Politics as Poetry til 19 juin 2011 – english

@RT_com threat to the west is from western PMIC political military industrial complex. This is called shooting oneself in foot

@SaifGaddafi use my fraud proof voting system for the proposed election. The West are desperately afraid of this system and will try refuse

The House of Cards is Tumbling Down – fake Aid, fake Media, fake Elections, fake Democracies, fake Progressives, fake Leftists

The House of Cards is Tumbling Down – fake Aid, fake NGOs, fake Donors, fake Projects, fake Mineral Royalties, fake FairTrade

alexweir1949.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/lin… – ‘s blog also with loads of political tweets

This is 2011. The Princes of Darkness & their Robber-Killer Dictator-Presidents & their fake Media cannot fool the People any longer!

This is 2011. The People know their is enough Technology & enough resources to ensure decent life for all God’s People and also Freedom

#ArtOfWar – if head-on attack is being repulsed, think about attack from side, rear, or even from within. Time to modify Revolution tactics

We will overturn the Tables of the Moneychangers in the Temple. The Established Order is as good as gone. A matter of weeks only

In our Post-Modern Society the Righteous will Triumph and the Evil will be cast down. Choose now which side you belong to

Princes of Darkness – there are too many Ideas already out there. These Ideas will overwhelm your Evil and your Money

#hillary- our Secret Alliance – Saudi, Israel & USA – will Terminate and Undermine these Revolutions which Blight our New World Order

@RT_com 7000 jailed by egyptian army is part of usa plan to subvert destroy maim & mutilate these Revolutions

West will fight claw & dagger against #FraudProofVoting since that will bring Economic Loss to West but huge gains elsewhere

West will not allow further revolutions to suceed. Therefore move struggle to #UN & to Elections which are not rigged by IFES, IDEA Carter

Politics as Poetry til 13 june 2011 – english http://wp.me/p1kSt0-6z

@DavidBurudi – i will donate one free set cd3wd 5 dvd’s which can be copied unlimited. That will be your library. Alexweir1949@gmail.com

#GAVI – Poverty is the problem, not lack of crumbs from your table. Dictators create Poverty. Make Dictatorship History!

#GAVI – Just give third world 40% royalty on minerals & commodities, and lift ban on #FraudProofVoting so we can eliminate ALL dictators!

lui même
salamboo lui même
@Alexweir1949 je ne comprend pas ton tweet 😦
13 Jun Favorite Retweet Reply

Tech tip – use chrome browser with cd3wd offline material & it will automatically offer to translate (by going online)

Obama cameron doctor-death-assad saleh khalifa gaddafi benAli mubarak bachir museveni – Whom the Gods wish to Destroy They First make Mad

@RT_com college useless, cd3wd better

@BillGates please support Fraud Proof Voting – cd3wd.com/seev – no more need for disruptive revolutions with high civilian casualties

sorry guys that the new cd3wd.com download torrent is running late – probably ready about 4 July 2011….. worth while waiting for!

#obama- in order for us in the West to have Freedom, it is #Noble for us to impose and support pro-Western Dictators in the Third World

Mubage – there will be no Democracy in Zimbabwe in my lifetime….. and in 1000 years!

Ian Smith – there will be no Black Majority Rule in Rhodesia in my lifetime…. and in 1000 years!

#obama- in order for us in the West to have Riches, it is necessary to impose and support pro-Western Dictators in the Third World

#obama- in order for us in the West to have Freedom/Riches, it is necessary to impose and support pro-Western Dictators in the Third World

#obama – there will be no #FraudProofVoting in my lifetime…and in 1000 years!

#Gordon Brown – there will be no #FraudProofVoting in ‘s lifetime…and in 1000 years!

#DesBrowne – there will be no #FraudProofVoting in my lifetime…and in 1000 years!

#GordonBrown – there will be no #FraudProofVoting in my lifetime…and in 1000 years!

David #Cameron – there will be no #FraudProofVoting in my lifetime…and in 1000 years!

@NickKristof the problem is usa & uk who install idi amin, mugabe, museveni, ben ali, mubarak & so many others

@AJELive let 100% of syria population flee over borders from doctor Death big friend of israel & west. The West is the Best

@AJELive let gaddafi beg for #FraudProofVoting. West will refuse because it threatens their global hegemony

@NickKristof @ianbirrell m7 uganda is best buddy usa uk and biggest pro-western dictator. Watch cringing carter & ifes endorse his election

david indeje
DavidBurudi david indeje
@Alexweir1949 fraud proofing is the key when legislation is finalized
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@DavidBurudi you need #FraudProofVoting in kenya david. I tried but never managed yet. cd3wd.com/seev #Mudavadi

@SydWalker but they cannot seek & return ben ali & mubarak billions because those 2 were good little pro-westen dictators

@Thecitygirl86 britain is internally democratic but externally fascist. BBC biased coverage & non-coverage globally proves this.

@Henry_Kissinger @NickKristof kissinger you are truly a fascist among fascists!

A. Alzayani
aalzayani A. Alzayani
@Alexweir1949 I’m sorry to hear that, however I was rather referring to your accusations of genocide.
10 Jun Favorite Retweet Reply

@aalzayani 2007 my own uk government tried to politically assassinate me cd3wd.com/seev/intel.htm . I think that proves my case 🙂

@aalzayani bbc are fascist & back genocidal bahrain royal family. Uk & usa are externally fascist


alexweir1949.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/cd3… cd3wd tech dev info – knowledge is power!

Cd3wd project current & future plans & areas where YOU can help http://wp.me/p1kSt0-6y

#whys #bbccairo ros atkins my dear friend i dare you to phone me from todays show on +26773815632 to discuss #FraudProofVoting. What? Forbid

#whys economic damage tunisia & egypt was 110% unnecessary had west embaced #FraudProofVoting in 2006. Thus uk usa must be sued for damages!

#whys bbc=mi6

Israel loves Assad. Israel directs & controls Puppets Clinton & Obama. Therefore 2000 innocent Syrians must die in agony. West is the Best!

#obama – it is #Noble that we allow dictator Assad to massacre his people. This is the Price we Pay for our Freedom

@kofiAnnan @billClinton @blair if you have 1 gram decency in your body call for immediate global implementation #FraudProofVoting b4 POGROM!

Since west endorses barbaric actions of anti-western dictator Dr. Assad & will not enforce globally #FraudProof elections, people must flee!

#hardTalk #worldBank talks garbage. #fraudProofVoting is the Solution!

#hardtalk #FraudProofVoting is key to development in africa mr sackur!

Solution to Bahrain Crisis is a #FraudProofVoting Election

Solution to Yemen Crisis is a #FraudProofVoting Election

Solution to Tunisia Economic Crisis is track and confiscate Ben Ali Trabelsi $70 bn repeat BILLION

Solution au Crise Economique de Tunisie c’est trouver et reprendre les $30 Billions! Obama a promis!

Britain & America – Democracy – Justice Will Prevail

Britain & America – Democracy – The Truth will come out

Britain & America – Democracy – the Owls are Not What They Seem

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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of cd3wd.com. Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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