Tweets Obama etc till 25 May 2011

America ‘s current buzzword is Dignity – they want the Third World to embrace their Poverty in a Dignified fashion. Pathetic Nonsense!

#obama, if you promote #fraudProofVoting, your own people will kill you. So do it! . You will be a Martyr for Freedom!

#obama-i promised to help tunisia & egypt recover their $100 billion, but i didnt mean what i said

#obama-museveni kills ugandans & luos – no problem. My grandfather was british army cook. Museveni is my friend

#obama. Saudi arabia & China no elections – no problem. Prowestern robber-killer dictators fraud elections – no problem

#obama-when a prowestern dictator kills his own people, no action. Antiwestern dictator without oil also no action.

#obama – when a leader is threatening to massacre his people, and he is an anti-western dictator, and the country produces oil then we go in

#obama, if freedom will always trump oppression, then bring on #FraudProofVoting! Are you a man or a mouse? A Fascist or a Freedom Lover?

#obama says he wants world which is more peaceful, more prosperous, and more just (for Westerners only!)

#obama – the West is the Best

#obama, you are a very good lier, or else you believe your own bullshit

The west wants to fight terror alongside pro western robber-killer dictators

The west wants perpetual poverty & violence for the Third World

#obama wants dignity & security. He pretends to want an end to corruption while the west encourages corrupt prowestern dictators.

#obama – your fine words are based on lies and are worth nothing

Capitalism usa-style makes america, the West, and whites rich. The rest are presented with so-called opportunity with no chance of reality

#obama ‘s talk of democracy is hogwash & charlatan – britain & america are THE enemies of democracy & freedom globally!
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#obama is a lier, hypocrit, charlatan, killer, supporter & friend of robber-killer dictators globally

#obama, champion of democracy, why did the West try to politically assassinate the inventor of #fraudProof voting?! Why?!

Egyptian revolutionaries – you are very effective with direct action. But to save your country & your revolution requires more… ask me

The solution is #FraudProof Voting, but USA will not allow

Cameron states Uk-US relationship essential to suppress Democracy and Freedom Globally

Mubarak ‘wasting public funds’ is a BS charge

Mubarak ‘wasting public funds’ is a BS charge. This #proWestern #dictator stole $70 billion which must be returned to save egypt economy!

Egyptian revolutionaries – you are very effective with direct action. But to save your country & your revolution requires more… ask me

Tunisie et Egypte recoiveront $6 billion du Banque Mondial. Non merci! Nous avons besoin du $100 bn volee par ben ali et mubarak!

Tunisie et egypte ont besoin du Capitalisme au Visage Humain – pas la version sous-payante des anciens regimes!

Worldbank lends $6 bn to Tunisia & Egypt – no thank you – we prefer the $100 bn stolen by ben ali & mubarak! Obama – locate that money!

Egypt & Tunisia need Capitalism With a Human Face – not the rapacious & underpaying version they had under their robber-killer dictators!


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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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