Random Number Clothing Tags

*** Alex Weir 2011 All Rights Reserved ***
Random Number Tags for Clothing as ID
For children who tend to lose, misplace or have stolen articles at school such as hats, gloves, scarves.
For adults who put clothing into laundry service and/or dry cleaners.
Basically, at production stage, such random number (maybe 9 or more digits, typically in groups of 3 with spacing – e.g. 123 456 789) labels can be sewn into clothing.
People can note their tags before taking clothing to laundry service or dry cleaners, or before kids go to school with those items.  If something is lost then the numbers can be matched to the owners.  If there are duplicate number tags then tough luck, but on average with 9 or more digits that won’t happen very often.
This is a substitute for people ordering and sewing into clothing name tags, and in fact is better when there are a lot of kids called Bill Smith or Mary Smith in the same class or in the same school.
Clothing manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can score advantage over competitors by implementing such a simple and low-cost measure.
Haberdasheries can also sell continuous rolls of such fabric labels for diligent parents and control-freaks to sew into their own and their kids clothing.
As an add-on, then barcodes can also appear on the label – maybe the number on one side and the barcode on the other side, with both visible when the label is sewn into the garment.  This can be useful for a large number of unclaimed garments, e.g. a lost property office.
The same can be done for shoes, which may be useful at Mosques and other Temples which require shoes to be left outside.
Finally, the last digit or last 2 digits can typically be a checksum on the other digits in the number – and thus a simple program can check for improperly/ inaccurately entered numbers.
I hereby claim 0.1% of the cost of the labels as my Royalty Payment ( I don’t think that  will break any banks – but undoubtedly there will be those who try to avoid payment)
Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa, Thursday 7 July 2011 alexweir1949@gmail.com  http://cd3wd.com
*** Alex Weir 2011 All Rights Reserved ***

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