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The problem is that Britain, America and France are internally democratic but externally fascist – Wikileaks has exposed part of that dark under-belly, especially for the USA. Additionally, the Global Media has perpetrated the lie that pro-Western Dictatorships are in fact not dictatorships at all. Wikileaks has exposed both of these lies, and has therefore been terribly embarassing for Western Governments and some of their pro-Western dictator buddies. What a tremendous service Bradley Manning (alleged) and Julian Asssange have done for mankind and humanity! How they are both hated by the Global Media, Western Governments, and Third World and other Dictators! In our modern society, the righteous are persecuted and the evil are rewarded….

Aid and Development Industry is completely Hypocritical and Charlatan. The West does not want the Third World to develop.

The way to solve the problem is 4240 :

1. change royalty on minerals from the present obscenely low 4% to a realistic 40%

2. Implement Fraud Proof Voting Systems (http://cd3wd.com/seev/)

3. Implement universal low-cost highly secure electronic bank accounts for everyone in the world over 18 plus orphans –
transfer the mineral royalty money into those accounts on a daily basis.

Poverty? What poverty?

Alex Weir, London, Gaborone and Harare

LibelAvoidance.org – another Aid & Development catastrophe

I dont like to put others down, but I was speaking (on Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Third World) at an International Development Conference at Bristol University Saturday 19 March 2011.

There were several speakers there who were real and genuine and there were also several there who were insincere charlatans, parasiting off the misery, deprivation and poverty of the global underclass. The one of the latter which really stood out for me was LibelAvoidance.org. LibelAvoidance has enlisted the support of a vast army of respectable names – BBC, Facebook, xxxxxxx, and a bunch of others who appeared on their presentation but whom I cannot find on their website. But their first and current program hides a dark and grim reality:

They are distributing through commercial channels, assisted by LibelAvoidance crates of bottles, ORT/ORS Oral Rehydration Solution salts. The idea is that these sachets will be bought by mothers and carers for children who are suffering from diarrhoeia. This seems a laudable aim, but – and take note – their product is competing with salt and sugar which is sitting in the larder of these people’s huts and shacks. And since that salt and sugar is sitting there, it costs nothing extra for the mothers and carers to mix it with clean water (1 litre clean water, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar) and administer successfully to the afflicted child to effect a cure.

When challenged, the speaker (LibelAvoidance of LibelAvoidance.org) said that efforts to educate mothers and carers on using salt and sugar solution hadnt worked – so – try harder I urged him – use radio and TV…. LibelAvoidance asked me later, after the presentation was over ‘How long have you lived in Africa?’ . Only 26 years I replied. Therefore I know what I am talking about….. He was silent.

So – who is at fault? Organisations like LibelAvoidance, BBC, Facebook etc are devoting airtime, resources, money to a program which:
1. Is not required
2. Will not succeed (especially once the initial voucher-based subsidy is withdrawn)
3. Makes LibelAvoidance look good (maybe!)
4. Generates income for consultants, PR types, website designers etc, but does not help the poor

This single example is unfortunately very typical of the whole Aid and Development Industry – which spends a wagonload of money achieving very little, zero, or even dis-benefits for the supposed target populations……

The amazing thing is that the King has no clothes, but all these respectable and respected outfits went along with the sham…… and now of course they all have a tremendous amount riding on refuting my accusations and continuing Project as Usual……….

Alex Weir, London, Wednesday 23 March 2011

PS – this unfortunate and regrettable tale is no reflection on the International Development Conference nor on StudentHubs – the parent organisation – these guys ran a splendid and very organised conference – well done!

What Libya needs is a Fraud Proof Election in what is effectively a Conflict Zone. The technology exists at http://cd3wd.com/seev/ . But the West does NOT want. Therefore we will flounder and flail for months if not years. 30% of Libyan population will head for Europe for jobs which do not exist. Dictators when they unravel have very serious negative effects – political, economic and casualty-wise. We have to be flexible and adapt to the world which is changing around us – FCO’s policy of January 2011 is grossly inadequate and even harmful in March 2011. Alex Weir, London and Harare

Christian Aid is actually another fake organisation who parasite on the poverty of others. They have no intention of eliminating poverty – they just go through the motions. I have this first hand from them. Do not donate.

Their struggle is also Africans’ Struggle – although Arabs are normally strongly racist against Africans – their success is your/our success – democracy is a global business, not the preserve of anyone. And Gaddafi’s methods are modelled on Mugabe and Museveni – bring a global and African flavour to this event – let us mob them! See you guys there….

DB2 is a superior database to Oracle, which is a mixture of Corruption-based selling (at least in the Third World) and ‘Voodoo Science’ (as described by the Late and Great Guido Sohne – http://cd3wd.com/GuidoSohne/ ). Do not I think migrate to SQL Server – choose DB2. But dont think I am anti-Oracle – I have only a good experience of the database – I guess Larry is the man behind these strange commercial manoeuvres….

We know what we want to happen: that freedom, democracy and prosperity should flourish throughout the Arab world. But there is dismayingly little that we can do to advance these fine things, as I fear we shall discover in the boundless Libyan sands.

We fence the money obtained by oppression, torture, blood, broken limbs, pulled fingernails, electroshock, drownings, waterboardings, and ultimately by welcomed and overdue deaths. We deodorise, sanitise and we recycle. But the stench of death remains. We are contaminated by the suffering which we cannot see or feel…

America is internally democratic, but externally fascist….. The existence of Guantanamo and the conditions imposed there are a confirmation of that external fascism. Britain and France are the same, China is even worse. We face a global moral and ethical crisis, which the West is unwilling to discuss in terms of reality, only in terms of what they wish the Global Public to perceive is reality. I suggest we embrace democracy globally instead of posturing and lying constantly…

Very well written short piece – USA makes Apartheid South Africa appear angelic by comparison. North Korea and Iran look good, even Mugabe… On par with Gaddafi’s treatment of dissidents. Note Gitmo is setting new precedents in International Law – US Law is now de facto applied globally, with Britain, Sweden, Norway saying not one cheep…. We have reached 1984 at last…

Serious stuff. Food stamps are a-major/the-only anti-poverty instrument in America these days I am informed, and cutting them for just one family member being on strike seems designed to depress low wages even further. Race to the bottom guys.

Why doesnt everyone who isnt mega rich just kill themselves and leave America to those fortunate few remaining guys?…..

What they did was misguided, but the principal is good. It is time for European heavyweights and liberals (?) like Germany and others to flex their muscles down a non-Anglo-Saxon path. Once America, Britain and France stop being externally fascist then everyone can get once again cosy together….

I became the object of interest to British and French Intelligence because I had invented a Fraud Proof Voting System for the Third World. They used mobile phone tracking to assign the first of 6 teams to me (6 teams in 6 countries over 18 days). Were they there to scare me or to try to eliminate me? I will probably never find out. Of course after the first attempt – and with the verbal advice of an ex-special-forces friend – I got wise and junked the phone in the sea off Sierra Leone. The really interesting thing is that if your phone is turned off but the battery is still in, then it still tracks you. So – sometimes the bad guys try to get you even although you yourself are innocent – let that be a lesson….
Alex Weir (+224 646 788 41)
London and Harare

BMGF spends megabucks to achieve almost nothing. Much like the Aid Donors and NGOs themselves. Really a huge and tragic waste of resources

Why dont I hear anyone talking Fraud Proof Elections? The Silence of the West is Deafening. Eyes Wide Shut….

There is no apparent reason for killing Afghanis in their own country. Therefore Brits, Yanks and others are encouraged by the politicians to regard the enemy as gooks, rag-heads and other Terms of Endearment. What a futile and money-driven world we and our children live in. The current exposee is I reckon only the tip of the iceberg. Bring the troops home….

Intelligent political argument and action is much more dangerous than testerone-fuelled men smashing windows – the police response shows that the Authorities and the Politicians know that full well. Good for the intellectuals! Doing the right thing usually is dangerous and/or economically disadvantageous. Do not depair. Your fight is just. God will reward you.

Stay on the straight and narrow. Good luck.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Corruption to British Prime-Ministerial Level is the only explanation why Credit Card companies are allowed to operate with impunity inside UK. Similar to MOD’s GBP 22 per indacescant light-bulb. MPs expenses were the tip of the iceberg

Alex Weir, London and Harare

This grey haired statesman-like patrician figure has directly and indirectly perpetrated the most unspeakable, barbaric and evil atrocities against political opponents of the dictator Gaddafi. May his soul rot eternally in Hell. There are many Presidents, PWDs, AWDs and Intelligence Chiefs throughout the Third World in the mould of Moussa Koussa. And what about the Western Leaders who install and buttress these regimes?…

The solution lies in mineral royalties. The present average 4% royalty is a boon for the whites and the foreign companies but a curse on the Nation. It should be 40% across Africa and the entire Third World. The West and China will not like this, but it has to be done. Let us get started…..

South Africa needs Fraud Proof Voting Systems. And non-ethnic-based political parties and voting. ANC should be shut down or cleansed. Julius Malema (another Philip Chiyangwa in the making) is waiting in the wings….. Everyone (black and white) will be trying to emigrate to Zimbabwe once Mugabe has passed away or been deposed….

Alex Weir, London, Harare and Gaborone

Gaddafi has turned his own people into perverts, evil and insane criminals who consider it just to kill their own brothers and sisters for the cause of their God Gaddafi. Mugabe is pretty similar. There should and will be a special place in Hell for Presidents who commit such Crimes Against Humanity

While we are doing textbooks, let us also propagate http://cd3wd.com/cd3wd_40/cd3wd/index.htm

Not until a camel can pass through the eye of a needle…. Evil and Real Christianity are incompatible. But there are many false and man-made churches of all religions and all denominations in our modern world. God will punish those who worship torture, injustice, killing, oppression, theft and imprisonment for monetary and material gain. In our modern society, the righteous are persecuted and the evil are rewarded…..

What a complete cock-up by France, America, Britain and UN!…. And we must trust these same Idiots on the upcoming Zimbabwean Election?….. PentaObaCamNato are inhuman, calculating and avaricious War Criminals…

Scottish Police vs. British State – interesting… Last time I know that happened (14 December 2007, Kilmarnock Police Station), the Scottish Police rolled over big-time. But then the miscreants were 2 Scottish Westminster Politicians – Des Browne and Gordon Brown. This time the miscreant is a foreign Intelligence Service Torture Chief. Of course the bumbling FCO and MI6 have left Koussa’s family inside Libya, so it is most unlikely that he will divulge anything of any interest or value….

