Cd3wd project current & future plans & areas where YOU can help

Future and Near-Future Plans for cd3wd Project

Executive summary:
a. We are doing a lot suddenly
b. We need money!
c. We need contact with Google, HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Orange and ALL Mobile Network Providers (i.e. mobile phone companies), also manufacturers such as Nokia and Vodafone who have social spend.
d. All areas marked *** below have need for assistance from readers who are well placed.

End of Executive Summary

1.  Distribution – we are narrowing distribution to 2 channels:

a. BitTorrent, which downloads 5 .iso files which can be mounted and read using free software such as Virtual Clone Drive or can be burned to blank dvd-R or dvd+R (+R is better) using free software such as ImgBurn.  These dvd’s can then be used to install on 1 million pcs, macs, Linux, Unix machines.  The dvds from the new torrent (which is due out June 2011) can also be read directly,  but the master index is the same on all 5, and therefore there will be big gaps in available content!…  We get about 40 downloads per week.  Note that in fact there are 2 complementary bittorrents – one is for dvd’s 1-4 and the second is for dvd #5 – that is the one which will be reissued maybe 1-2 times per year with new and modified content.  The torrents are split to save you bandwidth, time and charges.  Current total content is about 18 gigabytes – 15 plus 3.  Our Bittorrent is organised by Tron Bardgard from Trondheim in Norway – a very big big thank-you!

b. Airmail postal distribution of the 5 dvd set from our dispatch point which is now in NY State, USA.  We charge $20 or equivalent for dispatch to developed-country addresses and free to Third World Addresses.   We get about 2 free and 2 chargeable orders per week.  It was Andrew Battles of Edinburgh who suggested we do the free-to-third-world thing – thanks Andrew!

c. There are still residual old downloads available on the website and also from  These may be convenient for some users, but note that we may remove them at some time to reduce confusion.

d. Cd3wd will remain free for eternity – there will never be charges to download.  If demand for free airmail copies picks up we may have to restrict that and encourage in-country sharing and at-cost reselling, but excess demand looks like a distant dream at the moment.

e. We would also like to distribute through newspaper-free-dvds such as Saturday Telegraph or Mail on Sunday in the UK – this could be a complete takeover of the dvd, or it could be just sneaking in some 500 megabytes of material to fill out the dvd.  We have made some approaches a few weeks ago, but response looks dead. Anyone with contacts please assist!… ***  DFID’s Developments posted Magazine would have been ideal, but they have discontinued paper versions (which is and was a good decision, since the magazine was essentially a Spin Doctors Dream full of glossy BS).  There should be equivalent newspapers in Australia, NZ, Canada, USA, South Africa etc – they would serve to put material out there which may then be onwards taken to Third World users…..

f. We also have a dream to get the complete cd3wd – probably as one or several large install files to assist rapid copying – pre-installed on ALL pc’s and linux boxes leaving Lenovo, Dell and HP.  We have gotten zero progress from that after attempts on Dell and HP.  Maybe we should try Apple *** ?…..  Please readers assist ***

g. I did an embassy fax mailshot to 110 embassies in London back in April 2011 – a dismal response – we distributed only to China, Egypt, Tunisia and Tanzania.  And I did the same in Gaborone here in Botswana in May 2011 – once again a dismal response with only Botswana President’s Office showing any interest.  Shows that most governments and donors are completely disinterested in the People – I knew that already….

h. So – in summary we are currently getting out there about 2200 distributions per year, of which 90% are downloads and 10% are airmail dvds.  Although the airmail dvds cascade, we still need to push up by a huge factor the number getting out to the third world!

i.   Maybe we need to work more through churches *** , who tend to have contact in the Third World through missionaries and through their church hierarchies….

