Unfit for Democracy?

Article by Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

I have worked in 22 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Iraq. It is beyond question that every person in every nation in the world does NOT deserve Dictatorship in either its anti-Western or pro-Western guises.

I have also worked for Electoral Commissions in Rwanda and Iraq, and I know that Fraud Proof Voting Systems are the key to bringing and maintaining Democracy. However, the Governments of Britain and America seem to fear and totally oppose such initiatives. For example, Andrew Ellis, Number Three at the very prestigious International IDEA pro-democracy institute in Stockholm said – ‘Fraud Proof Voting Systems have Undesirable Implications….’. When challenged, he would not elaborate.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

About alexweir1949

software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of cd3wd.com. Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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