If only we had the same will-power to remove PWDs as we remove AWDs….. (pro-western and anti-western dictators – note that your sharing caring Western Media will NOT use this terminology under any circumstances – you will only find this in independent/comments areas…)

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Global Banking is an essential part of our global economy. But it is clearly out of control. Massive profits on the back of massive suffering, misery and death. Banks play a huge part in the pillage and rape of the Third World by their PWDs (pro-Western Dictators). But we are not allowed to read about it in our Enid Blyton Media (apologies to Enid Blyton – she is innocent of these crimes). The solution? Fraud Proof Voting in the Third World and Middle East plus an over-turning of the Establishment in the West….. It wont be easy, but it IS necessary….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

America is internally democratic but externally fascist. Money talks. It is all about money….But – America – blood money can only bring you danger and perdition….

Interim government with Fraud Proof Election (http://cd3wd.com/seev/ ) – simple solution – better than 6 months RAF action as forecast by the militaristic British MOD!….. and all Gaddafis guaranteed banished by the Will of the People…. No Mess, No Fuss…..

This is not a geographical issue – it is class war – and it is an upper-class twit who is lighting the blue touch-paper….. Very stupid, very parochial, very elitist, very un-Christian. Let the miscreant resign and let him be subject of an exhaustive Inland Revenue Investigation….

China is internally and externally fascist. Britain, America and France are internally democratic (?) but externally fascist. 95% of Third World and Middle Eastern countries are Pro-Western Dictatorships. 3% are Anti-Western Dictatorships.
Who benefits from this strange setup? Why doesnt the Media tell us what is going on in our name? Can we the People change this ridiculous situation? Yes We Can! (but not with Obama…)

UK Police brutality and death-dealing during demonstrations
The order to intimidate comes from the PM – Gordon Brown should be in the Dock – simple

The problem is that Britain, America and France are internally democratic but externally fascist – Wikileaks has exposed part of that dark under-belly, especially for the USA. Additionally, the Global Media has perpetrated the lie that pro-Western Dictatorships are in fact not dictatorships at all. Wikileaks has exposed both of these lies, and has therefore been terribly embarassing for Western Governments and some of their pro-Western dictator buddies. What a tremendous service Bradley Manning (alleged) and Julian Asssange have done for mankind and humanity! How they are both hated by the Global Media, Western Governments, and Third World and other Dictators! In our modern society, the righteous are persecuted and the evil are rewarded….

Very similar to Libya – an AWD (anti-Western Dictatorship) which is being courted by the West, and which is cooperating to combat opposition (renamed extremism). An excellent piece… Of course there are political reasons why BBC, CNN, Sky cannot write/publish this kind of truth….

Like the GBP 22 MOD lightbulbs, BritGov smells of Corruption, pure and simple. In our modern world, the Righteous are persecuted and the Evil are rewarded….

I am banned from BBC World Have Your Say radio program with audience of 150 million because:

1. I have invented a fraud proof voting system for the Third World
2. My own (British) government tried to scare me and/or eliminate me December 2007 by sending hit squads to Guinea Conakry, Beirut, Aleppo, Kigali and Nairobi
So – yes – BBC has bias – but it is NOT simply a left-wing bias – they also do everything (I mean everything) which MI6, FCO, and No10 dictate. Mind you, the media ban has extended to all British newspapers except the Kilmarnock Standard….

Will the Commentator publish this and also pursue the story? Are you technocrats/journalists or simply Bias of the Right?….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

God is not pleased when one man says he is king of kings

Read more: http://globalspin.blogs.time.com/2011/04/05/in-gaddafis-tripoli-visions-of-doomsday-and-an-endgame/#ixzz1IgBp4A6q

Our modern Western world tries to impose a negative correlation between efficiency and kindness – we perceive that smart and successful people are cruel and heartless, and that kind people are muddled, unsuccessful and ineffectual. This is complete nonsense. Let us turn everything around – we need smart, efficient and successful people who are kind and who regard every human on this planet as their Brother and Sister. Simple. Only by adopting such a philosophy can any of us survive and prosper in this barren landscape of Planet Earth 2011….

Good for you David. DFID spend a ring-fenced GBP 6 Billion every year (and climbing), most of which is wasted and some of which is used to enrich DFID employees (and maybe even politicians? – who knows the scale of this BritGov-wide problem?….). DFID actually needs Bob Geldof to come in a deconstruct (i.e. shut down and sack) the majority of DFID staff and programs, and then start again (Geldof can do the chopping but should not do the reconstruction). It is time that DFID, Aid and Development became a political issue – time for Value For Money!….

Alex Weir, London and Harare, http://cd3wd.com

What puerile dictators the Chinese Government are! And they take their fascism to Africa also to buttress evil genius dictators like Mugabe and the late Lansana Conte!… A curse on your mercenary ‘help’ to Africa!….

We invaded because Gaddafi is an AWD. Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan are PWDs – the West does not invade PWDs. Anti-Western Dictator Bad! Pro-Western Dictator Good! Repeat after me, children!…. What puerile rubbish our Presidents, Prime Ministers, TV and Newspapers feed us. Anyone would think we were stupid!…. http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – Fraud Proof Voting – get them all out…

Why does the West so vehemently and violently resist the principle and the practice of Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Middle East and the Third World?

We are heading for a global, American and British dislocation of People from Politicians and Government. This is quite dangerous territory. Time for Politicians, Presidents and the Rich to realise what is going on and to defuse it by reorganising the Domestic and Global Order…. The alternative could be very destructive for ALL concerned….

A traitorous President is one who steals the money which belongs to his People. That is an usurption of his or her People’s Sovereignity….. There are many of these types throughout Africa, the Middle East and the Whole Third World. Often it is done in collaboration with foreigners, sometimes Western, sometimes Eastern….

Libya is an AWD (anti-Western Dictatorship), Johann – that is why we invaded. We dont invade PWDs. The answer is to eliminate ALL Dictatorships. That needs Fraud Proof Voting Systems designed for Nigerian/Zimbabwean conditions. http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – simple!….. But Johann – your Government (PentaObaCamNato) does not want…..

Bradley Manning
Help this young man who is suffering for doing the right thing……

America is internally democratic but externally fascist. The young Arabs are 100% correct to blame America for their Tyrannical Dictatorships. Fraud Proof Voting is the answer – even for Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, Cuba and other no-Elections rogue states…

ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco) is the best and least expensive smartphone – UK Retail US$ 150. The potential for basic internet-enabled phones throughout Third World for News (uncensored!), Payments, Technical Advice, Produce-Product-and-Service Marketing, and Voting (http://cd3wd.com/seev/) is explosive. Such basic internet enabled phones are currently available for US$ 35-00 – let the services follow!…..

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Do a deal with Gaddafi – an early election using Fraud Proof Voting – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – the solution is blindingly simple, but the West if desperately afraid of letting this Cat out of the Bag!…… Therefore, as per the Zimbabwe problem, the West will sacrifice innocent lives in order to make more money. This is anti-People and it is also anti-God.

These Western miscreants will pay dearly in the Afterlife. Unfortunately they are godless people, so this will not deter them or persuade them to do the Right Thing….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

BMGF spends vast amounts but achieves almost nothing. They back projects with zero or negative value. They favor recipients and project managers with a track record of failure. The whole thing is a massive scandal but non-one dare say booh – everyone is on the gravy train. It is of course much like the whole Aid and Development Industry, just maybe even worse….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Let the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions consolidate and then spread to rid the whole world of this contagion of Dictators and Dictatorships! Freedom, Prosperity, Peace and Justice for everyone everywhere!….

The West stands by looking and wringing hands, but inside the West cares not one iota for the bodies and souls of the innocent victims of this evil genius Dictator. So long as they can get their minerals for a good price, then they will literally Sup With The Devil. The upcoming Election will be Frauded big-time by Mugabe and the Cynical Internationals will do precisely Nothing. Look at Bahrain for an example… But God will punish Obama, Cameron and all the others for their impending Crimes Against Humanity in Zimbabwe…..

The West can halt this slide back to extreme and capricious Dictatorship in Zimbabwe by simply embracing the concept and/or the implementation of Fraud Proof Voting Systems. Will Obama and Cameron save their own souls by doing this? I think not, but we must hope so….. The clock is counting down, the window is only open for a few more days or weeks….. The World will thank you if you do this – you will be on the Right Side of History…..

Right on, Roger! Let us baby boomers get active once again to undo some of the bad stuff perpetrated by those of our generation from UK and USA…… Ban on Burqa is racist, fascist, small-minded, pathetic and unnecessary. Merkel and Cameron are wrong. Humans are One People Under God…..

alexweir1949 says:
March 28, 2011 at 1:44 pm
Britain very badly needs a new political party – socially left but economically/financially right. Hard headed and at the same time kind hearted (but not soft hearted!). To halt the English Disease and the decline of British and Western Society.
To embrace global values without surrendering to Chinese financial, economic and political hegemony. To govern for the People and not for the Governed. To work for the middle classes, the poor and the rich, and not only for the rich. Hell – I am writing a manifesto…. better stop…..
Alex Weir, London, Gaborone and Harare

Everyone can spoil their vote in the way described above, but preferably without any swear words, since that demeans the act. We can set up a website where everyone who has defaced/spoiled their ballot paper with a certain pre-arranged and common wording can register what they have done. This will be an online exit poll of votes spoiled in that specific fashion. Let us do this guys!…. Lets do some democracy for a change!….

April 11, 2011 at 12:33 pm
Britain over the past 30+ years has become totally corrupted. The way back to rectitude and sanity is difficult if not impossible. The corruption on the AV issue is similar to the MOD’s GBP 22 lightbulbs. I guess the UK Prime Minister must be the recipient of a lot of brown parcels. By the way, the so-called Quality Press (apart from the Guardian) has steadfastly refused to cover the Julian Assange Debate which finished Saturday at 1830 hrs. Who is telling them not to cover this? – is it Clegg or Cameron, or is it one of their Intelligence Masters (sorry – servants!)? This in itself Guido Fawkes is a full-blown story – get gunning for the miscreant Press and the miscreant Government guys!….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

The first rigged election involving the evil genius Mugabe was in 1980, and the British Government rigged it to put Mugabe in power over the real winner Joshua Nkomo – Thatcher, Soames, FCO and MI6 fixed it. Hopefully illegal under international law, and present-day British Government can be taken to ICJ (the Hague) for reparations of GBP 30 Billion. Same in Uganda with Idi Amin – at least according to Richard Downden of the Royal Africa Society – a further GBP 30 Billion. I said Billion by the way…..

