they want.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Kenyan Elite ignores Malnutrition

Like so many countries, the political and economic elite feather their own nest and ignore the plight of their kith and kin. Western Governments like dealing with these corrupt Presidents, since they make ideal Partners in Profit. Fraud-proof voting systems would be a major step forward, but Western Governments will assassinate to stop that from happening.
Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Crooked Elections have Consequences

What a farce that the all-powerful International Community could not invent or adopt a fraud-proof voting system which is also well-suited for conflict zones. The reason? – they dont want any such system to ever be implemented.

The reason in turn for that? Western Governments and Western Businesses make money from the misery of Third World Populations.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Famine stalks Ethiopia again

Meles Zenawi is a dictator in the mould of Mengistu. But the West love him. People in Ethiopia and other Third World Countries suffer terribly because they are ruled by dictators of the pro-western or the anti-western variety.  Newspapers like the Independent hide this immoral truth from the global public.

The only cure is fraud-proof voting systems – dictators of all hues will tumble like flies. Popular governments will take over. The mess will be fixed. The Third World will prosper. Oxfam and their ilk will have to close down. Bono and Geldof will have to think of new ruses to extract money from the global public.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Much better to give the poor democracy – get their corrupt charlatan dictator president off their backs. And almost every player in the Aid and Development Business is a cynical fake exploiter living off the misery of the poor.

Fraud-proof elections will change the world (for the better) – if only the governments of the rich countries will let them take place.

Mr Alex Weir
Baghdad and Harare

A post-nation-state world

Nation states are obsolete. Nationalism of any and every kind is dangerous and leads only to war. We are one people under God. Every person on this earth is your brother or sister.

It is simple.

Get modern.

We have plenty of problems to solve – lets get on with it.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

Dubai is an indicator and a portent

This current Dubai fiasco illustrates that allowing the world to be run by the markets and by the rich does not also unfortunately result in net benefit for the non-rich.

The excuse for allowing markets to set the global agenda is that markets are efficient. We now see that this is incorrect.

Obviously we cannot go back to the Stalinist. Maoist and Fascist Communist era. And the Reganite-Thatcherite-Blairite-Brownite laissez-faire merry-go-round is now increasingly discredited. It looks like good old-fashioned Scandanavian/German-style Social Democracy offers the best model. Time to adopt the best features of SD and to resolve any and all negatives in that model. Of course the primitive and gullible Americans will fight this tooth
and nail. Since the British Government slavishly cow-tows to America and to American ideology, the British People may have to come to metaphorical blows with their Rulers over this issue.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

American Incompetence

McKinnon exposed American Incompetence. Big names were shamed. His intentions were naive – let the Americans try to bring an action against him in a British Court.

Shame on our Poodle Government and our lack of democracy and the lack of interest by the our masses in most issues of importance.

Let the British Court acquit him and let the stupid Americans hire him as a consultant to assist them to tighten their systems.

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad (working for Americans)

Only 8 years to work out the bleeding obvious

It has only taken Brown, New Labour, MOD, FCO and MI6 8 years to work out
something which any secondary school pupil could tell you – a military solution in Afghanistan is not possible without a political solution.

This is flabbergasting – the incompetence of the British Establishment seems to have no limits – do they in fact get anything right?

Mr Alex Weir, Baghdad and Harare

The Politics of War

There are 2 Problems:

1. The International Community prefers to spend vast amounts of money on technology to kill and defeat rather than spending money on saving lives and making people’s lives less miserable and happier.

2. The same International Community is happy to install and prop up tyrannical dictators of the worst kind in the name of ‘Political Stability’.

In fact it is to ensure the safety of investments by international companies and to ensure the smooth flow of natural resources – minerals and oil – to the West. The fact that these tyrannical dictators cause human rights violations, poverty and misery is incidental in the planning and Machiavellian machinations of MI6, FCO, CIA and State Department.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare

This scandal is nothing – I recently worked on (and resigned from) a State Department/Dyncorp Project in Iraq which State Department were deliberately trying to sabotage – i.e. cause to fail before and at the end of the project. This concerned Justice Integration and Data Interchange between 3 Iraqi Ministries. State Department and Civilian Police International (a Dyncorp subsidiary) were trying to slow and to stop any data interchange
systems being implemented before the end of February 2010 – the end of the
Project. Mr Alex Weir, Harare

Give the Third World Democracy

This is 2010. Time to finish the hypocrisy of USA and Britain, who expound democracy but never allow it to occur (especially when the winner wants to work for his or her people). China of course is another serious case of fascism in action.

