Third World Supermarkets rob the People

Third World does NOT have basement bargains in Supermarkets

Europeans know Lidl, Aldi, and Netto � bargain-price sub-supermarkets.  Also that Sainsbury, Asda and others do their own brands of some items.  Between these options, shoppers in UK for example can get 2 litres very decent coke for GBP 0.40 (Lidl), instant coffee 200 grams for GBP 0.40, 100 teabags for GBP 0.40, 100 ml toothpaste for GBP 0.17 (Sainsbury) etc..
Come to the Third World, and only expensive branded items are available � Coca-Cola, Liptons, Nescafe, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever etc � these bargains are simply nowhere to be seen.  It is like there is some secret pact between the Companies, the Politicians and the Aid People to keep out competition�

The result is that: To them that have shall be given, and from them that have not shall be taken away.

Why does no Third World Government, Donor or NGO check out this ridiculous situation? 

Answer � none of them are pro-poor � they are all pro-rich and pro-themselves�.

The Winds of Change are blowing globally � time for these miscreants to do something useful for the People!

A similar subject � why does no-one create an effective global supermarket price comparison system to spot where in-country prices are simply a racket?  This would be a suitable project for Oxfam, Care, WorldVision, ChristianAid etc�.

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