I get annoyed when I see People suffering from massive Electoral Fraud and foreigners are swanning around pretending to be doing something useful when in fact they are not….. and when there do exist alternatives to the status quo, but the system stops progress, and people who election observation are part of the problem, not part of the solution…

The actual culprit is Mwai Kibaki, who paid US$ 3 Million to have the Electoral Commission fraud the result. The money was handed over in the Hall in front of cameras. Will he go to ICC? or will the small fry be hung out to dry?….. Just like Abu Graib all over again…..

Gaddafi was making the transition, as has been Assad of Syria. But Gaddafi eventually has reverted to type. Anyway – as far as citizenry are concerned, AWDPWD. Only difference is whether the lackey international media say that regime is bad or they dont say anything….

Dutch, like Danish, make their language artificially difficult….. So much for these supposedly foreigner-friendly countries!…….Deport from the Third World all the Brits and Yanks who never ever learn a word of the lingo? Of course not! – what is good for the goose is good for the gander……

Nick – it is very straightforwards – what France or rather Sarkozy is doing is racist, fascist, puerile, pathetic and quite unnecessary…. It does not befit an EU Member Country to pit its white population against its non-white population. Take Sarkozy and the racists who backed him to the bastille….. Let politicians grow up and solve problems instead of making problems….

God preserve the world from the latest Western machinations as outlined in this article – divide and rule seems to be the current buzzword! Fight this one as hard as possible. Maintain existing states but with popular and legitimately elected governments – Fraud Proof Elections are the answer – not Partition!…

Therefore – to remove Mugabe – vote Morgan MDC-T – regardless of what he has shown so far. Then once Mugabe and ZanuPF are well gone, then explore what kind of policies are required and who to enact them…. Maybe even a second election, but not until Mugabe the evil genius has gone to his beloved China (which is politically internally and externally fascist….)

Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad….. – Museveni is putting his head in the noose by his farcical response to legitimate protest….. Fraud Proof Voting! – Get out you tiresome Museveni, darling of the British and the Americans – go there, since you hate your own people so much that you want to kill them!……

Mugabe is a date-expired King With No Clothes – next time he appears in public people must chant ‘The King Has No Clothes!’. He will be shamed and his own fearful aides will desert him also. Even in bars when Mugabe appears on television – the same chant. We can call this the ‘King Has No Clothes’ Movement…..

There is corruption also involved here – the brown parcels are heading to Number 10 Downing Street!….. Better to run a Fraud Proof Election – Ballots Not Bullets!…..

I want NATO to hold a Fraud Proof Election in Libya using my System – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – why is this particular card not on anyone’s table?! This is a scandal by Britain, America, France and China who are pathologically scared of Democracy Contagion conquering the Third World and eradicating all their Friendly PWDs…..

It is a patriotic duty of all Zimbabweans to insult the Politician Who Calls Himself President (but who has not been actually elected since 1996 – having frauded every election since then, and also the 1980 Independence Election). This should not be reason for criminal charges, but a reason to hoist that person on the shoulders of an adulating crowd…..

Think bigger. For those of you in London it is easy – every nation is here…… Fraud Proof Voting is the key. The real problem is to avoid Britain, America, France and China shutting that down – Britain and France tried December 2007, but failed…..

It needs an Election, stupid! A Fraud Proof Election in a country with a sitting Dictator and effectively the whole country a Conflict Zone. Impossible? Normally, yes. But thanks to Fraud Proof Voting, NO. htttp://cd3wd.com/seev – Read My Lips – Fraud Proof Election….

The first rigged election involving the evil genius Mugabe was in 1980, and the British Government rigged it to put Mugabe in power over the real winner Joshua Nkomo – Thatcher, Soames, FCO and MI6 fixed it. Hopefully illegal under international law, and present-day British Government can be taken to ICJ (the Hague) for reparations of GBP 30 Billion. Same in Uganda with Idi Amin – at least according to Richard Downden of the Royal Africa Society – a further GBP 30 Billion. I said Billion by the way…..

I love the smell of an arrested Dictator in the morning! It smells like….. Justice!……

‘We have a reasonably fair society and a not particularly corrupt or criminal prime minister, whereas other countries have Gaddafi’ – so Cameron, Brown and Blair are/have been slightly corrupt and slightly criminal! – we want to hear more, Paul

This is brilliant brilliant Front Page Stuff! Great work Hugh Grant. Paul McMullen should from now on be very very careful – a lot of very powerful people would now prefer for him to have an unfortunate accident……

People are the same the world over. Football is football. One beautiful game, one common language.
Tim – good stuff your report. So why dont you also cover something very important for Libyan, Tunisian and Egyptian people – I am talking about Fraud Proof Voting Systems – https://alexweir1949.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/libya-how-to-avoid-a-morass/ – have a read and a think. Do you want to be on the right side of history? Thanks, Alex Weir, London and Harare

Depends if they are PWDs or AWDs (pro-western or anti-western dictators). If the are PWDs then be sweet to them, if they are AWDs then execute! (just joking – eliminate all of them by using Fraud Proof Voting Systems – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ )

And get the money back for the People – and prosecute the Western Banks for taking dirty money in the first place!….

the transfer of wealth that’s occurring in this country from the great mass of people into the hands of a few

Just because corrupt and stupid people are pushing AV doesnt mean that AV is bad for Britain. Place the idiots where they belong and make decision based on merits. Personally, I dont even like the terminology Alternative Vote – STV (dont confuse with STD or NSU) – single transferable vote (and not scottish Television) sounds better to me. As long as one is still allowed to use STV like a single vote (i.e. by putting a 1 only against the candidate you want), then I think it has advantages. But the campaigns leave me (and 50 million others I think) totally cold… You guys here are so lucky to have your imperfect but (just) functioning democracy…… Hang on to it – it is slipping away!….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Lessons from fallen dictators – there are a LOT more out there. Most of them are PWD’s. The West does not like to talk about PWDs, since they are benevolent dictators and are our FRIENDS (please send the Brown Parcels to BBC WHYS, Bush House, London)…..

we create now a process that allows the Libyan people to elect their own government

Britain is now heading down the road of Tunisia and Egypt. This may be a Good Thing – the World Order has to change, so where better than in the Colonial Capital – Britain?……

How long before this guy gets decent treatment?!…. Shame he didn’t go to Eton and Oxford like the British Cabinet…… He would have been out 5 minutes after incarceration….. In our modern society, the Righteous are persecuted and the evil are rewarded….

Remove Gaddafi by an Election – a Fraud Proof Election in a Conflict Zone – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – simple – should cost less than Euro 200 Billion and take less than 7-10 years….

What the yanks and brits say in public and what they do in private are 2 different things….. Heard of Machiavelli?…. They will do nothing – and will allow the evil genius dictator Museveni to continue his rule of Oppression, Poverty, War, Injustice and Insecurity…..

The problem – like politics in many many places and countries – is that people tend only to understand racial and ethnic voting and grouping – no-one offers real policies. i.e. politics is very immature. But that can be transformed overnight.

The problem is that the evil genius Mugabe treats his people like idiot children, so they tend to behave like idiot children. Mugabe is SO date expired, his mere pesence is poisoning the body politic for his people and consigning them to the scrap-heap….

Peru needs Fraud Proof Voting Systems – now and in 5 years time. http://cd3wd.com/seev/

New Labour had re-positioned themselves squarely inside the Tories’ Right-of-Center position – that was what caused such chaos inside Tory ranks for years. The Cameron actually positioned Tories to the Left of Labour before the election (and is now all over the place, depending on whom he last talked with). Ed Schoolboy Milliband is well to the right of center.
There is now NO party of the left (apart from the quasi-Stalinist SWP). This is a very sad reflection on British Politics
– we are now officially a SELFISH Society. It is time now for Mark Serwotka and like-minded politicians either to take over Labour or to form a greenfield (but hopefully not Green) party…..

The international journalists are sluts and prostitutes who sell their favors to their employers and to Global Intelligence Services and even to Third World Dictators. In fact sluts and prostitutes are one million times better since they do not fight against justice and on the side of oppression (Vincent Magombe – you are excluded from this accusation!…)

Gordon Brown 30 November 2007 signed off on the Political Assassination of the Scottish Inventor of a Fraud Proof Voting System for the Third World. The attempted hit was carried out by French and British Intelligence. Amazingly it failed – probably because the operatives tasked with the killing had worked out that something was wrong or even illegal. Read about it at http://cd3wd.com/seev/intel.htm

Gordon Brown’s so-called concern for the Third World is as false as that of Jeffrey Sachs or Bill Clinton. The proof? – he would never in 1000 years allow Democratic Elections to take place in the Third World. To stop that happening he resorted to (failed) Political Assassination of a full British Subject. Amazing stuff. The Owls are Not What They Seem…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

‘We have a reasonably fair society and a not particularly corrupt or criminal prime minister, whereas other countries have Gaddafi’ – so Cameron, Brown and Blair are/have been slightly corrupt and slightly criminal! – we want to hear more, Paul McMullen…..
The above is the most important part of the story – McMullen knows somethings about corruption and criminality at Number 10
– that is what everyone is scared of…. New Statesman – follow this one up!…..

If it Frauds Elections, it’s a Dictator. If it steals money from the People, it’s a Dictator. If it tortures and kills, it’s a Dictator. If it talks s**t, it’s a Dictator. If it has a secret Western Bank Account, it’s a Dictator….

Another PWD – BBC dare not say that he frauds elections – but he does. This creates Enslavement, Poverty, War, Injustice and Insecurity. We want Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice and Security! Fraud Proof Voting – http://cd3wd.com/seev/

#Bankers like #Dictators. Dictators like Bankers. Dictators #Steal, Bankers #Fence. #Journalists #Obscure. #Governments Know.