Therefore we have a window before China becomes the de facto world ruler – implement fraud-proof voting systems throughout the third world and take what comes – on the nose if necessary.

Proper democracy will bring growth and development, and the elimination of poverty. All the charlatans and liars Clintons, Blair, Sachs and Browns can go home and shut up for good – the problem they wrung their hands over was simple to fix – but they refused point blank because the West might have lost financial advantage.

Mr Alex Weir

Kagame is what they call a pro-western dictator. You will not read that terminology in any of the mainstream media. In Africa there are 54 countries, of which maybe 5 are not dictatorships, 3 (Zimbabwe, Sudan and Libya) are anti-western dictatorships, and the rest are pro-western dictatorships. How do we define dictatorship? – any country where the
General Election is frauded is a de facto dictatorship.

What is the cure for dictatorship? – simple – fraud-proof elections


Why dont Britain and America want this? – a good question – 2 countries who cry democracy so much and then when they are offered it they recoil in horror, saying it is ‘dangerous’ and ‘promotes instability’. Their real reason? – they do not like progressive governments who fight for their people – they prefer corrupt collaborators who sell out their people’s minerals and oil for a few pieces of silver in the secret bank accounts of their president.

Mr Alex Weir
Harare, Zimbabwe

Zim sitting on large coal deposits

The 30 Billion Tonnes of coal in Zimbabwe is sufficient for 6500 years of consumption at the present rate. It is also worth US$ 210,000 per capita for each of the Zimbabwe population, i.e. if spread over 100 years it would increase per capita income from US$ 270 to US$ 2,100 per capita per annum. Pretty impressive stuff. The challenge will be to keep those future necessary resources and monies from being raped by Mugabe and from being
raped by the Western Powers. No small feat. And dont forget coal is only one of the several important resources here – lithium is another, and many more.

We need a simple independent study of minerals and their value and impact throughout the third world. With some luck we can have the west and china begging on their knees. And they will want to emigrate to Africa – we must keep them out of course, as they have kept us out of Europe and North America.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

BMGF article

I did some management and software consultancy for the same Roy Steiner at Cyberplex Africa in Harare in 2004. He is an intelligent guy but not a great manager.

I worked also for an American who has run a small NGO from Nairobi for the past 20 years. All this projects have been pilot projects – i.e. never even one production project.  From this plus anecdotal evidence from business colleagues in the same and similar sectors, it became apparent to me that this guy had the reverse Midas touch – everything he tried failed. But BMGF were falling over themselves trying to give him funding, mainly for projects and sub-projects that as far as I could see had zero or even negative value. They came  especially to Nairobi to spend 3 days with him.

My conclusion – BMGF is a great idea but it falls hugely short on benefit/cost ratio. And for Warren Buffet to forward most of his fortune for BMGF to spend compounds the problem. BMGF is yet another example of how UN, World Bank, Country Donors (including our own DFID), and international NGO’s spend huge amounts of our money for almost zero effect.

Better to give the Third World (and the Middle East) fraud-proof voting systems – let them cast off their Rene Prevals and other such thieves and parasites – charlatan robber dictator presidents of the pro-western and the anti-western varieties. The result of good presidents will be an end to grand larceny and development by the people for the people. Gordon Brown was too scared to let fraud-proof voting systems see light of day, let us
see if Dave and Nick have a better outlook…..

Mr Alex Weir, Harare

For decades, America and Russia conducted a proxy war in Somalia. The result was a country without a government.Then America went in and came out after the Blackhawk Down fiasco.After that the Islamics formed a stable government. The Americans didnt like this, so they paid the unpleasant dictator Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia $ 60 million personal cash to put his (government paid) troops into Somalia to expell the Islamic Government.

After some time, the Ethiopians left, to be replaced by soldiers from  Uganda, the country of that other highly unpleasant pro-western dictator, Msuveni.

As we are told on BBC, the so-called government of Somalia holds sway only for a few blocks around a few strategic buildings in Mogadishu.
Yet again the Americans through their amateurish stupidity and their crass selfishness cause mayhem throughout the world. And unfortunately innocent Ugandans pay the price.

