A Libya-resident Libyan’s overview

The following is a simple and eloquent Anonymous statement which indicates what has been going on in Libya for so many years, with the full knowledge of Western Politicians, Industrialists and Journalists. It takes a normal person to express the Truth…..

We Libyans are very simple kind people whom gaddaffi used as slaves for 42 years, he made sure that we stay in poverty and misery so he could rule with his family for ever, if you compare Libya with Qatar or emirates, you would know what I mean,
all oil resources go direct to gaddaffi accounts whilst more than 50% of people live below poverty, it is very very felthy country with dirty streets and with most population lack proper education, also most Libyan people get medical treatment in Tunisia or eygpt because of lack of medical care, gaddaffi knows that if educate people and improve their living standards they will start longing to freedom, and if you keep people in misery and poverty it would be easy to rule them for ever, thanks to tunisian and eygptian revolutions we were encouraged in Libya to do the same, but tyrant like gaddaffi is non human, faced demonstrators with live bullets and all other sorts of torture, rape……ect

I pay tributes to Tunisian and eygptian leaders because they were brave enough to step down and allow democratic process takes place.

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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of cd3wd.com. Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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4 Responses to A Libya-resident Libyan’s overview

  1. alexweir1949 says:

    More from the same source:

    Believe me dear, because most Libyans lack a proper English, it is difficult for them to speak up their minds to the west whom got paralised after what happened in iraq and afghanstan, it is like a western people lost trust in their leaders and I donot blame them, and gaddaffi used that in his favour, you know Internet is disconnected in Libya, so even the ones who can express themselves are not allowed to, the only place where Internet still running is in bab-alaezeiza where gaddaffi and his sons are staying, and because his 7 sons had recieved the best education and can speak different languages they spread on the Internet different lies and propaganda to get western public support, I can tell you few names which I managed to track down and go and see them yourself Alex, on BBC world have your say, you can track the same names who they claim that they are western or Indians supporting gaddaffi,
    Arsilan Khan
    Lisa-Marie who claims she is from Australia

  2. alexweir1949 says:

    Also Wilson chada
    And some one called costantain.
    Please Alex, track yourself all BBC have your say about Libya and you will see those names who are reporting from bab- alazeiza where gaddaffi and his sons staying, it is very miserable, and very much complicated and I am afraid we Libyans are not getting your support( you western ) public, I donot blame you, but I beg you to notice also, that on every channel wether Arabic or western you will never ever find Libyan supporting gaddaffi, occasionally you hear some phone calls from tripoli against NATO and these also are coming from bab- alazeiza,
    Look why Qatar, emirates, Jordan had send planes to NATO, Qatar and emirates are not in need of oil.

  3. alexweir1949 says:

    Also our misery is very deep that 2 of gaddaffi sons are leading 2 armed brigades, khamis gaddaffi and saddi gaddaffi, whilst saif Islam gaddaffi is leading the media and spreading propaganda, we Libyans are faced with an armed family that had all oil resources,so it is not only gaddaffi but we have 8 gaddaffis, the dictator with his 7 sons.

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