Economic Capitalism with heavy regulation. Economically and financially right-wing, socially left-wing. Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice, Security (and NO Bullshit!). Some inequality but without the extremes we see in our Modern Society…..

But shortwave is SO Mzungu!! How many black guys listen to shortwave?? VOA have it much better with their 909 metres AM, but then of course our dear Chinese Masters and Mugabe-lovers jam the hell out of it……

The #truth is more powerful than #Lies, the #blogger is mightier than the #journalist, the #protestor is greater than the #riotpolice

The #Pen is mightier than the #sword, the #poet is greater than the #assassin, the #comedian is more #deadly than the #sniper

And we cannot apparently design, manufacture and distribute a biogas toilet for the slums of Mumbai and Kibera? A sad reflection on our Modern Society!….

Rich and even Middle-Class Indians are a bunch of people who are very nasty to their lower-class brothers and sisters, underpaying them horribly, and thereby consigning their economy to be top-heavy and under-performing. In this respect they are almost identical to rich Americans (including American Celebrities – even those ‘good-guy’ celebs). This way to run the world is, will and can only lead to recession. The way out is to spread the money around. Will it take a revolution and the toppling of heads before the Global Rich understand this?….

@CharlotteLai – maybe there is something in common between Dictators and Chinese Government – Money! and lots of it! China is internally and externally fascist. Britain, America and France are internally democratic but externally fascist…..

Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Third World, Polly and Aung San! http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – this is the very simple solution to the problem. Also for Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, China, Zimbabwe and so many many others…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Chicago Sun Times is WAY off track – because PentaObaCamNato is not at all interested any more, then the field is clear for Mugabe to yet once again massively fraud the impending election and declare himself Last King of Zimbabwe. That will herald a terminal decline and a massive emigration which will make previous massive emigrations look like child’s play. Who is paying these completely amateur and/or lying reporters and editors to write such drivel without even leaving their desk?…..

This article by the famous Christopher Hitchens is one of the worst I have read for many moons. There is hardly one so-called fact in there which is truthful. It is a shameless plug for some book by his buddy Peter Godwin (mzungu). Chicago Sun-Times – you should be terribly ashamed! Your standards have just been terribly debased!….

Anti-Western Dictators Bad. Pro-Western Dictators Good. Sky is Green. Grass is Blue. Americans Good. Foreigners Bad. Fraud Proof Voting Systems for Third World and Middle East – http://cd3wd.com/seev/

Excellent idea – very overdue…… His garbage over Iran Election, then recently over Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan etc etc including censorship of international media over Bahrain is just Fascism in Action. Befitting of a Nation which is internally democratic but externally fascist, but somehow not compatible with holding Nobel Peace Prize…..

40% royalty on minerals throughout the Third World sounds good to me…… not the miserable 4% which predominates now, and the pathetic 2% on Platinum levied by the supposedly socialist but in fact highly corrupt Mugabe…..

Most of what is quoted above is true. Britain is sleep-walking into oblivion, eyes wide shut. The Royals are totally not required. They soak money, their resources (money and land) should belong to the People. Their invitation of the King of Bahrain to the wedding while he was killing his own people is an indication that they are either fascist, stupid or possibly both.
A major problem with Britain is the massive corruption which now pervades all levels of government, right to and including the PM. We are really no better than all these Third World Dictatorships which we (correctly) deride.
There is some chance still. The struggle of the Brits against corruption in our own society is the same as the struggle against global corruption. This struggle will not be easy, but it must be fought. The alternative to victory is too dire to contemplate….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Sloppy journalism, CNN! Mugabe’s CRONIES will take over these foreign companies, and will not pay one cent for the privilege. The Nation will remain poor. Already he sells Platinum for a 2% royalty, while Bafokeng in South Africa levies 22%. Whatever Mugabe is doing, it is NOT nationalisation and it is NOT socialism. It is theft by Mugabe and his cronies from his People. Down with Dictators! Down with CNN!

We must not resists the temptation to send in Fraud Proof Voting Systems – hold a Fraud Proof Election in what is effectively a Conflict Zone – Gaddafi gets 0.1 – 10% maximum and is retired by popular choice. Simple. Why are Cameron et alia wasting our money waging a war which will last 7-10 years and cost GBP 200 Billion++? They must have some hidden agenda which us mere mortals, voters and taxpayers should not be privy to……
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Traditional justice for thieves in Africa makes a lot of sense. Museveni and all the other Pro-Western and Anti-Western Dictators are simply Grand Thieves who also kill in order to be able to continue stealing. This is really against God’s Law, and deserves the Ultimate Sacrifice….

One of the unstated problems is the huge undocumented private off-ledger profits made by traders and senior bank staff while the routine shenanigans are going on – i.e. the true profits from these risky games are larger than appear by a factor of 3 or more. Since money talks in our modern society, the Danse Macabre will continue until the fabric of society is destroyed. Then the profit-takers will retire to tropical beaches, where everyone else can queue up to wait upon their every wish (your wives and daughters included)….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

FairTrade organisations pay producers 4% of the Western retail price. It is just another scam, but you the Western consumer feel good (falsely!!)…… Wake up guys and smell the coffee! And the minerals which the global industrial machine consumes also pay – wait for it! – only 4% royalty. In the case of so-called ‘socialist’ Zimbabwe and Mugabe, it is only 2%! Compare that with 22% for Bafokeng’s Platinum…..

The West Loves Corrupt Leaders. International Relations for the West is only ever about Money. The West loves pro-Western Dictators, and tells Western Citizens that Third World Country People are Too Stupid to have Democracy (maybe in 50 Years Time). We all need Fraud Proof Voting Systems – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – come on RNN – run a feature about FPV!…..

@Armen – several press articles I came across 2010 regarding Zimbabwe and Zambia indicate that 4% is normal for minerals but 10% maybe for diamonds and gold since they both have a serious shrinkage factor – i.e. the owners cheat the government… And when challenged, FairTrade Orgs admit to it being 4% but say they give ‘fringe benefits’ (BS!). All roads lead to Google….. I would like to collaborate on an investigation into both areas… alexweir1949@gmail.com

According to the highly-respected Richard Dowden, 2 weeks before Idi Amin dies in 2003, the British Government illegally installed Amin as President of Uganda in 1971. He then denied that statement 2 weeks later in the Independent on Sunday just after Amin’s death.
This fact renders our Government liable for damages to the extent of GBP 30 Billion for the economic damage caused to Uganda by Idi Amin’s rule. The figures are clear to see – 7 years’ precipitous decline followed by a slow upward haul of 21 years to regain former economic levels. The oil consumption figures are the best indicator.
A similar case applies to Zimbabwe, where our Government illegally installed Mugabe in a Frauded Election in 1980, and where the precipitous economic decline occurred from 1998 through 2008. Again probably GBP 30 Billion is the number in question.

Thus it is time for the British Voter and Taxpayer to rein in these incompetent Governments, PM’s, MI6’s, FCO’s, DFID’s and MOD’s. Before they bankrupt the rest of us hard-working conscientious citizens!….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

BBC World Service adore Tyrannical Dictators like Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia. Despite that, WS is a global benefit, even in this internet age – and shortwave transmissions in multiple (but not all) languages should continue.
However there are savings which will have to ride over entrenched and vested interests – e.g. much of BBCWS radio English (and Arabic!) transmissions can simply be an audio stream of the BBCWS Television English and Arabic output – the additional cost of that would be minute….
And the extreme concentration on the Arts? Sorry – here speaks a philistine – scrub it apart from existing BBCWSTV output.
And/or just lift existing domestic British BBC radio transmissions.
And while we are reforming BBCWS Radio, then Ros Atkins – lift your unjustifiable ban on me Alex Weir not being allowed to comment on your 150 million-listener World Have Your Say daily program!….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Lackey Western Media is pre-announcing the win of the Ruling Party PDP, which has a (deserved) reputation for Massive Election Fraud – does the West back Dictatorship? Yes. But only if they are Pro-Western Dictators! Fraud Proof Voting!

@MaWilliams @KSturr http://cd3wd.com/seev/

Us humans are in so many ways in self-destruct mode these days. The vast majority of self-destruct mechanisms are fuelled by the personal greed of Global Leaders from the Third World and from the West

Fraud Proof Voting. Hold an Election – a Fraud Proof Election in a Conflict Zone. If Gaddafi refuses, then he damns himself as someone who knows that a Democratic Election will cast him into the Wilderness…. The solution is simple. But the West does not want to touch this poisened chalice, since it means the end of all the West’s Pro-Western Dictators throughout the Third World and the Middle East. Therefore Western Taxpayers must pay through the nose for measures which will not create any solution. This is NOT democracy!…

FairTrade organisations pay producers 4% of the Western retail price. It is just another scam, but you the Western consumer feel good (falsely!!)…… Wake up guys and smell the coffee! And the minerals which the global industrial machine consumes also pay – wait for it! – only 4% royalty. In the case of so-called ‘socialist’ Zimbabwe and Mugabe, it is only 2%! Compare that with 22% for Bafokeng’s Platinum…..

Misrata Reporters – why dont you talk about holding a Fraud Proof Election in Libya in order to prove Gaddafi’s unpopularity and his disqualification from being President? htttp://cd3wd.com/seev/

We can hold a Fraud Proof Election in Libya while it is still effectively a Conflict Zone. Using the technology at http://cd3wd.com/seev/ . This will save Billions and even a lot of Libyan lives. If Gaddafi refuses this option then he condemns himself as an election-frauder.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Mugabe’s special version of Indigenisation is pure and simple Crony Capitalism. It makes Mugabe very rich, his cronies mildly rich, and everyone else poor. Mugabe is a right-wing fascist dictator who calls everyone Comrade. He is either stupid or a lier (well he is a poltician….)

Let MDC go for Mineral Royalties of 40% – Mugabe settled for a very socialistic 2%, Bafokeng in RSA can do 22%, so let a Democratic Zimbabwe do even better. MDC – attack the rapacious Mugabe and ZanuPF from the Left!….

