State of the World (and how to fix it!)

The State of the World (and how to fix it!)
The revolutionary period since January 2011, and the West, Russia and China’s reaction to it, should have taught us quite a bit:

– Dictators were and are more prevalent than we guessed
– The media seem to be out to misguide and hide information from the ordinary person
– The West behaves quite differently from its stated ideals and lofty mission statements

I like to think that I am in a privileged position, having lived 62 years of a relatively exciting and varied life (I have worked in 22 countries).  I have also invented or pioneered two projects in particular which have led me to unwittingly explore the depths of the Western Mythology:

– – cd3wd project – which gives away free to the third world 20 gigabytes of high quality technical development information

– – the SEEV Fraud Proof Voting Project – which gives away free to the world a universal voting system which is Fraud Proof

We start with cd3wd.  Over the years and after countless efforts and attempts, I have to conclude that the West is full of Institutions, Donors, NGOs, UNs, World Banks, IMFs etc who have zero interest in seeing the Third World developing.  i.e. there is zero or negative political sentiment at the highest levels towards the development of third world countries.  This might explain a lot, for example why we could put a man on the moon in 1969 but we still keep moving Millenium Development Goals backwards, and why we fund many useless and futile development projects which are doomed to failure.

Now we move to SEEV – Britain and China both have stated that my Fraud Proof Voting Project is ‘Dangerous’.  I was banned from the Global Electoral Organisation Conference in Washington DC 27-29 March 2007 (which was organised by IFES, for whom I had worked in Iraq on the Election in 2005), and effectively from the GEO conference in Gaborone in 2011.  Marcus Baltzer had his contract un-renewed with UNDP Malawi because of his interest in my system.  Madeline Williams, who was Head of Elections and Democracy for USAID in Washington DC was inexplicably and suddenly demoted to some menial desk job in Cairo shortly after suggesting to me that we should use SEEV to run the 2007 Nigerian Presidential Election.  My efforts with Rwanda Electoral Commission in 2007/2008 were sabotaged by UNDP, DFID and others.  December 2007 I received either warning shots or (more probably) several assassination attempts (fortunately inept) from French and British Intelligence in Guinea Conakry, Beirut, Aleppo, and Nairobi.

Regardless of the merits or demerits of my particular system, the stated ideals of the West inexplicably would entail that Western Institutions should develop their own Fraud Proof Voting System, and roll it out across the Globe.  This is simply not happening.  Well – they say that Politics is the Art of Postponing the Inevitable.

What are the implications of FPV?  The main one is that the recent and ongoing revolutions and attempted revolutions in the Middle East and the Magreb would simply not have been necessary at all – the Democratic Process would speak, and the people would get the Leaders they want.  Think of the gain in lack of lives lost and maimed, and in the lack of economic disruption.  Of course also regimes like China and Saudi Arabia would also be required to submit themselves to Fraud Proof Elections.

An interesting possibility arises – those countries and individuals who have been negatively affected by the lack of Fraud Proof Voting Systems could sue the West for suppressing FPV – for a huge amount of money – blood money but also – and easier to document and prove – Economic Loss Money.

In fact, one could say that the Twitter and Facebook Revolutions will be minor compared with the Fraud Proof Voting Revolution (also comical since the latest theoretical incarnation of FPV uses mobile phones -of course – but also Twitter as the delivery and verification medium).

FPV is the single most important factor to be realised – the rest will come into shape in due course after that happens.  But it is worthwhile also listing the pieces in the jigsaw which make up our very unjust and unsustainable modern day world:

– Fake media (even Al Jazeera but especially BBC), who don’t report, lie and misreport
– Fake UN (no teeth, e.g. Ban Ki Moon)
– Fake leftists and fake and infiltrated leftist organisations (e.g. UK SWP)
– Fake liberals and fake and infiltrated liberal organisations (e.g. UK
– Fake Aid and Development (so Fake!)
– Western countries which are internally democratic but externally fascist (UK, USA and France are the leaders, but not the only ones)
– A massive number of pro-western dictators, who are never identified or reported on by Western Media (approximately 90% of Third World Leaders, with another 5% being anti-Western Dictators and maybe 5% not being any kind of Dictator)
– The massive effect of these third world dictators in Grand Financial Theft and underselling of their People’s resources, and the resultant pervasive Poverty which is caused
– The huge amounts stolen by these pro-western and anti-western dictators MUST be returned to the People – the alternative is economic stagnation and decline.
– The need for 40% royalty payment on minerals and on commodities from the Third World, instead of the paltry 2-4% which is paid at present.
– The huge amount of exploitative old-style capitalism which operates throughout the Third World – where workers get as low as 1% of the value-added as compared with a decent figure of 80%.

There will be fake politicians in future who appear populist before the election and become fascists and/or thieves after the election (Obama is a good example), but the FPV road is one which has to be travelled.  The People have to keep throwing out corrupt dictators until they find good leaders (and then throw them out in turn when and if they become bad).

In fact, these days, there is little difference between the useless, corrupt and anti-people Third World Leaders and the useless, corrupt and anti-people Western Leaders.  Thus the struggle becomes no longer a Third World vs. West struggle, but a struggle of the Poor and Middle Classes vs the Global Establishment, the Rich, and Corporations and the PMIC (Political and Military Industrial Complex).

A word of warning – there are lots of people out there who regard what the West is doing in Libya as bad, and therefore in their simplistic manner regard Gaddafi the cruel anti-western Dictator as good.  Please – gentlemen! – use your brains – the enemy of a bad guy can also be a bad guy!  The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.  The leftists who are peddling this snake oil are very possibly the same fake leftists who have been infiltrated by the Global Establishment.

There is a serious need for totally new and virginal political parties to arise, not only in the Third World, but also in the West.  Parties of the Center-Left (this will scare the hell out of Americans, but I will say it).  In fact any and all previous politicians should be de-barred and dis-qualified from standing for these new parties – that is how uncorrupt and radical they have to be.

What will be the Mission Statement of our New World Order and these New Political Parties?  Freedom, Prosperity, Peace, Justice and Security – for all God’s Children everywhere – i.e. not only inside our National Boundaries.

Anything less than this will see an inexorable decline into global decay, poverty, chaos, insecurity, war, famine and disaster.  We have on this planet sufficient resources and sufficient technology and sufficient brains to create for everyone a decent standard of living.  What we lack up till now is the political will to achieve this.  There is no alternative!

This document is deliberately short, but it contains all that I can think is relevant, only expansion and explanation of some statements and assertions may be necessary.  Less is more.

Conclusion – implement Fraud Proof Voting – the rest will fall into place.  But also work on all the other things mentioned – then the path will be smoother and more efficient.

Alexander Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Wednesday 22 June 2011

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software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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