Fair Trade is Unfair

The producer under fair trade gets on average 4% of the retail price for what he or she produced. This is alarmingly similar to the average royalty for minerals throughout Africa and the Third World. Both are a straightforward travesty of justice.

A figure of 40% would be reasonable for food and for minerals, regardless of whether either was fairtrade or unlabelled.

Bafokeng in South Africa has obtained 22% royalty on its minerals since 1992 after taking the mining companies to court. And here is a bombshell – the supposedly socialist Mugabe negotiated a capitalistic 2% royalty on platinum for his Government (but who knows what he receives under the table every month?…..).

Summarising – the main beneficiaries of FairTrade are the western employees and managers of Fairtrade organisations. The impact on the Third World of their activities is a sop. Why does this remind me of Oxfam, Christian Aid, Save the Children, Care, WorldVision etc etc?…..

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