The real opposition to FPV comes from US, UK, French, Chinese and Russian Governments – who have described the system as ‘dangerous’ – the problems are not technical but are political in the global context

Agreed! PDP are notorious!…. Fraud Proof Voting – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – the system which was meant to be used for Nigeria Election 2007 – ask Madeline Williams who was then Head of Elections and Democracy for USAID in Washington DC until inexplicable demotion to desk job in Cairo 2 weeks after proposing the above!…. @MaWilliams

Let the miscreant Museveni with his American and British backers and his thieving wife Jovenna quit with his ill-gotten gains which are stacked worldwide with eagerly collaborating bankers of the immoral persuasion………

They say the Russians are supplying the bribes to effect the quite unnecessary and corrupt sale of jets to Uganda?….. Let them be aware that contracts made by election-frauding so-called Presidents can be made null and void by the succeeding democratic Government!….

Just because BBC, CNN, AlJazeera, Sky, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Times, NYT and all the so-called quality media do not cover this story do not imagine that it is insignificant or that the consequences will not be earth-shattering!….
Just know that Daddy Governments UK and US have issued clear instructions, and are firmly on the Wrong Side of History….

Vincent and all Ugandans (except Museveni and wife) – Right is on your side – the People Have Spoken – Democracy is not only for Tunisians and Egyptians – Ugandans can also sup at that fabulous Table. The Fruits are delicious and belong to the whole world, not only to rich Wazungu…. May God go with you in your Righteous Movement against Slavery, Poverty, War, Injustice and Insecurity!…..

We Libyans are very simple kind people whom gaddaffi used as slaves for 42 years, he made sure that we stay in poverty and misery so he could rule with his family for ever, if you compare Libya with Qatar or emirates, you would know what I mean, all oil resources go direct to gaddaffi accounts whilst more than 50% of people live below poverty, it is very very felthy country with dirty streets and with most population lack proper education, also most Libyan people get medical treatment in Tunisia or eygpt because of lack of medical care, gaddaffi knows that if educate people and improve their living standards they will start longing to freedom, and if you keep people in misery and poverty it would be easy to rule them for ever, thanks to tunisian and eygptian revolutions we were encouraged in Libya to do the same, but tyrant like gaddaffi is non human, faced demonstrators with live bullets and all other sorts of torture, rape……ect
I pay tributes to Tunisian and eygptian leaders because they were brave enough to step down and allow democratic process takes place.

Who will the ordinary arm and police guys listen to? Roman Catholic Church? Besigye? King of Buganda? Tribal Chiefs? There must be someone or some people who will stand up and tell the army and police ordinary guys to lay down their arms. That is the secret….

Smartphone – I am interested in distributing cd3wd on 32GB MicroSD Cards used in Android smartphones such as ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco). Such phones cost typically US$ 150 and such memory cards US$ 80 thereby making total cost $230 – maybe we can do cheaper through US/Dubai/Thailand/China sourcing. With such costs, the rig becomes comparable to a good Netbook like an Acer D255. The ZTE rig would also operate well with a very small solar panel, and of course the complete cd3wd would be locally (offline) accessible. Anyone interested in doing such a project please contact us/me. One small drawback – the ZTE inbuilt browser will not place a pdf inside a web page – maybe someone knows if other android browsers will solve that minor problem?…

Once a Fraud Proof Voting System is used in one country, then it will spread like Wildfire – all the Enemies of Democracy – including Britain and America – will be confounded, belittled and humiliated!…. Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice, Security!…..

Peaceful election does not mean there was no fraud. PDP and Nigeria are notorious for Election Fraud. Why is western media out there with brushes and whitewash? Who told them? PentaObaCamOtan? I dont like your BraveNewWorld!….. Fraud Proof Voting – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – Obama @UncleTom – why are you scared?…..

@ToryCam is putting boots on the ground when we should be putting in FraudProofVoting Systems – diabolical misspending of scare resources of British Middle Classes under financial pressure!….. Fraud Proof Voting – http://cd3wd.com/seev/

British Government illegally installed Mugabe by a Frauded Election in 1980. Therefore the British replaced a repressive white colonial system with an evil genius Dictator, who in slow motion became a repressive black government. Thus the economic loss to Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans 1998 through 2008+ is directly attributable to the 1980 Frauded Election. This will be worth a GBP 30 Billion Lawsuit in the ICJ…. Take Notice, Pay Attention – this is worth a lot of money to your children and grandchildren….

Britain is an arrogant colonial power. Mutharika is another typical Third World Dictator (and a big friend of the evil genius Mugabe). Whether he is now a pro-western dictator (PWD) or anti-western dictator (AWD) is now possibly in doubt….
Big deal! – a Dictator is a Dictator! Fraud Proof Voting Systems – http://cd3wd.com/seev/

In the Third World, Count Fraud at the Collation/Tally Stage is one of the major methods of Fraud. In approximately 2004 in Zimbabwe, the Tally Centre personnel were told to drink bottles of whisky, and to let Mugabe’s goons fix the result.
But yes – existing electronic methods of Voting are dangerously suspect and very liable to fraud. My Fraud Proof Voting System is much more robust and in fact so robust that I have been labelled a Danger by British, American and Chinese Governments……

Yes – improve quality and decrease costs by automation or semi-automation of the classroom – break through the producer-driven barriers to progress. Let Britain set up a globally-free and globally-available respository of free high quality knowledge and knowledge systems – similar to the BBC’s JAM program, which was aborted after 1 years because it negatively impacted the capability of commerical companies to make money!…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

DFID (UKAid)’s budget is a matter for national and international scandal – they achieve almost nothing of value and yet spend massive amounts of money. Sit in the reception area of DFID’s near-Buckingham-House Offfices – you will smell the smell of corruption as visitors leave……
Like BMGF, the global Aid and Dev Industry is NOT achieving any kind of decent benefit/cost ratio. Time for a major re-appraisal – and please not by Price Waterhouse Coopers or any of those kind of idiots!….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

The so-called socialist Mugabe approved a deal with Implats which gives Zimbabwe 2% royalty on Platinum. This compares with 22% which Bafokeng levies. So where is Mugabe’s socialism?….. Africa must levy 40% royalty across the board for all its mineral wealth. That would make South Africa and Zimbabwe very rich, and poverty could be abolished. Combine this 4-to-40 measure with Fraud Proof Elections (http://cd3wd.com/seev/) and Government-to-People payments through universal low-cost high-trust electronic banking, and we have a bright future for the Continent. We just have to fight off the Corrupt Robber-Dictator-Presidents and the Westerners and the Chinese…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Gordon Brown is a would-be extra-judicial killer. That alone disqualifies him from any job, position or role in the public, private or international public sector
Mr Alex Weir, London, Conakry, Beirut, Aleppo, Kigali, Nairobi and Harare

Taxpayer pays, corporations benefit….. Along with increases in personal taxation and corresponding decreases in corporate taxation over the last 20 years, and we have an explanation why living standards of ordinary people are going backwards, but the rich and the super-rich are doing very very well thank you….. Decimate DFID spending but put it to something useful. For example – develop and implement Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Third World….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Britain and America are Enemies of Democracy. One cannot trust them. They will never willingly implement Fraud Proof Voting – so the Zimbabwean and other People must suffer and die because of their stubbornness and Commercial Interests!….
God will judge these Criminals Harshly!….

The problem with the glorification of War Journalism and War Photography is that to some extent it justifies war. More than that, it takes attention away from what are the motivations behind war – who benefits?….. What are the alternatives?

The Rich will always try to control things for their advantage. Mubarak definitely created a patrasitic class of rich hangers-on (Mugabe the same, probably Gaddafi also). Maybe the Revolution needs to focus on these Rich People as being the force behind certain retorgrade moves and sentiments by the military. A campaign of Hearts and Minds is required – TV and Radio is probably the best battleground/tool….

Bashir – an AWD – anti-western dictator who is also embroiled in Arabic-African racism and conflict… Fraud Proof Voting would help to remove this date-expired Robber-Dictator-President – http://cd3wd.com/seev/

Bahrain – equally deserving of anti-regime intervention as Libya, but a PWD – Pro-Western Dictatorship – therefore nothing will happen under the watch of this Nobel Peace Prize Winner @UncleTom – America – your external fascism is becoming daily more apparent and more deadly!…. But dont worry – the deaths of 2 white Western Journalists will today fill the newspapers and TV – while hundreds and thousands of (non-white and non-Western) innocents die daily!……

Poverty inside Britain….. Does not square with what the media is telling us….. But it is the truth……
Looks like we need a NewWorldOrder, since BigSociety and BraveNewWorld are not doing the job…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

China is internally and externally fascist, whereas Britain, America and France are internally democratic (?) but externally fascist……
Time for all fascism – external and internal – to be expunged, just like it is time for all Dictatorship – Pro-Western and Anti-Western to be eliminated….
Fraud Proof Voting!
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Here is the funniest thing! – Britain, which is being asked to take refugees, because of our fascist foreign policy, is one of the biggest GENERATORS of refugees…… The chickens come home to roost….. Fraud Proof Voting – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – build development inside the Third World!….

Read my lips – Hold A Presidential Election! Inside Libya. Using Fraud Proof Voting System ideal for Conflict Zones! The best way to remove Gaddafi. When he loses the election, if he refuses to stand aside then UN can remove him by force or assassination

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Read my Lips – Hold a Presidential Election. A Fraud Proof Election in a Conflict Zone. It can be done.
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Another massively frauded Election in Nigeria, rubber stamped by the Western Lackey Press and Media, including the no-longer-respected Economist (which is only good now for Puns-as-Titles and for Photoshop Tricks). Read my lips. Fraud Proof Voting. We put a man on the moon in 1969. Dont tell me we cannot run Fraud Proof Elections – even in Nigeria – the Ultimate Challenge, where not only the Incumbent but also the Opposition are both intent on cheating….
Madeline Williams in late 2006/early 2007 proposed to me that we should use Fraud Proof Voting to run the 2007 Nigerian Presidential Election. That got her demoted from Head of Elections and Democracy at USAID in Washington DC to some crummy desk job in Cairo
It seems as though the American and British Establishments have ways of dealing with People who try to improve the World – by such perfidy they honestly earn the title Enemies of Democracy….
Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

Another pathetic and murderous little AWD (anti-western dictator). Get rid of him and all his kind – Fraud Proof Voting – http://cd3wd.com/seev/
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Who did the external Election Monitoring at the recent Election? Those people covered up for Museveni – they should be exposed as lying and cheating Mercenaries!….. How much were they paid? or did @UncleTom and @Nato command them?….

