After Osama – the Way Forward for Progressive Movements Globally

After the extra-judicial killing today 2 May 2011 of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, it is time to look forward:

Q – What should be the objective of Global Progressive Movements?

A – Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice and Security – for ALL the world’s population, not only the privileged groups inside Western Countries.

Q – What hinders the attainment of these objectives?

A – Inside Western Countries, the process of economic emancipation seems to be going backwards – e.g. car workers in UK and USA during the period of 1970s and 1980s seemed to have quite a decent lifestyle. This is no more. Thus there is a political process which must take place inside Developed Countries themselves.

In global terms, Freedom is the key – amazingly, Britain and America – who pretend big-time to be the ultimate proponents of Democracy – are in fact the intransigent Enemies of Democracy. Any and every attempt to bring real Democracy to the Third World is fought tooth and nail by these 2 countries. This is terribly important, because the vast majority of the Third World is ruled by Pro-Western Dictators, with also a relatively small number of Anti-Western Dictators.

This situation is directly responsible for massive poverty throughout the Third World, and to some extent for the extreme wealth of Corporations and certain individuals in the West.

Q – What is the way forward?

A – The Third World must democratize, with or without the permission and collaboration of the West. Political movements inside the West must solve the problems of employment and poverty within their own countries. The Third World can themselves then solve their poverty problems (largely through extracting decent – i.e. 40% – royalties for their minerals and other resources), and reach the common goals of Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice and Security.

Alex Weir, London UK, Monday 2 May 2011

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2 Responses to After Osama – the Way Forward for Progressive Movements Globally

  1. a70667 says:

    Democratizing Africa is a bloody business. These autocrats will kill half the population if that’s what it takes to stay in power.

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