The Way of the World

The way of the world

By @alexweir1949

Firstly – the world is not what it seems – the version of reality which mainstream western media have been peddling is flawed.
1. Britain and America have their own interests at heart 99.9% of the time, not some magical and mythical Global Common Good

2. Britain, America, France and some other western countries are effectively internally democratic, but externally fascist.  This compares with China, which is internally and externally fascist.  Of course these days we can see the external fascism of Britain and America creeping also into the internal workings…. (Britain’s phonegate, America’s Bradley Manning treatment)

3. United Nations are just a puppet and a tool which are used by the Great Powers for their own ends (this has become rather visible with the re-appointment of the pathetic and cowardly Ban Ki Moon)

4. The Majority of Third World Countries are Pro-Western Dictatorships.  Their Presidents collude with Western Companies and Western Governments, politicians and diplomats to rob or short-change their own people and enrich themselves and the foreigners.  This is particularly visible through the common miserly 4% mineral royalties and the 4% producer-share of commodities like coffee (even fairtrade!).

5. There are some anti-western dictatorships.  China loves these (Libya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iran, and some others).  The effect for the populations living under pro-western or anti-western dictatorships is little different.  Definitely they are much poorer and much less free than they would and should be.

6. We (the west) enforce this system of dictatorships by election-rigging – we allow, encourage and rubber-stamp election rigging globally, as long as it is by pro-western dictators.  Our main pro-democracy bodies – IFES, Carter Center, and International IDEA – are in fact all anti-democracy bodies, but carefully disguised.  So-called Election Experts are largely (but not totally!) spineless pre-paid Yes-Men and Apparachniks – politicians rather than technocrats.

7. Similarly, Amnesty, HRW, Transparency International, ICC and many other global organisations are effectively fake.  And there are many more (Wikileaks it seems is at least NOT fake – hang on in there, guys!).

8. The international Aid and Development Industry is another fake system, whose aim in fact is to delay and confuse real development, and to channel some of the best and brightest people from the Third World into activities which can best be described as highly-paid stone-breaking.  Little wonder that The Millenium Development Goals keep slipping backwards.

9. Interestingly enough, the recent flurry of democracy in the middle east has exposed some of the ugly underbellies of the symptoms and syndromes described above.  The blatant bias of many International News Organisations has become more visible, even to the non-political.

10. What is the solution to these problems?

11. The main problem is with Governments which are unelected.

12. Therefore the primary objective should be to get unrigged elections – this requires Fraud-Proof Voting Technology, which I am assured exists on paper, but has been stymied by the best efforts of Britain and America.

13. If and when genuine pro-people and un-corrupt leaders take power in the Third World and the Middle East, then it is possible for this ugly present-day charade to end.  There may be false starts on the way, and the people may misjudge some of the Presidential contenders, but after a few mistakes everything will settle down.  The important thing is to enforce such FraudProof Elections Globally, so that no one – including extremists of all political shades and of all religions – can hang onto power against the Will of the People.

14. Oh – and regimes which do not hold elections – Libya, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia etc – must be forced to hold them – no exceptions!

15. Will this bring instability? – very possibly – at least at the start.  Will this bring freedom, prosperity, peace, justice and security? – almost certainly yes.  We have no real alternative.

16. Oh – one important addition – the type of capitalism which was practised in the west from 1945 till about 1990 was relatively kind.  That variety has never yet taken root in the Third World – most capitalism there has been and is essentially exploitive – whether it is driven by external or internal investors and owners.  The changes which the world needs will also see a transition from Cruel and Exploitive Capitalism back to a Kind Capitalism.  We do not need to retry Communism or extreme versions of Socialism – Capitalism has a lot to offer, but only if it is properly controlled and regulated.  The majority of people in Britain and America now understand that fact, after recent bitter experience, and falling living standards over the last 20 years.  And since 1990 the West has also been slipping backwards from Kind Capitalism towards Cruel and Exploitive Capitalism…

I rest my case

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Monday 18 July 2011


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