It looks from Google that EU and also International IDEA (Sweden) were involved – all these organisations (including IFES and Carter Center) are just rubber stamp operations – they have no intention ever of telling the truth – it is just going through the motions. People from poor countries must suffer whichever Dictator the West imposes on them!….

The Election was massively Frauded. Whether it needed to be frauded is another question, but Frauding itself must NOT be approved and rubber stamped by Western Governments and particularly by Western Media (e.g. BBC!)….

The deal with Europe used to be this: a country surrendered some of its freedom and democracy but gained something financially and economically. In the last few years, there simply are almost no economic or financial benefits for any country. Since citizens and voters are not stupid, they wish to reverse and renege on the deal which they made which no longer delivers.
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Bahrain is a PWD – pro-western dictatorship. Libya is an AWD – anti-western dictatorship. If it oppresses like a dictatorship, then it is a dictatorship. If it tortures and kills like a dictatorship, then it is a dictatorship. If it steals like a dictatorship, then it is a dictatorship. Journalists! Start using the terms PWD and AWD! Grow up and tell your masters and editors to stuff their instructions where the sun dont shine!….

Read my Lips – Run a ******* Election – a Fraud Proof Election in a Conflict Zone. Difficult – yes. Impossible – NO. Use Fraud Proof Voting Technology. But for Political Reasons, Obama and Cameron (and Sarkozy) would rather tie up their countries for 7-10 years and spend GBP 500 Billion+ – rank and utter stupidity. Corporations gain but the taxpayer must take 110% of the burden – those days are over! Obama and Cameron – wake up and smell the coffee!….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

I would like the externally fascist British Government to treat PWDs as it treats AWDs. I would like Margaret Thatcher to admit to illegally frauding the 1980 Zimbabwe Independence Election to put Mugabe into Power. I would like David Cameron to embrace Fraud Proof Voting Systems for the Third World and Middle East….

I think British and American Governments are 100% complicit in every single atrocity perpetrated by this tedious and criminal Bahraini Robber-Dictator-King, who is very rapidly becoming a major Nuisance and moreover a Clear and Present Danger….

UK Foreign Ministry like to lie and cheat – along with MI6, FCO and Number 10 masterminded and controlled the coup d etat 1971 to remove Obote and install the catastrophic Idi Amin Dada. Uganda after Museveni is gone can take Britain to International Court of Justice in the Hague for GBP 30 Billion for damage to Ugandan Economy resulting from illegal installation of Amin. Richard Dowden can be your witness….

BBC, CNN, CIA, MI6, FCO, Number10, WhiteHouse, Pentagon, NATO, SaudiRoyalFamily, DespotsEverywhere, Mugabe, Museveni all hope that Arab Spring is over. But – guess what! – the Best is Still to Come!…..

http://www.facebook.com/pages/cd3wdcom/108251079258502 – 6100 #free #highQuality #ebooks on #practical #development #technology

Deaths from Malaria are essentially Deaths from Poverty. Blair is a smug pseudo-Christian who uses Christianity to make money and to justify his political assassination of David Kelly (and presumably others). Why did Blair (and then Brown, and then Cameron) vehemently and violently oppose the use of Fraud Proof Voting Systems in the Third World and the Middle East? This article is really drivel – for these people, it is all about Money.
Fortunately, God sees through these Charlatans and Imposters, and will consign Blair and his fellow-travellers to a special corner of Hell
Alex Weir, London and Harare

This outrageous use of violence to quell protests must come to an end now

China, Russia and India block measures to end reign of Gaddafi – freed Libyans and in fact all Arabs and all people of the Third World must remember the role these 3 countries are playing – Russia is notorious for being anti-People, and of course is playing that role very actively in the massively corrupt Ugandan Jets Deal. China – that government loves repressive dictators to pieces – Mugabe, Lansana Conte, and Gaddafi are only a few of their unsavoury collaborators

A thinly disguised Plus for Plessey! – the journalist (I use this term lightly) presumably bought Plessey shares before writing the article….. Similar to Osborne’s infamour recent budget speech at which he Product Placed the Ford Focus…… Corruption and amateurism in our Public Life is reaching new lows
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Big Deal – the Royal Family is obsolete and parasitical. Their actions are of no consequence
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Britain is internally democratic (?) but externally fascist. For the obsolete and parasitic Royal Family to invite fascists to the Royal Wedding seems quite in character. It is not right nor correct, but entirely in character….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

#Freedom #Prosperity #Peace #Justice #Security #Truth #AntiCorruption #Education #Health #Dignity #Respect #Tranquility #Confidence

The struggle is psychological – be strong! Be brave! You are fighting not only for your children and grandchildren – you are fighting for the whole of Africa – for 500 Million oppressed people! God smiles on you and on what you are doing….

How should the world react to the atrocities and inhumanities perpetrated by Assad in Syria? – Make Fraud Proof Elections a Millenium DevelopmentGoal to be implemented globally by 2020 (and NO slippage!). And no bastardisation of the system to allow the West or China to manipulate elections!…. With REAL elections, Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen,

Algeria, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Angola, Equatorial Guinea etc would ALREADY have had pro-people governments

Usman my friend – I agree completely – Britain and America are the Enemies of Democracy (while they pretend big-time to be the Friends of Democracy). This hypocrisy confuses British taxpayers and voters to go along with the Machiavellian skulduggery which passes for British and American Foreign Policy. It is now time for this great Sham to end!….

Wazungu will do anything for money. Human rights means nothing for them. Fraud Proof Voting is the key to the liberation of the Third World and Middle East, including Burma. Then the Pro-People Governments can decide what to do with Investors who Collaborated with Repressive Regimes
Alex Weir, London and Harare

It is important to get 40% Royalty Payment for any and all minerals extracted. The average royalty throughout Africa and the Third World at the moment is an incredibly miserable 4% (2% in Mugabe’s supposedly ‘socialist’ Zimbabwe), thereby creating massive poverty for the citizens but immense wealth for British, Australian, American and Canadian mining companies and their tame Robber-President UncleToms. This is tied in with Britain and America’s blank refusal to allow Fraud Proof Elections….. Its all about Money…..

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Gigi – talk about Voting System which are Unfraudable and which are being virulently and violently suppressed by Britain and America who are the Enemies of Democracy…..

Kalekezi should resign but also hold a press conference and announce LIVE to international media what he is doing and why. He should then ask same International Media to accompany him and his family to airport for safe transit out from Uganda!…..

Once again Indians are corrupting! Indians and Museveni in Uganda are a potent mix – maybe they will kill Black Ugandans to keep their big buddy Museveni in power?….

The word election is used 3 times in this article, but NEVER in the context of an election in Libya. Do white Europeans think that Libyans do not deserve Democracy? Do these idiots think they can resolve the Libyan situation without an election? What kind of mentally retarded arrogance do they display?….

Fratricide – killing your brother or your own people – Museveni, Mugabe, Gaddafi, Assad and so many many other Dictators of the Worst and most Evil Incarnations!……

Why cannot International Community and United Nations impose Fraud Proof Voting on all nations (including China and Saudi Arabia – both Darlings of the West)? Answer – because Britain and America are the Enemies of Democracy……

The London Economist is very rapidly becoming a very small and pathetic shadow of its former self – the articles are now meaningless, and employ puerile humour and sarcasm to try to donate to themselves stature which they do not possess…. Time to sack all senior management and start again!….

The World and Academia are full of plenty of people who Parasite off the Poor. Banerjee and Duflo are two more of this kind of miscreant (Stiglitz and others at Manchester’s Brooks World Poverty Institute are of the same ilk, as are Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Sachs and too many more to mention….)
For solving poverty, think about paying 40% royalty on minerals, instead of the miserly and criminal average 4% which is paid at the moment (and 2% in Mugabe’s Socialist Paradise)

At the moment, the Poor are Poor because they are being robbed by the Rich. This is well connected to their lack of Democracy – in fact Britain and America are the Enemies of Democracy

The current Arabic revolution which started with Mohammed Bouazizi is only the start – this will spread to expose and eliminate what actually goes on the real world, and which is directly endorsed by the Economist and other media who are simply misrepresenting reality.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Malaria is a disease of poverty! Eliminate Poverty – Make Dictatorship History!….

It is like fake medicines manufactured in so-called Communist China which are designed to kill foreigners in Africa – UN and WHO watch and do nothing….. if they were killing wazungu we would see some action…..

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller
Alex Weir – That is what we are doing – the process has started. The Establishment had better watch out!………

Telecoms are an area of massive profiteering and massive corruption. See https://alexweir1949.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/western-consumer-pressure-for-lowering-african-mobile-tariffs/ for some ideas on how to control some of the excesses which take place in the Third World, and which could promote development….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

The battle is between the pro-Western Dictators and the People. The Dictators are usually backed by the West and/or China. The People will prevail.
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Read My Lips! Hold a Fraud Proof Election in what is effectively a Conflict Zone. Easy – No. Possible – Yes. The best legal way to eliminate Gaddafi and to prepare Libya for a peaceful and prosperous future – Almost Certainly
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Deaths from Malaria are essentially Deaths from Poverty. Why doesn’t Blair back 40% Royalty Payments on minerals from the Third World? (instead of the miserly and criminal 4% which is average in 2011!)…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

No medicines, date-expired medicines, date-expired-but-relabelled medicines, no money for medicines, fake (ineffective/placebo) medicines, medicines which are donated free but then are stolen (usually by the President) are enter commercial channels to be sold for 100% profit. You name it – we have it, including being forced to pay for expensive brand medicines for which inexpensive but prohibited generics exist……

The World is heading into a Crisis, a Showdown. The will of the People will prevail, but it may be messy. Those in power will kill many of their own People and even many Foreigners to maintain their illegitimate Power and Wealth……. I refer to problems on a Global Scale – not only the toppling of Dictators inside Third World Countries but to an overturning of the whole Established Order, which will herald in a new era of Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice and Security for All, even for those who have sinned against the People…..

Political dislocations usually create economic loss. It would have been so much better if UN, Britain and America had imposed Fraud Proof Voting Systems on all the Pro-Western and Anti-Western Dictators in the World – but they simple refused point-blank – because of narrow selfish financial, economic and resource interest.

Now, since Egypt – according to your correspondent – has been delivered into the hands of extremists or at least anti-musicians, then it is even more important for the West to ensure that once extremists gain power by democratic means, they People can also make sure they leave power by democratic means. Thus Fraud Proof Voting Systems are actually (contrary to gut instinct) very much in the West’s interests.

