Thoughts of Chairman Alex – till 2 June 2011 – no time to talk to mugabe – time for fraud proof voting in zimbabwe, buts british are too petrified!

Britain America are like saudi & bahrain hypocrites since they pretend to love democracy while they promote & buttress pro-western dictators

#seppBlatter is the MOST corrupt person, but he thrives and western media too afraid to say boo! #blatter – written ten weeks ago about libya morrass – more relevant than ever! America & Britain – stop fighting democracy!

Syria now urgently needs fraud proof election. Not Assad-style, CIA-style or Mossad-style ‘free and fair’ frauded election!

People think British & American foreign Dirty Tricks are integral & necessary part of Developed Country Logistics. NOT SO! Quite unnecessary

British & American rat-fucking creates global poverty, wars, famine,terrorism. Only benefactors are global corporations, not citizens

Obama offers war, poverty, famine, terrorism. We want freedom, prosperity, peace, justice, security. Difficult choice……..

West preaches Liberty, prosperity, justice, security, democracy. But does not adhere to these ideals. We must enforce Compliance!

France calls on Syrian President to implement  Fraud Proof Voting and to  hold Fraud Proof Election

In DRC War Mugabe spent Zimbabwe taxpayers money and blood for military operations. He got personal payment in diamonds.

In Iraq Afghanistan Wars, UK & USA spend taxpayers money & blood in military operatons. Corporations & the Rich benefit. Mugabe bad. West OK

Global organisations are corrupt, corrupted & corruptive – IFES, International IDEA, Carter Center, UNEAD, EU Elections Division, OSCE

Mugabe spends public defense budget for private gain – bad! USA UK spend public defense budget for private gain – good! – bring zero cost multiple usage highly useful database online services to third world & middle eastern masses!

The West loves & protects pro-western dictators & hates anti-western dictators. But i hate all dictators & those who aid & abet!

#obama – it is noble for the West to rob & plunder 3rd world resources for a pittance while applying a sticking plaster through Oxfam

#obama -it is Noble for the West to lie to & confuse our own populations with regard to Dictators. It is clearly in their Interests

#obama – it is #Noble for the West to allow the 3rd World to die a miserable but Dignified Death in Poverty while We wallow in Consumption

West – destroying Gaddafi’s Libya also destroys People’s Libya. Microsurgery is better. Fraud proof election is more Democratic

Libyans must sue West for unnecessary destruction when Gaddafi could have been removed anytime after 2006 through fraud proof voing

#botswana needs #walmart – prices are rapacious and poverty-creating

Angelina jolie is correct – modern schools do not teach useful knowledge or skills. Time for improvement, especially in Third World

Dictatorship is theft imprisonment torture and death. Death to all Dictators! Death or fraud proof voting!

Dictator Mugabe states – killing your first victim can be quite difficult. But after that everything is easy

Dictator Mugabe states Why do we do it? Because of the Money of course. Everything is about the money

Dictator Mugabe states – do i have trouble sleeping? It is a bit like Western soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. Sometimes ghosts visit

Dictator Assad – leave power? Sometimes you are in so deep there is no way out. I long for Fraud Proof Voting, but USA & Israel wont allow

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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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