Sooner or Later, Aid Transparency Will Come

Claudia Schwegmann article

Aid Transparency….

The real problem with the Aid and Dev Sector/Industry is not simply transparency – transparency must be only a means to an end. The real problem is that the West does not want the Third World to develop – everything goes wrong from that point onwards. Better if 3rd world gets 40% royalty on minerals, coffee etc and makes its own way – Aid and Dev is a nice number for those of us who work in that sector, but quite honestly it doesnt achieve anything positive (and often achieves negatives!…).

Anything short of that is scratching the surface and delaying a proper resolution of the problem. Oh – by the way – implementing Fraud Proof Voting Systems globally to rid this planet of the myriads of pro-western dictators (and the few anti-western dictators also) would create more development than 100 million development professionals. Sorry to be negative, Claudia….

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