The question is – will Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and their advisers and aides be intelligent enough to work this out? And will they be able to put their political baggage aside while they ponder these matters?….

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Imagine a movie – a posh wedding is taking place inside a walled enclave. Life seems normal, everyone is smiling. Outside the Wall, bad governments in 5 countries are slaughtering their people with live bullets, cluster bombs, and tanks……
The people inside the Wall are told to forget about what is going on outside the wall….. But this is NOT a movie!….


I live normally in Zimbabwe and Botswana, but am here in UK for some days.
I have a scheme to set up an online database driven produce marketing system which will interact with African and other 3rd world farmers through their mobile phones, and will match their produce with supermarket buyers in their country’s capital city and arrange produce collection…..
I am hoping you might wish to fund such a project – we are looking probably at only US$ 20,000-00
Best regards

Alex Weir

Why does Britain not push through the UN a Motion that Fraud Proof Voting should be adopted Globally (and even and especially in countries which at present do not hold elections)?????

gigi ibrahim

Yes of course it would have been nice to go into that interview with an agenda, but in practice, the host sets the agenda every time. It was difficult to make any impact, and where there was opportunity, Gigi took it. I think the lesson is that Gigi has to do ANOTHER 7 minute video, preferably when back in Cairo, one in Arabic and essentially the same in English, which will be what Stewart should have allowed Gigi to say, and the points she should have been able to make – submit your scripts to Gigi!……

Fraud Proof Voting – Make Dictators History! – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – down with PWDs and AWDs – whose terminology the Global Lackey Media dare not discuss or even mention or utilise……

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Some people like to be ruled by expensive, arrogant, useless and snobby heriditary parasites…. Personally I don’t…… A good case for privatisation, but not before their illegal assets are sequestered…..

I was born in Scotland, the grandson of an oppressed and exploited Tenant Farmer who did not own his own land. He died poor. I first came to Zimbabwe in 1990 working for Italian Aid. I believe in Socialism but not in Mugabe, who is never in one thousand years a socialist. The problem is Frauded Elections – 1980 Election was Frauded by British Government to install Mugabe and since 2000 Mugabe himself has been frauding elections to stay in power and deny Sovereignity to his People. Yes the British and Americans have been playing a very dirty game also, but when the People decide you should go then you should go – that is called Bowing to the Wish of the People, who are your Masters and not your Servants!….

Britain, like America and France, is internally democratic but externally fascist. Britain installs and supports pro-western dictators throughout the Third World of the very worst kind, who steal from their own people and share the booty with Global Corporations and sometimes even Western Politicians. Therefore our Government is secretly doing things which put us, the citizenry, in deadly danger. But they wont admit to any of this. What is actually going on only becomes apparent when you invent a Fraud Proof Voting System specially designed for the Third World – then you come up against a 99% solid brick wall throughout Western Governments and Western Institutions to oppose and thwart any such enlightened initiative.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Fraud Proof Voting Systems and thereby Fraud Proof Elections are the key to resolving all these problems – Syria would long ago have had a quite different and popular government….
But Britain and America are the Enemies of Democracy – therefore they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming – like the Juvenile Delinquents which they are – before they finally accept the inevitable – a world built on freedom, prosperity, peace, justice and security for all, and not simply for a few overpaid predominantly white countries who hog the worlds resources in order to bring poverty to everyone else!
Alex Weir, London and Harare

The problem is not an underfunded HSE but also Corruption – and Waste Management is a notorious area for corruption globally (closely behind every port and border crossing in the world) – but yes – Cameron’s class of people do not have to grub for a living, and they probably dont even get involved in the seamier side of Waste Management Profiteering. A serious shakeup of almost every aspect of the Public Sector is called for. But that doesn’t necessarily mean cutting the budget.

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Journalists’ job SHOULD be to expose and illuminate for the benefit of the public. What they do in fact is to hide, obscure and distort. They think they are superior and should know things which the general public should never ever find out – either because it would be bad for them, or because they are too inferior to understand or appreciate. And of course the ugly twist is that journalists take money over and under the table for these nefarious activities…..

Alex Weir, London and Harare

I would just expropriate 90% of their illegally-acquired wealth and privatise them. If crazy foreigners like that sort of thing then OK – it is a big world out there, there is space for everyone….
Alex Weir Diana was the only one of the Royals who was doing anything useful – especially regarding Land Mines – and then they themselves killed her, covered it up, and got away with it – amazing stuff – only in Britain or another similar Dictatorship…..

Well said Gareth! It seems that although in theory America and Britain are internally democratic but externally fascist, then in fact that external fascism also creeps into the internal side of both countries (it is quite logical), and especially when dealing with political dissidents and political prisoners.
I believe that we should start to maintain that Bradley Manning is in fact a Political Prisoner…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Yes – once the defendant is mentioned in the media by a major actor in the case as being Guilty, then the case becomes invalid……
Free Bradley Manning!….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Zimbabwe needs someone unifying to get Mugabe out. I think Morgan is that guy, even although he is far from a perfect candidate… After Mugabe is buried (politically) then the situation can become field day…. But Zimbabwe needs an HONEST candidate who has not and who will not be corrupted by the foreigners, his wives or girlfriends… Finding an honest Zimbabwean is on the same scale as finding an honest Nigerian….

Gareth neglects to consider the Global Implementation of Fraud Proof Voting Systems – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – this development makes simple the removal of despots (of the pro-Western and the anti-Western varieties), and brings our Global Populations closer to Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice and Security…..
Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

Capitalism is failing the Middle Class
A Global Problem – we need realistic solutions, not those solutions or non-solutions conjured up by the maverick, greedy, selfish, ignorant and unintelligent rich who rule our world at the moment……

A country – like Britain, America, France and anothers – which is internally democratic (?) but externally fascist – lives in constant danger of becoming also internally fascist. The best way to combat this creeping internal fascism is to eliminate the External Fascism. Make no mistake – what the Police are apparently doing is coming directly from Cameron, top levels of the Civil Service, and – more importantly – from the Intelligence Community….

An excellent, logical and readable article – well done! So – with Globalisation, “British” owners of Capital can choose to invest elsewhere, where economies are more buoyant….. Yet another example that decisions made by the Rich can deal deadly blows to the living standards of the middle and lower classes!…. Time for a NewWorldOrder!

Fraud Proof Voting Systems are obviously the answer to the present problem in Zimbabwe. But the supposedly impartial and fair ICG is virulently opposed to any and every such pro-democracy move. If ICG and Langley have their way then Mugabe will be there for a further catastrophic 10 years. Time for Global Democracy. America and Britain (and ICG) are the Enemies of Democracy…..

Alex Weir, London and Harare

People like Pilger know what is really going on in the world, but they themselves go around and around in circles, instead of going for the jugular. Therefore they are either stupid or they are stooges. I think the latter. Remember Granta was funded by CIA. It is like the pro-democracy institutions – IFES, Carter Center and International IDEA in Sweden – all three are fake organisations who have no real interest in democracy – they just go through the motions. There are lots of people like Pilger. Now Assange I feel is genuine, which is why the establishment really hate him….

Those idiots were acting directly on Museveni’s instruction. They did not do that by inventiveness or creativity. Every beating, every death, every torture comes directly from Museveni…..

Britain loves Corrupt Leaders – and they really love Paul Kagame!….
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Museveni likes to kill his own people for Money…. He is just like every other Dictator. The struggle is Global. Frauded Elections are the Key and de-Frauding them is the Mission…..

Because the vast majority of global Man-Made religions, sects, sub-sects and churches are failures and at the same time more businesses and money-makers than religions, then people tend to think that God does not exist. That is a grave mistake, but one which brings great pleasure to the Devil. Take one example – about 3% of British go to church but 55% belief in the Afterlife. Therefore either they are satanists (I hope not) or they practise their religion (which may or may not be christianity) OUTSIDE of churches…..

Alex Weir A related problem is the lack of Hard-Head-Kind-Heart – people associate smart fast people also with indifference and cruelty to others – they admire that attitude (since Hollywood also promotes it!). the World needs people who are smart and fast but who are kind!, generous, charitable (not in the usual corporate and false sense)

Now THIS is the news of the Day – not that idiotic Wedding!…. 1 Billion of our 6 Billion people are now hungry because of Western Greed!…… Pay Attention! Change The World!…..Now THIS is the news of the Day – not that idiotic Wedding!….

Life imitates art. Fascism creeps from Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Iraq, Tunisia back to the Colonial Master…… For a country to be externally fascist but internally democratic is a difficult act to balance – now we are heading also for Internal Fascism….. Watch this space…..

The old intellectuals are more dangerous since they have more wisdom and understand almost the whole facade……

The real evil is with Museveni himself and his British and American Masters – Britain, America, Museveni and Mugabe are the Enemies of Democracy!…..

1. Fraud Proof Voting using Mobiles will revolutise Africa and the whole Third World – http://cd3wd.com/seev/
2. Mobile payments with a transaction cost of $0.03 will become pervasive
3. Everyone, even housegirls, gardeners and rural areas people will access national and international news via mobile
4. E-learning and especially e-vocational education will be widespread as per http://cd3wd.com/cd3wd
5. Mobile + TV Computer

Alex Weir, London, Harare and Gaborone

Sachs is yet another Poverty Parasite / Lord of Poverty….. He pretended not to have been informed about Fraud Proof Voting so that he could not be exposed as a fake….. http://cd3wd.com/seev/

Museveni will be planning not to let Besigye back into Uganda – that will be one of his game-plans…. And Britain and America are backing M7 101% – just listen to the outrageous @WillRoss on the BBC WS Radio during this night Friday/saturday
30 April! – he and the studio presenter were both wearing M7 shirts…..

God save Nigeria from its Rich Nigerians, Shell Oil Company, the British, the Americans, and other Multinationals….. A rich country where so many are poor!….

Tariq Ali is a stooge of the West – a whole article without once mentioning pro-Western and anti-Western Dictatorships! – unbelievable!….. Another MI6 agent under-cover – where does this stop?

