22 May Agenda

22 May Agenda
In 2003 I started a project cd3wd.com, which donates free high-quality technical development information to the Third World.  After some time, I realised that the Aid and Development Industry � Donors, NGOs, Commercial Companies etc � had zero or even negative interest in this project, which they were however at pains to hide.
In 2006 I started a project Fraud Proof Voting, which aims to bring real democracy to the Third World and the Middle East.  After some time, I realised that the Democracy Industry and the International Community had strong negative interest in this project, which they were however at pains to hide.
So � what do we have?  A world where there is an official version of events and policy, and a reality where policy and even sometimes events are different from the official version�.
There are 3 (at least) possible reactions to this situation:
– Try to persuade the West to live up to its high ideals, and to abandon its path of lies and cheating

– Take on the West in full-scale battle (a la Osama Bin Laden)

– Take on the West (and probably China also) in an Economic and Social struggle, which appeals also to certain sections of Society inside the West (e.g. youth, liberals, intellectuals, workers, Trade Unions)

Before deciding which strategy to adopt, it is worthwhile to examine what the aims, goals and objectives are:
– Freedom, prosperity, peace, justice and security for all, everywhere, with no exception

How will the Third World achieve that?
– Move from 4% mineral royalty to 40% mineral royalty

– Move from 4% Producer share of retail price to 40% for so-called FairTrade Products (e.g. tea, coffee, cocoa etc)

– Default on debts racked up by pro- and anti-Western Dictators, which monies finished up largely in the Offshore Bank Accounts of the same Dictators

– Reject the deflationary and poverty-creating medicines of the IMF and World Bank

– Install pro-people un-corrupt non-dictator presidents who are removed and rotated as per the true Will of the People through Fraud Proof Elections

Note also here that Poverty is not a simple struggle between so-called Rich and Poor Countries � there are many poor inside rich countries, and many rich (some would say too many) inside poor countries.  Thus the necessary political struggle should be a Global Struggle of the Poor against the Rich (including Hollywood and everyone�s favourite film starts and celebrities) regardless of national boundaries.
Note also these days that the Middle Classes are in fact joining the ranks of the poor � this has been happening for some time in America and Europe, and is now accelerating.  This also lends urgency to the search for a solution, and confidence that the problem cannot simply be papered over and people fobbed off with a few concessions.
It seems that the Mantra we have been following since the days of Reagan and Thatcher � privatize, liberalize and deregulate � has not and will not deliver the required economic satisfaction to the Majority (it has and will however deliver the necessary economic satisfaction to the Rich Minority).  However as recently as this week, the most Powerful Man in the World � the US President � is rolling out that very same failed solution as the key to bringing prosperity to Tunisia and Egypt.
Thus we need to find or re-discover a new or an old Economic and Social Model.  Unfortunately, economics is not even really a science � it is just politics dressed up as a science.   Therefore there are tens of thousands of useless graduate and post-graduate so-called economists out there who are simply overpaid yes-men.  It might even require intelligent non-economists to delve into the dismal science to determine what might be a solution.
The challenge will then be to deliver the economics while keeping Freedom intact and robust, with zero compromises
There are and will be very very powerful vested interests in maintaining the status quo, regardless of the fact that the Status Quo is politically, economically and environmentally unsustainable.
This document is (obviously) not a mapped-out solution � it is the start of an Agenda and a Dialogue, which will require the Hearts, Souls and Brains of Others to bring to some workable way out of the Mess in which present-day humanity find ourselves in�..
Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Afrika
Sunday 22 May 2011


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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of cd3wd.com. Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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