What is the solution? First Americans, British, French and Chinese must stop pretending to be the world’s policemen – all of these countries have only ever their own commercial and resource interests at heart.
Secondly, we must get rid of all dictators, both the pro-western variety
(who form 97% of the world’s dictators) and the anti-western variety
(including Mugabe, Bachir of Sudan and quite a few others). This will
involve having and using fraud-proof voting systems globally, starting with
America, who as we know were recently incapable of conducting fraud-proof

Unfortunately, Britain, America, France and China regard such fraud proof voting systems as ‘dangerous’, and refuse to allow these existing systems to ever be used. Their refusal includes media blackouts and extends to the use of political assassination.

Thus the unnecessary mayhem will continue for some time, possibly until after the End of Civilization.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

2006 I invented a fraud proof voting system for the Third World which is
also ideal for conflict zones. Blair and Brown buried this system, preferring that Iraqis and Afghanis and British, American and other troops should die around Election Time. What more can I say? Find the system at
http://www.cd3wd.com/SEEV/ – Nick Clegg – pay attention and rescue the world

from the dark forces which threaten democracy and justice.

Alex Weir, Harare

Pay Third World countries 40% royalty for their minerals, instead of the preposterous 4% which is currently paid. Implement immediately fraud proof voting systems. Implement immediately a system of univeral low-cost electronic bank accounts for everyone, so that the mineral wealth can be given by the Governments directly to the people. Then wind up the entire Aid and Development Industry, which is a complete joke, a farce and a fraud.

Simple. Nick and Dave – pay attention! Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Andrew Neil (former Editor of London Times and the Economist) 2 years ago on
BBC World TV said ‘Almost without exception, every Arabic and/or Islamic
country is a tyrannical dictatorship’.

What Andrew did not mention is that 97% of these tyrannical dictatorships
are pro-western tyrannical dictatorships, and that they oppress their people with the full and active connivance of America, Britain and even the EU.

The tyrannical dictatorships oppress their people and also they wipe out the political center, thereby leaving the only opposition (usually partially or completely underground) to the radical islamists.

The solution to this problem is clean elections. And the only way to ensure that is to use fraud-proof voting systems.

The whole thing is very very simple. But the path which the West is now pursuing is guaranteed to result in disaster for the world.

The problem which Westerners face trying to understand this situation is
that Britain and America are countries which are internally democractic but
externally fascist – i.e. our governments are kind to the domestic population but machiavellian and extremely cruel to the populations of many third world countries (they are simultaneously usually very buddy-buddy with the presidents of those same countries, and the presidents themselves are usually very cruel to their own people – it is a money thing).

I speak having worked and lived in a number of dictatorships and democracies, including Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel.  The problem is not primarily the West vs. Islam, it is primarily the West vs. the Third World. Maybe Islamic countries are better at seeing the duplicity of the West and are better at fighting back and/or are less passive in enduring unnecessary oppression and poverty.

Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country with a large government foreign debt. The Head of State has an immense private wealth which is capable of paying off all of that debt. There are few in Britain who would oppose the idea that the Head of State should liquidate most of his personal wealth to pay off that debt.

But wait, Britain is a country with a large foreign debt. The Head of State has an immense private wealth which is capable of paying off all of that debt.

Possible voluntarily or under duress, the British Head of State should liquidate her considerable personal wealth in order to pay off the British Government foreign debt. That would eliminate the possibility of double dip recession and would solve a lot of Britain’s problems.

The pay-off? Britain would have to in future build up resources during economic boom so that these resources were available during bust and slump.

Should we wait for either of these Heads of State to step forward voluntarily? Dont hold your breath.

Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Here is how to solve the poverty problem globally:
1. most third world countries with minerals get only 4% royalty payment – change this to 40% with immediate effect.
2. most third world countries are pro-western dictatorships. most of the rest are anti-western dictatorships. Implement immediately fraud proof voting systems – all the dictators will fade away.

3. disburse the mineral monies using universal low cost electronic bank accounts to the entire population. That will be their poverty safety net.  What they can make on top of that will make them prosperous.

The above is a very simple solution. Jeffrey Sachs, Bono, Geldof, Brown,
Blair, Clinton et alia however not to mention DFID, USAID, World Bank, Oxfam etc will never in 1000 years back such an effective plan – they make money from other people’s poverty, oppression, injustice and misery.
I call this solution 4240 – 4 to 40.
Alex Weir, Harare, Africa, The Third World


11 November 2010 10:11AM

I live in Harare and Despise and abhor all dictators, of the anti-western and of the pro-western varieties.

