1001 Productive Uses for Twitter in 3rd World

       *** All Rights Reserved – Alex Weir 2011 ***
       1001 Uses for Twitter in Third World


The Third World has the same need for various services as everywhere else does, including:
– Telephone directory enquiries
– Telephone yellow pages
– Products and services directory
– Classified Adverts, including:
o Jobs
o Accommodation
o Phones
o Catering
o groceries
– vehicle load-sharing (truck / freight)
– vehicle sharing (passenger)
– taxi-sharing
– agricultural produce marketing
o non-perishable
o perishable
– agricultural livestock marketing

There is little money to fund software projects and little revenue to be extracted from use of such online systems

Therefore, why not use a freely available universal engine which can be used with the appropriate hash tags (identifiers or flags) to create totally flexible sub-systems?

The possibilities are literally endless – all we need are some simple conventions and a population which has phones which are capable of sending and receiving tweets.  I would reckon we are looking at the $30-40 price range of phones – like the Nokia 2323 – which are internet-enabled but are more WAP-style than fully browser-enabled

Because twitter is also very efficient, we do not need anything more than GPRS – edge, 3G etc are pretty much unnecessary

The only problem may be the ephemeral nature of Twitter – entries may have be resubmitted every week or every month, but that should be a small price to pay for what is free advertising for buyer and for seller.

Tags for Geography could use the phone country code for a start and then the 3-letter IATA airport code for cities and towns which have a local airport.  For other locations, then each government should work out a code, which may be any length and not restricted to being 3 letters as per the IATA code….  These should be easily available on internet and in print media.  For example, Gaborone Botswana would be #267GBE, London would be #44LON, New York would be 1JFK….  There should also be probably codes for rural regions, unless the main city/town/village code in that region were used instead…..

For goods and services, one could  specify that the English name should be used, but in practice one of the local languages (French, Swahili, Puel, Hausa etc) would probably be used. Maybe then when placing and/or searching one should be prepared to use 2, 3 or more suitable tags….

Thus some sample adverts may read:

#44LON #mobilePhone blackberry 8120 for sale GBP 55 email:mickeymouse@gmail.com Earlsfield

#263HRE #room required within 2 km of CBD by professional gentleman, references, tel 07654321

#yello #263 DAF truck spares available good prices- we cover the whole country tel 7654321, email or googletalk IM daftruckszw@gmail.com

#teldir #263 #Gweru 70-5612 Makarudze, Emmanual, 2 Tongagara Lane

#27 #JNB #Otambo #taxishare – need taxishare or lift Parkway Station to Airport today 29/05/2011 anytime 1300-1600 hrs – 2 of us max – meet BonCafe every 15 mins carry paper with ‘airport taxi’. Have no phone or internet. R150 max

#263 #RUS_HRE #loadshare – 10 ton truck tomorrow 30/05/2011 Rusape to Harare-half load free-tel Tawanda 07654321

#HortProd #263 #Biti #cabbage ready Tuesday 31/05/2011 400 kg approx tel Charles 07654321 state price, collect 5 km off main road

Who loses?  Existing newspapers with advertising income and dedicated advertising newspapers will both lose, unless digital ownership and use is very low. Otherwise everyone should benefit….

We just need some publicity and some groups to start using Twitter in this way….. Maybe in-country local, national or international NGOs should get the ball rolling?…..  And MNP’s and phone retail outfits should grasp the digital data revolution and make data a Tool of the Masses! – Today E-commerce for everyone – tomorrow Fraud-Proof Voting, followed by pro-people clean and uncorrupt presidents, followed by some serious Economic Growth!…

       *** All Rights Reserved – Alex Weir 2011 ***

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