Book Review – ‘100 Minutes with the Koran’

I review ‘100 Minutes with the Koran’ as a person who believes in God, Good, Evil, and the Afterlife but is not adherent to any religion, Christian, Islamic or anything else. Like the Masai, I believe in direct communication from individual to God, although the power of organised religion is sometimes invaluable and necessary when combatting evil, of which there is much in our modern-day world.

The book has 108 pages, of which the last 30 seem the most interesting to me. The content there is easily rich enough to justify the GBP 5 (US$ 8-00) sales price. I shall quote verbatim 3 sections of these rich 30 pages to lure you into reading and/or buying this extraordinary book, whose arrival on the world scene is well overdue:

‘You should also fight against the oppressors in support of the helpless people and protect them and be their helpers’

‘By prescribing almsgiving and the distribution of assets by inheritance, wealth remains in circulation and does not concentrate itself in the hands of a few rich people’

‘Do not squander your wealth wastefully nor be tight-fisted’

Buy Direct from 100-MinuteKitaabun Islamic BooksellerSimply IslamAmazon UKAmazon USAAmazon CanadaAmazon GermanyAmazon FranceThe Hut Online BookstoreAngus & Robertson Australia

ISBN 9780955669545

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