Lord Renton is correct.

Better still – give Mugabe immunity from incarceration but allow him to be sued in individual cases or class actions – he has a vast fortune illegally gained, and can afford to lose some of it.

Mugabe was before 1980 a British Agent, and he won that 1980 Independence Election only because Margaret Thatcher frauded the result. The rest is history.

The best overall solution is to implement fraud-proof voting systems globally. Exit Sadaam Husein, Robert Mugabe and so many others who kill and steal from the poor.

Alex Weir, Harare, Africa

There is a good solution to this situation – stream the audio feed
from bbc world service television over the bbc world service radio
outputs (shortwave, internet, worldscape, hotbird and other satellite
channels). This can be done 80-95% of the time. and then for each
timezone have some live bbc world service radio stuff every day or
maybe every weekend. as crisis develop, then devote up to 100% live
output to that country or region (e.g. ivory coast, tunisia, egypt,
zimbabwe, sudan, haiti etc). would save a pile of money. tv coverage
could be slightly modified to take into account the fact that some of
the audience are not seeing the video, but not essential. cnn did this
with worldspace for some years and it was very effective. mr alex
weir, london, harare and gaborone

Fraud Proof Voting Systems are the solution to Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt, Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and so many others (including the late Sadaam Husein). But Britain and America dont want such systems and will not allow their implementation (or even discussion about them to take place). The owls are not what they seem….. Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

The persistent and hypocritical refusal of Britain and USA to permit Fraud Proof Voting Systems has directly led to the chaos in Tunisia and Egypt.  Everyone loses from these dislocations, which would be totally unnecessary when real elections take place (not the so-called ‘free and fair’ sham elections rubber-stamped by IFES, Carter Center, IDEA, the EU and others).

Time for Britain and America to reconsider their vehement and violent opposition to Fraud Proof Voting.

Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

Britain and America – it is time to reverse your hitherto intransigent opposition to Fraud Proof Voting Systems. Firstly you must prevent any improper hijacking of the vote by extremists (including Islamic Extremists) or by any pro-Western stooge. Secondly, whichever government succeeds Mubarak, a proper Election must be ensured in 4-5 years from now – there must be no reimposition of dictatorship from any quarter – pro- or anti-

Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

Mostly in the Third World there is heavy presidential-level corruption.
This is certainly a factor in such FDI land investment. Therefore automatically the government exchequer and the people are short-changed.  Fraud-proof voting systems are a large part of the solution to this problem.
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Museveni is a pro-Western dictator, and Luke Norman is a salivating lackey journalist. The Independent is a Paper Tiger for allowing this drivel to be published. Britain directed the installation of Idi Amin (Richard Dowden told me 2 weeks before Amin died). 4 years ago the British Embassy Kampala was telling British businessmen that it was time for Musuveni to be replaced – but they cant even get that right.

Fraud Proof Voting Systems are the only sensible answer to these global injustices. But William Haig doesnt like them or maybe doesnt even know they exist.

Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

Step above these important but ultimately trivial diversions – what the world needs is Fraud Proof Voting Systems – then all dictators disappear as if by magic. No bloodshed. No economic disruption. No US$ 70 Billion in Western Banks. No special deals to oppress the poor. What Christian, Muslim, Humanist or Atheist can resist such a Good Solution? I name some of them: Obama, David Cameron, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, William Haig, Andrew Mitchell, Elisabeth Cote, Mugabe, Andrew
Ellis, Bill Sweeney, Jeffrey Sachs.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

The elections are key. An excellent time for the Interim Government to choose a Fraud Proof Voting System – elections with outcomes beyond query are important at this stage. There should be no fiddling from Suleiman, the Military, the Muslim Brotherhood, MI6, CIA, Mossad or anyone else.
Alex Weir, London and Harare

The majority of African countries – including South Africa – levy a royalty on mineral extraction of about 4%. Robert Mugabe’s supposedly socialist Zimbabwe levies only 2% royalty on Platinum – which compares very unfavourably with Bafokeng’s 22% royalty. Let South Africa and indeed all Third World Countries levy 40% royalty, and then this environmental catastrophe-in-waiting can be dealt with comfortably from South African
Government revenues (and the poverty and inequality problem can also be eliminated).

Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

We are hoping for something similar in Zimbabwe. We are now sitting in front of an impending election, and all the signs show that Mugabe and ZanuPF are ready to commit electoral fraud on a massive scale – he obviously wishes to return to a non-coalition government, with Mugabe himself firmly in control. This will be a massive slide back into despair for the Zimbabwean People.

But the West, the Chinese and the mining companies dont care too much – and they will let the above scenario unfold, with a certain level of hand-wringing.

Egypt needs a Government which is committed to eliminating presidential-level corruption and theft, and to working for the benefit of the People.
The whole world faces a problem these days to stimulate employment and to lessen or eliminate poverty. Unfortunately the latest formula propagated by the West – essentially a Neo-Conservative Agenda – doesnt work (except maybe in the context of China). The global outlook is bleak until a new economic and political silver bullet is found. But the freedom to think and speak is a huge plus, which will at least satisfy people for some time.

Almost certainly some form of democractic socialism and world government is one of the better future scenarios. The Challenge will be to get that while preserving personal freedom. The alternative reality is a very grim future for 95% of the world’s population – something which is well portrayed in a number of sci-fi movies.

A good first move is for the new Government to get its hands on the majority of the US$ 70 billion stolen from the mouths of its people. The authorities in UK, Switzerland and UAE must deliver on this – and not just hand over a measly US$ 70 Million and pretend that’s all there is…

Alex Weir, London and Harare

The main lesson the West’s failures in the Middle East is not to have already implemented Fraud Proof Voting Systems – which would have avoided the deaths and chaos. It is not too late – these systems exist already – they are desirable, they are technically completely feasible (despite propaganda to the contrary), they have been vehemently opposed by the
International Community up till now. But now cataclysmic events have rendered this opposition obsolete and counter-productive. Having enjoyed the fruits of frauded elections, it is now in the interests of the West to close off that possibility. I am available.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Mining profits are huge because the average royalty payment to Third World countries is a miserable 4% (it should be 40%). How long will these pro-western dictatorships remain docile, subservient and complicit in the Grand Theft Mining from their impoverished populations? If only the Gordon Browns of this world with their Debt Initiatives would pursue this Clear and Present Danger….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

There are several groups inside and outside Egypt who may like to manipulate, rig or fraud the election. Conventional measures like International Election Observer Missions are totally impotent to counter or even detect well-organised and well-implemented frauds. Only the use of very specialised and non-commercial voting systems can guarantee a non-fraudable Election. The West up till now has very actively discouraged any such systems, since the International Order has depended on frauded elections which install and maintain various Friends of the West (of whom Mubarak has been a major player). But now the West must quickly about-turn and welcome with open arms such modern and professional techniques.
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Fraud Proof Voting Systems: 1. Desirable 2. Feasible 3. Have been most strongly opposed by the International Community 4. Are now very much in the interests of this same International Community to refine and implement globally.

Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

I regarded and still regard my University Education as pretty much a waste of time – I did Mech Eng at UMIST 1967-1970 as part of a Rolls Royce Student Apprenticeship – a supposedly practical subject at a supposedly practical College/University. Maybe we should try to move the good part of university education into secondary schooling – learn how to learn, learn how to think, cultivate intelligence to solve real problems.

Certainly the present insane course of British neo-conservatism and privatisation-mania is regarded for example by the Chinese as madness – but why should they speak out against a competitor society which is intent on shooting itself in the foot?

The Open University will benefit. University and college lecturers who run informal but commercial mini-seminars in their spare time for non-students should benefit. People can learn so much from reading paper and electronic text-books. Universities are pricing themselves out of the market.

Like so many of New Labour and New Conservative initiatives, ill-thought-out ideological measures which make money for cronies and contributors but which damage the Economy and Society. Possibly Britain needs some kind of revolution in politics which does not entail going into one’s shell and sticking one’s head in the sand (i.e. EDL, BNP, UKIP etc..). The demise of the LibDems should open up some new truly centrist and non-ideological party
which is not based on greed, stupidity and prejudice – but will that happen in our closed, controlled and manipulated political system?

Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

Third World Dictators of the pro-Western and the anti-Western persuasion are all guilty of very serious personal corruption – usually 7% of GNP (except for Nigeria where the figure is 20%). Britain Switzerland and our many offshore havens are deeply involved in this dirty business which directly creates massive poverty, suffering, injustice and death.

