How to read the second Arab awakening

How to read the second Arab awakening – Richard Haass, President of the US Council on Foreign Relations, in the Financial Times (London)

An important key to avoiding these current cataclysmic and highly uncertain developments is to have truly genuine elections (which include the possibility for 99% of voters to produce a ‘spoiled-vote’ if the popular candidate(s) are not allowed to stand, by whatever means).

Truly genuine elections would have put Moussavi in Iran, and would have consigned Sadaam Husein, Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi to the dustbin of history a long long time ago.

Truly genuine elections are best achieved by using Fraud Proof Voting Systems. And here is the catch – in order to hold onto the various Friends of the West, the International Community has up till now vehemently opposed Fraud Proof Voting Systems. Now that history has overcome the West’s Ideal Scenario, one must be very afraid of extremists of any shade hijacking elections.

Therefore the West must do a 180 degree turn on the issue of Fraud Proof Voting Systems.


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