cd3wd – statistics on torrent downloads


Dear Torrent downloaders – please use the comments section below to just enter Country, City from where you are downloading our bittorrent of offline cd3wd…. – Thanks! We will publish stats periodically – probably on this page….

PS – you can put also if you want comments on the project….. but the stats are the really important thing…. If you want us to be able to contact you then put email address. If you want to be a dvd distributor in-country then say so – we will give you leads by email when people in your country ask us….. You can distribute for free, at cost or for profit…..


About alexweir1949

software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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3 Responses to cd3wd – statistics on torrent downloads

  1. DC says:

    Your website is full of really good ideas–truly a prime example of forward thinking. I am interested in becoming a distributor.

  2. Abdoul Aziz GUEYE says:

    Dakar, SENEGAL

  3. Josiah Curtis says:

    Downloaded via torrent, Murray KY USA

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