Third World SME’s can use Facebook for free web presence

For some years now I have been squeaking or shouting about free advertising for small and micro-business in the Third World. Finally it is available free of charge.

There must be several combinations which would work, but one workable one is the following:

1. Have the main tool as Facebook. Keep your business separate from your private account. Use a separate free gmail email account if necessary, and you can use the free redirect facility of gmail to redirect all incoming mail to your business email address over into your private email address

2. For pricelists, use free google documents. A spreadsheet created under google documents or imported into google documents from a microsoft or other spreadsheet can be made publiclly viewable (and google-search-findable), while being only editable, deletable etc but you only.

3. For photos of your products, use the facebook photo features. Each photo or group of photos has its own web address, and can of course be tagged for easier internet searching.

4. For textual material, use a (free) wordpress blog and link from and to your facebook area. You can also insert photos and graphics into the blog. Or use the Notes facility in Facebook. Or even use the Info area of Facebook – there are about 4 categories – Mission etc… you can just use any and all to set out your products and your sales pitch…..

5. Use the (once again free) service for references from clients – this is a very useful feature because the SME cannot (well not easily) create false references themselves……

Maybe someone with some time and energy can expand this subject area and/or make some short youtube videos?

The future is very very bright.

This kind of thing by the way is doubly important because the cost of getting a web page in the Third World is very often (but not always) more expensive relatively and absolutely than getting one in the West (unless you are British Government, British Ministry of Defence, or British National Health Service – in which case you pay huge amounts for practically nothing. This is everything to do with massive corruption in the British Body Politic)

Note that although the above is all pretty simple using a PC or laptop, things may be more difficult using a smartphone only – therefore anyone wanting to flesh out this article can think about it from the smartphone angle…. (think Android and not IPhone by the way, since the more cost effective models will all be using Android)…

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3 Responses to Third World SME’s can use Facebook for free web presence

  1. faith kairu says:

    hey alex, lve gone through this, its really technical my dear, will go through it again, have forwarded it to a friend too. thks and be well, faith

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