Returning the Billions – Tunisia & Egypt

Returning the Billions

The revolutionaries of Tunisia and Egypt have a lot on their plates – fighting reactionary interim Governments, watching out for the pseudo friendly Americans, Brits and French who wish to subvert, destroy, maim and mangle their revolutions, fighting Muslim-Christian animosity, fighting for Women’s Rights etc etc..

However, they must not confuse activity with achievement.  And in particular they must realize that their Revolution will stand or fall on hard economics.  It was economics which had a lot to do with why the Revolution occurred at all.  It is imperative not to get carried away and to become so light-headed with the Freedom which they never had, that they ignore this most important Factor and Ingredient.  Do not forget – people can enjoy Revolution, but they cannot eat it.

There are 2 factors in particular which can help these Revolutions.  Both will be difficult or even impossible to realize, but they must both be attempted.  There is no shortage of committed, intelligent and hard-working activists – let a number continue on the present activities and delegate a few to handle these very very more-than-important issues:

– Obama in his recent speech in London mentioned that America would ‘help to recover the stolen monies’.  Take up this offer. Push.  The stolen monies amount to $70 Billion in the case of Egypt and less (?) – maybe $30 Billion (?) in the case of Tunisia.  Do NOT be fobbed off with $ 2 million or 40 Million – that is complete peanuts, but that is exactly what the West will try on – and they WILL bribe to try to get acceptance – do not accept these bribes – by doing so, you are no better and indeed worse than Mubarak and Ben Ali…

– Secondly, since Late 2006, the West has had access to technology which enables Fraud Proof Voting to take place.  They rejected that offer and are even petrified by the concept of Fraud Proof Voting and Fraud Proof Elections.  Now if they had embraced such a concept and had even done their own implementation, then Ben Ali and Mubarak would already have exited Stage Left (or Stage Right – as you wish!).  Thus the West are directly responsible for the Economic Disruption which has cost both economies so dear, and the Economic and Consequential Loss which has transpired and accrued.  It should be possible for any economist worth his or her salt to guesstimate that loss – we have to imagine $10 billion for each country for starters….

What is the alternative to pursuing and succeeding with one or both of these strategies?  Accept the conditional loans from IMF, World Bank and G8 as put recently on the Table (note incidentally that neither Interim Government has any authority to accept or even to consider these loans, and that therefore the new Elected Governments can under International Law immediately rescind both agreements in their entirety).  These loans will commit both countries to serious and punitive deflationary economic strategies which will terribly injure the poor and the unemployed.  Moreover they will be a block around the neck of future generations, grandchildren at the least.

There is no need for such loans from anyone – there is simply the need to recover these monies which were stolen under the noses of the West and with the connivance of the West.  Western Intelligence know which banks and even which account numbers hold these monies.  Take a stand – the minor issues can be continued with, but by comparison they are in fact something which can wait 6 months if really necessary – THESE 2 ISSUES CANNOT!

Machine translated also into French and Arabic – using Google – apologies for any poor quality.

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana. Thursday 2 June 2011


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