Future distribution strategy for cdwd

Cd3wd utilisation and distribution in/to the Third World – a strategy

1.  Relative Costs of Distribution

a. Download with unlimited non-capped connection – or within monthly data allowance – cost = $0
b. Download at alternative western rates – 20 gb @ $8/gb – $160-00
c. Download at third world rates – typically $150/gb – $3000-00
d. Airmailed dvd’s –
i. Dvd cost –  5 x dvd’s @ $0.24 – $1-20
ii. Postage ex-USA or ex-UK 120gm – $4-00
iii. Packing – $1-60
iv. Total – $6-80
e. Taking a copy from dvd’s without retaining the dvd’s themselves – cost = $0
f. Getting a local supply of dvd’s without international mailing and packaging cost – $ 1-20
g. Airmailed sd cards or microsd cards (for use with smartphones,Vodafone webboxes etc)
i. Media cost – $2/gb  – $40-00 to $80-00, since small files take more space
h. Airmailed USB Flash Rams – costs very much similar to sd cards and microsd cards as above
i. Airmailed external hard drives – costs in the region of $60 for the cheapest external hard drives, capacity – typically 250 GB –  being well above cd3wd’s requirement.  Problem would be probably theft in the postal system.  Counter to that might be cost-free secure courier freight by DHL, FEDEX, UPS or another company with a CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy/action – the deal would be collection from the courier’s office but no actual delivery to recipient’s address.
j. Airmailed dvd’s, with local conversion in-country to sd card/ usb flash ram, external hard drive etc – much more feasible
k. Pre-load onto new or reconditioned PC’s – 1-10 compressed install files – cost effectively zero
l. Pre-Load onto new or reconditioned external hard drives – 1-10 compressed install files – once again cost effectively zero
m. Pre-Load onto new USB Flash Drives – once again cost effectively zero
n. Pre-Load onto new sd cards or mini sd cards – once again cost zero
o. Have mobile phone providers (MNPs) make access to http://cd3wd.com/cd3wd_40   and sub-directories toll-free/ data charge free when accessed from a Third World Country – cost = $0 (but accessing the larger – scanned-but-not-OCRd – files is effectively impossible)
p. Let Third World pedestrian mobile vendors sell cd3wd along with informal movie dvd’s
q. Let dvd hire shops sell cd3wd

2.  Media read/display systems for cd3wd

a. Computer which can read dvd’s with internal or external dvd reader – current price $500 for laptop or desktop.  Computer can obviously also print out content….
b. Computer with no capability to read dvd’s but which can read USB flash rams or possible sd or microsd cards
c. Smartphone which can browse toll-free or chargeable content through GPRS/Edge/3G wireless connection – current price $100 for low-end android touchscreen model
d. Smartphone which can locally browse html and pdf content on sd/microsd card
e. Smartphone which can locally browse html and pdf content on USB flash ram or external hard drive (?)
f. Vodafone Webbox  ($100) which can browse toll-free or chargeable content through GPRS/Edge wireless connection.
g. Vodafone Webbox  ($100) which can locally browse html and pdf content on sd/microsd card (maximum with present model is 2 gb, which is very restrictive for cd3wd)
h. Vodafone Webbox  ($100) which can locally browse html and pdf content on USB flash ram or external hard drive (?)
i. Sub-smartphone cheap internet-enabled mobile phone (CIEM) which can more primitively browse content on toll-free or chargeable connection, or on local storage
j. Dvd player like Philips CDi (now inactive?) initiative which can read htm and pdf and display to television set (???)
k. Remaster selected cd3wd content to vcd standard on dvd’s – can effectively only put 40 mb of computer content onto a 4 gb dvd though – therefor very inefficient and ineffective – also display quality is relatively poor…. – but remember dvd player and tv are almost universal technologies which are available to many poor households, provided they have electricity supply.  Dvd players are typically $30 these days.

3.  Power supply for these media read/display systems:
a. Mains electricity (with laptops having better interruption control and better off-grid capability)
b. Petrol or diesel generator for operation or for charging phones
c. Solar power supply
d. Mini-solar panel for smartphone operation and charging (typically $8 retail)
e. Charging from vehicle cigar socket – e.g. for smartphone or CIEM, or for laptop with adaptor

Best strategies are:
1. Dvd distribution internationally and domestically / internally

2. Factory or warehouse / depot pre-installation on new and reconditioned computers, smartphones, external hard drives, USB Flash Drives etc..

3. MNP provision of toll-free access to cd3wd from inside Third World Countries (together with an internal or international cd3wd project to digitalise those content which are graphic, bloated and non-OCRd)

4. Download in the West for use in the West and/or for distribution on dvd and other media to Third World

5. Installation on local webservers in Third World Internet cafes

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa, Tuesday 19 July 2011


About alexweir1949

software developer, inventor and innovator, Fraud Proof Voting Systems Inventor, founder of cd3wd.com. Based in Botswana and Zimbabwe, work everywhere.
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