Libya – a solution – Fraud Proof Voting

Gaddafi has slowed down the game. The West is dithering. Noone has yet offered the in-country mercenaries a bounty for the capture of Gaddafi. The West needs Oil. Who knows whose side Saudi Arabia is on….

The best deal might be for the UN to immediately adopt Fraud Proof Voting Systems for all Countries, east and west, north and south, and to force such an election on Libya within 6 months. Gaddafi will lose with a vote of under 15%. The opposition must present one single candidate.

The problem before that election will be to protect the civilian population, on whom Gaddafi will want to wreak a terrible vengance – one at a time, and after dark. That may require a massive temporary emigration. But those emigres will have to be included in the vote (it shouldnt be a problem).


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