A major initiative to close down this danse macabre is Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Third World. But the International Community up till now has vehemently opposed this project.

Luckily, with Tunisia and Egypt, the cat is now out of the bag. Comically, the International Community’s interests are now best served by supporting Fraud Proof Voting, despite having until now been so anti….

The Dance continues…..

Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

The American/British War Machine and the War on Terror are immense money-makers for a few people, well connected to Military and Politics. The system is highly profitable and is based also on corruption. Like Mubarak’s Egyptian system, it will be very difficult or even impossible to eradicate these systems which are based on secrecy.

The best medicine will be a true Global Democracy and Justice, Fraud Proof Voting – a war-less global society where extremists are a small percentage of people, and they operate in thought only and not through violence. This of course is the last thing which the warmongers desire….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

US: Time to surf the wave? Or stay out of the water?

WHYS – 15 Feb 2011

The 2010 Iran Election was very clearly frauded. The Obama Administration at that time amazingly did NOT stand up for free and fair elections. The best solution for Iran, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain etc are Fraud Proof Elections – and soon. Time for the International Community to end its opposition to Fraud Proof Voting Systems.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Fraud Proof Voting Systems would obviate all these problems – dictators would topple like dominos. Why does the West not want this to happen? Hypocrisy is too small a word to describe what our leaders are up to. Time for us to call our leaders to account – as Tunisia and Egypt have done.
Alex Weir, London and Harare

End pro-Western and anti-Western Dictatorships. Implement Fraud Proof Voting Systems globally. End extremism of the Right and Left, Christians and Muslims. Ensure a decent life for our children and grand-children. No dream. Real simple. Just do it.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Pro-western and anti-western dictatorship bring riches for the President, his cronies, foreign corporations, and foreign politicians. But not for the domestic population. And oppression and injustice are ugly burdens to bear.  Let’s have Fraud Proof Voting Systems.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Post-1945 Western Capitalism shared 80% of the value-added with the workers, unlike in the days of Karl Marx, where the owners kept 80-95%. The Third World has never experienced this benevolent post-1945 Western Capitalism, and 80-99% retention by business owners is completely normal throughout the Third World. Even in the West, the situation is slipping backwards (or forwards if you are one of the super-rich or their many hangers-on and lackeys). Add to this the economic, social and psychological misery inflicted by pro-western and anti-western Third World Dictatorships, and you have a heady and unstable mix.

Time for change.
Peaceful is better.
Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Third World are one of the important Keys.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

The benefits system in the UK does seem to be a mess. But why spend public money reforming it (or trying to) when money is incredibly tight? And when there simply do not exist any jobs to force the jobless into? Even if they were to work for free, there needs to be provision of tools, supervision etc.. The whole thing is almost certainly a pure ideological move which is not intended to make life better for anyone.

Since civilisation is based on a concept of Society (Thatcher of course was totally wrong), then why are David Cameron and Nick Clegg opposed to British Society helping those who are through an accident of birth, genetics and/or environment at the bottom of our Civilisation? This is a very unchristian attitude and not deserving of Statesmen (though it is totally characteristic for politicians globally to set the various elements of their populations against each other…).

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Let every Arab and Middle Eastern country which is under threat of protests
announce their commitment to immediately adopt Fraud Proof Voting Systems
and to run Presidential and Parliamentary Elections using such a system within 12 months.

Let the UN get involved to ensure that such promises will be kept.

What is so complicated about that?

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Britain is in dire economic straits. The Government is supposedly trying to save money here there and everywhere. At the same time, we are waging an unwinnable war in Afghanistan, from which everyone, including the Americans, are pre-committed to exiting. And the Afghani Government in place is obscenely corrupt. Furthermore, the Foreign Aid Budget (DFID) has been ring-fenced and will even be increased. But it is very badly used with a cost/benefit ratio which would send any and every respectable businessman into apopleptic fits. As a Scot who has lived outside the UK 30 out of my brief 62 years, maybe there is something I am not seeing. It looks like British Politicians have a secret pact with each other not to really see and address the problems, and definitely not to let the Citizens see what is possible. The Media of course are deeply complicit.

Maybe Britain is due for a democratic dislocation – other countries seem to be able to do it.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Banning Weapon Sales

Much more effective to implement Fraud Proof Voting Systems globally. And to ensure that states which prohibit voting – i.e. China, Saudi Arabia and others – cease that barbaric practice.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of cd3wd.com. Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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