Fraud Proof Voting Systems have a major part to play in consolidating the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt, even if it is only to record that 95% of voters prefer to spoil their votes, since the System has not allowed any popular candidate(s) to rise…..
But America and Britain, which are both externally fascist, will send in their puppets Carter Center, IFES, International IDEA and NDI to ‘assist’ in ‘organising’ elections….. And they will never in 1000 years permit Fraud Proof Voting to see the Light of Day……
Are the People of Tunisia and Egypt Men or are they Mice? We will discover – the struggle has another Hill to Climb…..
Alex Weir, London, Harare, Tunis and Cairo

Fraud Proof Voting Systems – http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – will revolutionise the face of africa, but Britain and America – the Enemies of Democracy – will not allow them to be used – ask @MaWilliams or @Ksturr, both of USAID…..
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Consider the impact on the Third World – arms trade makes a few Presidents rich and impoverishes the People. The West, Russia and China are 101% complicit….. Then the west send out their charities so that useless idiots can ride around in 4x4s…… Vomit-inducing stuff…..

Make Dictatorship History – 2 down, about 150 to go!……

Someone important with status must confront Brit and Yank Embassies in Kampala – because that is where the shit is really going on and where it is coming from – Museveni himself is a mere Puppet, who dances for Wazungu……

Sachs is a disgusting fake who makes money from Global Poverty without doing anything real to solve the problem – he only goes through the motions. He pretended never to have received any news of Fraud Proof Voting – which is more developmental than 1000 Jeffrey Sachs put together!….

#China and #Russia #Love #AntiWestern #Dictators. #Britain and #America Love #ProWestern Dictators. The #People #Hate #All #Dictators

Allotments privatisation/removal…….

This shows CamClegg in their True Colours – they deliberately create unemployment, criminalise being unemployed, and remove one of the few productive activities which the unemployed can do. Possibly, like Mugabe and Mutasa, they would prefer to conduct ethnic cleansing against this class of British?……. (‘Britain can operate very well with a population of only 30 million!…..)…..

Alex Weir, London and Harare

alex weir after osama….

Surely! The death of Osama bin Laden is not the solution for this so called terrorism. But the best solution is lets the western countries stop killing innocense people and bombing their houses.

Now America and Britain must cease being the Enemies of Democracy…. – they must allow their puppet pro-Western Dictators throughout the Third World to topple – starting with Yemen and Bahrain. They must also Implement Fraud Proof Voting globally. Will they do this? Will they f*ck……

This is the Tip of the Iceberg – these guys have Billions repeat Billions stashed away – do not cheat the People of Tunisia and Egypt!…..

Britain is internally democratic but externally fascist. And now that external fascism is creeping into the internal body of Britain. The best treatment is to eradicate the external fascism while at the same time combatting internal fascism….
Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

Generic ARVs are NOT expensive, but their use is often blocked by BigPharma and AmeriGov. UNAIDS is a travesty. See

http://cd3wd.com/Letters/index.htm#079 . The whole way AIDS has been handled by the International Community and the Aid and Development Industry is a complete shambles and a complete scandal.

Alex Weir, London, Nairobi and Harare

ANC is irrevocably corrupt and has done little or nothing for the Poor (but a lot for the Rich of all Colors!). SA needs one or two new political parties which razor-slice across class and especially race – a Poor People’s Party should get easily 60% of the vote, since more than 60% of South Africans (17 years after Independence) are poor
Alex Weir, London and Harare

The Solution probably lies in taking 40% royalty payment on minerals – and that royalty money could be disbursed as daily Social Payments to ALL South Africans through Universal Low-Cost Electronic Bank Accounts and G2P Payments…..

The greatest single threat to the US and its Western allies is their own External Fascism and their refusal to allow Democracy to prevail throughout the Third World, preferring instead to install and support a vast panoply of Pro-Western Dictators, whose political and financial collaboration makes their own people poor and western corporations rich
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Coming soon! an exciting new bittorrent (in fact 2 of them!) – the whole layout has been re-tooled to get rid of those pesky .exe install files – there are now 5 x dvd’s – which have the files (pdf, htm etc) in their native formats – you can browse the dvd’s directly and (much better) copy or robocopy the 5 to one place on your hard drive or external hard drive (or even flash ram) where the whole collection is directly accessible and searchable by google desktop or by windex or anything equivalent in mac or linux….

Dictators love to kill….. they kill for money…. they love the smell of blood in the morning….. it smells like….. money!……

Someone – preferably Bin Laden’s family – should now sue the US Government in an international court – preferably in Belgium, which allows such cases. Then the political nature of this Political Assassination will come to light, along with the Fascist Nature of American (and British) Foreign Policy…….

French foreign minister Juppe says France wants Syria’s Assad to be subjected to EU sanctions – Reuters Newsflash today
May 2011 – very good news! – we must push for this – like and share, like and share!…..

‎”I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong it’s reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” — Lincoln

Visa, Mastercard, Amex are international crooks criminals and corrupters of politicians – there is no other explanation for the grand larceny which they perpetrate every minute throughout the world….

DateLine London 30 April 2011 – Uganda #1/4
#Dictator, #Museveni, #Killing, #Protests, #Uganda, #VincentMagombe, #DatelineLondon

– #DatelineLondon #20110430 #VincentMagombe #Uganda #Revolution #Museveni #ProWesternDictator 1/4

bradley manning
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v2-otqjlWh14 – the creepy and useless UK Gov once again shoots itself in the foot in its wish that Bradley Manning were Anything But British…..!

The same Idi Amin who was illegally installed by the British Government in a Coup d’Etat in 1971 which was fully engineered by the British despite being implemented by the Israelis – check with Richard Dowden for Evidence….. And this whole ugly episode allows a Class Action against the Present-day British Government for Damages for Economic and Financial Loss to the Ugandan Economy. The sum in question is approx GBP 30 Billion (I said Billion – read my lips)….


prepper radio

What an incredible article! David Booth advocates Democracy for Developed White Countries and pro-Western Dictatorship for the Third World and Africa. Booth – your time has come and gone! The Winds of Change are blowing through Africa. Britain and America – the Enemies of Democracy – will be defeated – the People will prevail…..
Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

It was a political assassination. A political trial would have been appropriate – then Osama could have made his political point that America and Britain are internally democratic (?!) but externally fascist……
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Escaping the unwelcome and deadly attentions of DGSE and MI6 in Conakry, Freetown, Beirut, Aleppo, London, Kigali and Nairobi after having invented a Fraud Proof Voting System for the Third World….

This concept is very very interesting – e.g. in Zimbabwe it could coexist beside the US Dollar – a major problem is that because Gov can no longer print money (‘good’ gov MDC and also ‘bad’ gov ZANUPf) then the economy slows down and many productive persons are left twiddling their fingers or drinking cheap and destructive alcohol. Something which also lets you see the existing credit debt of your prospective work commissioner would also be handy – tied to National ID Card….
What are these useless economists doing about this kind of thing?….

simple! – levy 40% royalty on all minerals. adopt Fraud Proof Voting and kick out all the Dictators of pro-western and anti-western varieties. Then do G2P daily payments to all population through low-cost universal electronic bank accounts……

There is lots of loot for Presidents and Foreigners, but little or nothing for ordinary Africans – and WEF are not reknowned for their Socialist Impulses!…..

Foreigners and Presidents are looting Africa – there is nothing for the People….

‎40% royalty plus Fraud Proof Elections plus G2P daily payments through low-cost universal electronic banking – inject US$ 160 Billion additional money every year into Africa!….

WEF are there to loot – in africa we need 40% royalty on all mineral extraction – not the 2% which Zimbabwe gets for its Platinum!….

An answer is for the Bin Laden Family to pursue a Civil Action against the US Government for the killing of their family member. That could expose the assassination as being political in nature and could also expose why the behaviour of America in the Middle East and Globally results in Injustice, Torture and Death on a large scale….. This could be done in a Belgian Court…..

It is an extra-judicial killing and a Political Assassination. It is a cowardly act which is designed to avoid staging a political show-trial which may well have exposed the externally fascist faces of America, Britain and France…..

Guardian – you are a lover of pro-western dictators and a slavish follower of the British and American Governments’ line! Museveni is a tyrannical pro-western dictator whose time has come – Guardian – call unreservedly for his immediate ouster! You state that the elections were frauded but you do not call for his immediate departure! – shame on you,Liberal Guardian!….
Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

How will Glencore’s profits look once Africa wakes up and starts to levy 40% royalty instead of the present criminal and poverty-creating 2-4%?……
Alex Weir, London and Harare

Haiti’s problem is the external fascism of America
Alex Weir, London and Harare

It is easier for a #Camel to pass through the Eye of a #Needle than for a #bloodSoaked #ProWestern #Dictator to enter the Kingdom of #Heaven

#WEF – #Death, #Poverty, #Misery for the #Poor or #More #Money for the #Rich ? #Difficult #Choice . #Better to #give #crumbs to #Oxfam ?

Lance dear chap – you are turning into a real pro-American / pro-British lackey. Do not let all these awards go to your head – the enemies of Mugabe are not always your friends – the enemies of bad guys can also be bad guys themselves. When you are older and wiser you may realise these things for yourself…..

The Third World needs 40% Royalty on minerals, instead of the criminal 2-4% which is average at the moment. Combine with Fraud Proof Voting to remove all pro-western and anti-western robber-dictator-presidents. And finally implement low cost universal electronic bank accounts for G2P daily social payments. Simple Solution! But will the West allow??? **** the West!…..

Alex Weir, London and Harare

Yes – our leaders make same mistakes time and time again and noone even spots it…… We are doomed to eradicate ourselves because of selfish greed and myopia!…..

Charlotte – the problem is that the Leaders are only in it for themselves – they do things which assist the Rich and Powerful, and never even one small thing for the Oppressed, the Victims, the Poor, the Unemployed. So in the end, God will judge them for what they have done and also for what they have not done…. And if we are lucky, the People themselves will also work out what needs to be done…..

Extremism is usually a reaction to injustice which cannot be rectified by conventional, democratic or legal means (usually because there is no democracy or there is pseudo-democracy)….. Extremism is usually created and fomented by the Rich and the Powerful, not by the poor and the oppressed….

‎99% of the present leaders are simply gangsters with flags who steal 7% of GNP and create massive poverty. What is more, 95% of them cosy up to the West and do sweet deals – Multinationals and the thieving presidents win and the People lose big-time….. simple…. what we need is Fraud Proof Voting Systems – http://cd3wd.com/seev/

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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of cd3wd.com. Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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