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Completely typical of British Government and Civil Service –

UN is renowned for incompetence. The Haiti reconstruction effort is a disaster and a shambles. The new President Martelly is a comedian, a fascist and a disaster. The People’s Choice – Aristide – was barred from standing by the Americans and Clinton. When will USA’s external fascism and poverty-creating policies be recognised by the West and by Americans?…….

Now the West is creating corrupt future leaders of Libya in the TNC…… More of the same!…..

It is pretty obvious that a world economy led by the rich whose primary policy is to pander to the rich and to squeeze or eliminate the poor and even the middle classes will sooner or later hit the buffers.
We need a major change in direction.
The chance that the present bunch of crooks and greedy and selfish people running the world will change and start to do the right thing? – dont hold your breath – you will expire before it happens……


AIDS is seen by the West as birth/population control for Africa – that is why there are Billions spent but to almost zero effect….. The West is full of BS with respect to Democracy, Development, AIDS control, Dictatorship and so many areas. Time to blow this crap out of the water!….

Fascism has new tools…… Try Fraud Proof Voting – which fights on the side of the People, not the oppressors!….



Excellent Stuff! And now – what about Fraud Proof Voting for the Third World and the Middle East? <a href=“http://cd3wd.com/seev/


excellent stuff – post-jihad world………

Jesus! – All the West has to do is to endorse Fraud Proof Voting. How easy is that? But then the elaborate House of Cards will tumble down and everyone who hates America and Britain for what they do for money to other countries may just get some revenge…… <a href=“http://cd3wd.com/seev/


beauty of big democracy – new internationalist


RSA Corruption and a new party

#Dictators – Time to Live, Time to Steal, Time to Fraud, Time to Cheat, Time to Torture, Time to imprison, Time to Kill, Time to GO!

Let this antiWestern Barbarian Corrupt Robber-Dictator consider his position before God, and immediately resign, with a move to Fraud Proof Elections…

So – Linda – any solutions? What about expropriation? Think radical. You are saying that there are NO solutions if one does not think out of the box. And what about those living in poverty (who are not even used to that?….). Answers please – these comment facility will do in the short-term (hey – I am talking like you useless economists now!…..)

This is what happens when Elections are Frauded! – Fraud Proof Voting is required – <a href=“http://cd3wd.com/seev/ – but USAID, Britain and America are the Enemies of Democracy and will NOT allow!….

The rich love the rich. The rich marry the rich. The rich kill the poor. The rich steal from the poor. The rich prosecute the poor. The rich jail the poor. The rich execute the poor.

There are several others who also deserve this (e.g. ProWestern Dictators!), but dont let that stop you subscribing to this one. No money involved, just a little bit of your soul (proof you have one!)….

These Dictators subvert and corrupt Institutions in their machinations to stay in power and to steal more and more and more. They are responsible for multiple and deep damage to many of their own People….

food crises goldman sachs

We will develop an unstoppable agenda which will overturn the tables of the Moneychangers in their Temples of Death!….

blog.ukfriendsofbradleymanning.org/2011/05/20/pub… – tuesday 24 may 2011 1800 hrs, uk london house of commons – be there if you can! Expose american & british fascism

balancingact-africa.com/news/en/issue-… – webbox from vodafone ghanaa turns tv into internet computer screen. This is the way forward, guys!

Death to dictators! (Or fraud proof voting)

Banks & cia/mi6 know where ben ali & mubarak billions sit. Insist obama honors his promise to sequester 100% of those monies for new admins

Ha joon chang can provide economic advice to tunisia & egypt on how to avoid west’s poverty-creating neocon medicine

Tunisia & egypt should consult uk-based south korean economist for non-neocon development strategy & tactics

3rd world cybercafes will transform into low-charge wifi hotspots. Customers will use own smartphones or pcs. Because of high gprs charges

America helped mubarak to steal $70 bn from his people. Now america offers $2 bn to the Revolution. Whose side is America on?

Prosperite pour les americains et les blancs! Pauvrite pour les autres! Opportunite qui est impossible a realiser! A bas les menteurs!

A bas les americains qui parlent des mensonges! Obama et Clinton! Les tueurs! Qui opposent la liberte pour les etrangeurs et les pauvres!

Obama offers so-called free & fair elections. We want Fraud Proof Elections!

Amin & Mugabe – GBP 60 billion compensation for Uganda & Zimbabwe

Obama says we have the right to choose our own leaders. So why does he oppose #fraudProof voting? Hypocrite & lier!

Obama offers democracy, dignity, peace, opportunity. We prefer freedom, prosperity, peace, justice, security!

A bas les americains! A bas les anglais! A bas les portos! A bas les parasites! Liberte, prosperite, paix, justice, securite!

Socialism, freedom, prosperity, peace. Justice & security! Make Poverty History!

Equality & socialism is required in tunisia & egypt, but america & britain will never admit this nor permit it to occur

Obama’s economic reform mantra is dead & buried years ago-it never worked in any country & only brought poverty & unemployment

Dsk, one of world’s premier leaders, is probably a criminal. Many others are killers or killers by association. Let us serve justice to all

Amin & Mugabe – GBP 60 billion compensation for Uganda & Zimbabwe

Britain & America are internally democratic but externally Fascist. They are the greatest global threats to Democracy & Freedom

Illegal installation of amin & mugabe – ask thatcher & richard dowden

British government to ICJ Hague for illegal installation of Idi Amin & Robert Mugabe

With so-called #fairTrade, producer gets 4% of retail price. This is unfair and a Sham

4% #fairTrade is #unFairTrade, 40% #fairTrade is fair

Tony blair assassinated & killed david kelly. English royal family killed princess diana

Usa aid package will include cia electoral assistance to rig fraud & fix tunisia and egypt elections. Beware of americans bearing gifts

Just because every american is for sale, understand that not every egyptian & tunisian is for sale

3rd world countries have 3 problems – political, military & religious leaders – pakistani manager of fastfood joint, uk

Mugabe can be stopped, but only by fraud proof voting system. Britain & america would rather sacrifice zim people & economy

Mugabe will massively fraud next zim election. West have zero counter strategy. Mugabe will become sole dictator. Zimbabwe will be destroyed

Britain america love the sound of screams in the night. It sounds like….. torture death and money!

Cameron & obama love museveni. Cameron & obama are killers by association

Dictators love#journalists. Journalists love #dictators. @willRoss of bbc loves museveni. Journalists lie, dictators pay

Britain & america love corrupt robber killer prowestern dictators. Obama & cameron are killers by association

Make poverty history! Make dictatorship history! Make 4% mineral royalties history! Fraud proof voting cd3wd.com/seev

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