Video to David Cameron on Fraud Proof Voting

Transcript of Video:

David, I am a democracy guy – I have worked for the electoral commissions of Rwanda in 2003 for USAID and Iraq in 2005 for IFES. 2006 I invented a fraud proof voting system for the third world. This has been described as dangerous by one of your FCO employees (Philip Barclay) and also by the Chinese Embassy in Harare. Therefore I think the system has something going for it. But regardless of the merits or demerits of my particular system, I know that the concept itself is both doable and desirable. Tell me that you will investigate over-riding your officials in DFID – Benedict Latto and Stefan Kossof – in this respect.

Thank you,

Alex Weir, currently in London but normally in Harare or Gaborone

Al Jazeera and YouTube are teaming up to allow YOU to ask questions to the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. Submit your questions directly on YouTube at this link:

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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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