Third World Complaints Website by Twitter!

       *** All Rights Reserved Alex Weir 2011 ***

Complaints Website

In the Third World, there is usually little point in complaining – goods are sold often without warranty of any kind – even 5 minutes – voetstoets is a Afrikans expression which means as-is.

Chinese goods sold in Africa are very often dramatically inferior to those sold in Europe or North America, where Consumer Protection is relatively strong and even a fine art.

Third World Governments are very rarely pro-people and tend to protect Business in their dealings with mere mortals – not the other way round.

BUT, some manufacturers are genuinely interested in problems, and sometimes something is just so faulty and even so dangerous that someone has to stand up and do something.  So if there is a self-registration site where people can easily register a problem (with zero hope of redress, compensation etc), and which others can search for patterns and cases, then there is some chance that someone somewhere will eventually do something.  And if that website is free to data entry and to search and to reporting, then there is more chance that something will happen and that the site will be used.

So – which global philanthropist wil fund such a site?  Bill Gates?  No chance!

But – Twitter will! (Yes we can)

Twitter ( is such a potentially versatile website that it can do just about anything , including to devote a small part of its storage and search to such a complaint registration system.  A sample entry would be:
#Complaint  #Bicycle #FlyingPig  #cotterPin wears after only 3 months – replace with local/global spare part and all seems ok for years
Please note the above is a complaint against a manufacturer, and not against a dealer.   Flying Pig is the (imaginary) brand or manufacturer, cotter-pin is the offending part.
Another example:
#Complaint  #SmithBrothers #Gweru #Zimbabwe refuse to take back any faulty textile or plastic item, even within 10 minutes after purchase
This is obviously a complaint against the Retailer, Smith Brothers (the names have been changed to protect the guilty!)

#Complaint #Bata #Gaborone #Botswana  #Sandals chinese manufacture – cracked after 6 weeks light useage! Please don’t buy these gents  sandals!
That is a genuine case – happened to me in 2010

#Complaint #PEP #Gaborone #Botswana #Padlock chinese manufacture, no-name, no markings – 32mm size, Pula 9.99 (about $1.40) – seized locked-on after 7 days light usage – had to force with hammer and chisel. Got refund but don’t buy!
Again a genuine case from personal experience….

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana. 2 June 2011
       *** All Rights Reserved Alex Weir 2011 ***

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