Facebook for Kids

*** All Rights Reserved � Alex Weir 2011 ***

       Facebook for Kids

Parents are justifiably reluctant to let their children wander the internet � there are predators and paedophiles out there, not to mention killers and psychopaths.

Unless I am misinformed, social networking sites like Facebook have done little or nothing about this problem.  But � there is a simple way to make FB safe for children:

– FB can design and implement a Kid�s Account

– The KA is created, controlled and monitored by one or several (probably up to 6) Parent�s accounts

– In fact there will be one controlling account which also gets monitoring, and also up to 5 additional monitoring accounts (for single-parent families, remarried�s etc, and even grandparents)

– The Kid cannot add anyone to his or her account � only the controlling parent can do that

– But possibly one of the Monitoring Parents can submit a request to the Controlling parent

– The device on which the KA operates will only accept one of the PA accounts also � i.e. the Kid cannot on that smartphone or PC open an additional FB account

– Often, the KA will operate with the immediate family plus a few friends only

– The 5 MA�s and the CA will all get daily or even instant reports by email on useage on the KA � i.e. apparent hours per day (4 minutes inactivity counts as a logoff), hours per friend, etc.. which will enable the CA/MA�s to reckon that there is too much usage going on

– The CA can implement a moratorium for any time period � minutes to days�

Effectively, we are creating a private Social Network � the KA will be invisible to everyone except the existing friends
There may even be 2 or more variables of this KA � e.g. which accommodate a looser Teenager�s account.  Once a child has reached the Age of Majority, then there is little or nothing the parent can do, except refuse to fund the connectivity/ data subscription.  In the case of mentally retarded or subnormal people, such a KA may continue past the age of majority.

This is a very simple concept, but one which will be highly effective in enabling youngsters to participate in the Digital Society and the Digital Revolution, without endangering themselves.  It is a concept which should be put to FB by Politicians and Government Ministers Globally.

Mr Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana
Saturday 28 May 2011

*** All Rights Reserved � Alex Weir 2011 ***

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