Ideas Consultancy

When I was young, I was very big on inventions – at the age of 6 I had my own Inventions Book, in which I detailed perpetual motion machines, hovercraft and much more.

This continued in my 20’s – when, in the 1970’s in Tanzania, I invented a number of pedal powered, animal powered and wind-powered machines at University of Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Tanzania.

My work in Software since 1990 one can also say has been characterised by invention and innovation.  And I did some work in Management Consultancy, Trade Promotion, Business Graphics, Market Consultancy and Marketing Consultancy in the period 1989-1991.

The beauty also of working as a Software Techie in Blue-Chip and also in less Blue Companies during the period 1992 through 2011 is that one gets to see – like a fly on the wall – a lot of Management in Action – occasionally some very good, and mostly quite bad or even very bad.

My credibility as a Software Developer in the UK and European commercial markets seems to be waning (although my capabilities are not – like Sir Alex Ferguson I am still in my prime (and 7 years younger than him)). 

Therefore I need to diversify and to Market myself in other ways:

I envisage a situation where I do Problem-Solving and Innovation Contracts – they may be as low-cost as $20 or as high-cost as $20,000.  They may last literally 30 minutes or 30 months.  They may be strictly desk-bound from my Hacienda in sunny Gaborone Botswana, or they may involve Global Travel.

Communication for desk-bound contracts will be by a mixture of phone, email, instant messenger and anything else we can think of.  Email when required will be highly encrypted and totally secure.  When and if there is any conflict of interests or potential conflict of interests I will declare and usually regretfully refuse the proferred contract.

Payment can be by Paypal, Bank Transfer or good old-fashioned cash.

My market – companies, individuals, private and public sector, charities and NGO’s, think-tanks.  I may be only a part of the solution – e.g. possibly expanding the list of possible solutions, which the client then assumes the work and the responsibility to focus in on and choose.  I can remain 100% hidden when required – e.g. a creative or consultancy person has a work overload and/or a creative block, and maybe a deadline to reach – I can assist – evenings, overnights, weekends – nothing is impossible – my role in assistance will never be known and all data will be wiped immediately on payment from my computer.

I have a full UK passport, and therefore there are few places I cannot travel to if and when necessary.  I don’t fly business or first class.   I rough it when necessary.  I always deliver and always on time.  I thrive on impossible tasks and deadlines.

My first Contract will be done free of charge (assuming it is relatively small) – I need the reputation and the recommendation (even if it is anonymous)

My word is my bond

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa
Saturday 28 May 2011

About alexweir1949

software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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