2. New Material – March/April 2011 we added about 3,500 new titles to make about 7,500 titles in total.  This was composed mainly of material from,,, wastewatts yahoo group, microhydro yahoo group and Harlan Attfield (ex-PeaceCorps Volunteer)  – a very big big thank you to all concerned!  We hope and plan to get approximately annual updates from the first three organisations.  There should be no addition of downloadable content until 2012/04 I guess.  We may put some stuff up on the website before then and if so will clearly inform you by facebook and twitter.  We are hoping that may be able to do something about their file naming, so that we can issue their material direct and raw on the downloads and dvd’s – we had to include their stuff as a large zip file which does require user installation…..  There was recently some good stuff on producer gas from Berkeley University Labs – anyone and everyone with good stuff please package and site for download and let us know the link…. – thanks! ***

3. Browsing – our main site is still, and Travis Hughey of hydroponics fame from USA and Kenya with  is a good second site.  We are working on a new site, which will have facility for interactive work, especially on the translation area (see immediately below) – but if we get Google doing translation then that interactive capability will not be required….. – we will see how things go….

4. Translations – this is very exciting – see item (8) below….

5. Donations – we finally got one $0.10 donation a few weeks ago from our button on the cd3wd website – then I found out that Paypal charge $0.10 on a $0.10 donation!  So I changed the button to $1 – since then (about 7 days ago) we have one donation.  We keep $0.66, Paypal swallow $0.34.  Note that if you want to donate directly (to from your webpage, then the charge to us is in fact zero!   Otherwise we get free hosting from in the USA which is worth about $300/year to us –  a Big thankyou!  We had google adsense which brought us about $100 / year but google discontinued that without explanation – apparently that happens to others/many….  And we do some private and direct (well, through an agency) adverts on the Bamboo, Adobe, and Cinva Ram webpages – that brings about $200/year.  We have also one major benefactor – a private individual who over the last 6 months has donated $ 2800 – it was the first of those 2 donations which galvanised me into putting once again the time and effort into cd3wd which it deserves (despite the deep apathy and hostility from the Global Aid and Development Industry).  I would love to have an income of $10,000-00 per year for 10 years from cd3wd – I could survive on that and do brilliant things with cd3wd….  If that major donor does not feel too embarrassed we will put his name here in a few days or weeks….(it is NOT Bill Gates or Warren Buffet…).  Please Donate! ***

6. Communications – blog, like here, is the most convenient, with link from cd3wd on facebook and from Twitter (@alexweir1949 – I may start a special Twitter  account for cd3wd….).  I will also post that link and info directly on the website sometime soon – the website will become less a news medium but will have links to this blog, which in turn will have a link to all cd3wd press releases as they appear.

7. Donor and NGO collaboration *** and cooperation – some few signs that things may be looking up from the previous situation of zero interest….. Too early to write anything yet…

8. Major collaborations – Google *** – what we would like is collaboration with Google as follows:

a. Get the material which is non-digitised scans digitised, using Google Books technology

b. Get all the (digitised) material auto-translated into Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, Russian, Tagalog, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Swahili etc etc.  This is not so important for the website itself, from where you can request translation as you call the webpage, but it is very important for the offline distribution (downloads plus airmailed dvd sets)

c. Now if we fail by 2011/12 to get an entr�e and collaboration from Google (and we don’t know how and where to start *** with such an organisation!), then we could do the same thing by a massive distributed effort of individuals.  There are plans that maybe we make the website such that people can submit and upload machine- or human-translated copy…. (but we prefer a bulldozer-Google-approach)

d. Note that the digitisation should take us down from 18 to about 6 gigabytes.  Then 5 translations would take us back up to 14 gigabytes (the images would not be translated).  So the whole thing is very manageable volume-wise.

9. Major collaborations – Mobile Network Providers *** – some MNP’s such as Orange have a very interesting scheme whereby some content is stored locally on their in-country servers and is provided free of charge – there are zero data or other charges for Orange users (phone, smartphone or PC) to browse that content.  Orange call this OrangeWorld.  We would like Orange to extend this globally to every country for Orange Users.  We would expect that some of the larger files (anything and everything over 10 megabytes or over 1 megabyte) would however be excluded.  Such an offer means that every Orange user can browse unlimited on cd3wd with zero cost (apart from buying and charging handset).  We have approached Orange Botswana and hope that they may respond positively.  Once again readers assist if you can! ***

10. Publicity – we need publicity!….. ***

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Afrika, Friday 10 June 2011


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    Looks great Alex!

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