Politics as Poetry 2 weeks til 2011.08.06

@killianFox africa moble revolution. Uganda needs
#FraudProofVoting to rid themselves of their tiresome pro-western dictator museveni!

Usa uk announce immediate end all foreign wars & adoption of #fraudproofvoting as global election standard. Dj & ftse rise 15%

http://m.ft.com/cms/s/0/219553ac-bec6-11e0-a36b-00144feabdc0.html – excellent article #saudi. 95% oil monies sqandered by saudi royals. Poverty for some saudis. Need #ffraudProofVoting

@johnKampfner #independent british defence budget insufficient for nation which is externally fascist

#uk #torture #inquiry – british are deluded – they do not understand that although internally democratic we are externally #fascist

@ArabDissident #bbc are still the best but can raise your blood pressure when they are in BS/lying  mode, which is occurring more & more 🙂

@Gsquare86 @VodafoneEgypt people can sue them in belgian court i think? Relatives of those who died because of vodafone cowardly complicity

@ArabDissident bbc dont like dangerous subjects. They dance to tune of uk fascist foreign policy.  bbc whys banned me over #fraudProofVoting

#malema – corruption sans frontieres – haffajee / miseyi race row a red herring to divert attention from malema & #zuma #southAfrica

Obama bars human rights violators from entering US http://t.co/RhVbzio #news – so #hillary, #robertGates & many others should not exit usa!

15% german children officially poor. No excuse! Insufficient socialism! Too many fat cats! #spiegel

REUTERSFLASH: Swede tried to build nuclear reactor in his kitchen http://t.co/3wM4C7j – great idea actually for third world! Give him job!

Amnesty: US sets up “Atrocities Prevention Board” http://owl.li/5VcOD – will this stop usa itself commiting atrocities?

Amnesty: US plans steps to prevent & respond to atrocities, sets up “Atrocities Prevention Board” http://owl.li/5VcOD – will this stop usa?

@WilliamJHague are they intelligent enough to understand that #fraudproofvoting is a Good Thing?, so you are not?

@afro_swit @Welshman_Ncube what percentage royalty payment? A miserable 2% like #mugabe sweet deal on platinum? Death to dictators! #ironore

@UKMilOps 1 out of 10 chaps! #fraudProofVoting will wipe the floor with your pathetic puerile & deadly wargames! Http://cd3wd.com/seev

Your dictator you’ll no more see, when you run your Poll with #FPV! #fraudProofVoting

@Ghonim now implement #fraudProofVoting to cement your Revolution  @Gsquare86

@msheshtawy @Gsquare86 – important is to get People’s Hands on that $70 bn – cia know where but wont tell you

@wakeup1442 usa foreign aid is pre-sabotaged so as to be useless and ineffective (but it makes money for the perpetrators!) – i know

@WilliamJHague i know #fraudProofVoting was mentioned many times! No! No!! No!

@ArabDissident i discussed #fraudProofVoting. His reaction & lack of followup tells me he is against fpv. There are many fake radicals

@ArabDissident #fraudProofVoting is an explosive issue which separates genuine people from charlatans. It is no trivial sm topic

@ArabDissident i met #tariqRamadan in london. He came over as yet another #fake. Maybe i am wrong but i dont think so

@theblacklist #sirleafJohnson is the biggest thief, and loved by the West. #liberia

http://m.independent.co.uk/;s=nWZGfF5wLtC1ecU8eKR8xQ06;article=1;hp=opinion;/ uk #nhs $10bn project cancelled – combination of IT incompetence, NHS recalcitrance. The Money People robbed taxpayers

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/8678007/Financial-crisis-to-leave-permanent-scar-on-unemployment-warns-NIESR.html – global unemployment inevitable – we must choose socialism, kind capitalism, cruel capitalism or fascism. God watches

@WilliamJHague http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/8678317/Cuts-have-left-our-troops-with-mission-impossible-in-Libya-and-Afghanistan.html – so reduce predatory money-driven use of uk armed forces disguised as world-cop actions! Simple!

@Gsquare86 next time csf and police are active call them the names cia and mossad, since that is who is paying them & who they work for

@AbirKopty usa & uk excel in divide-and-rule tactics. They wish to subvert destroy maim mangle your revolution. #tantawi=cia + mi6 + mossad

@Sentletse @afro_swit good article man. Middle class everywhere are a nasty bunch. Recent impoverishment may be good for their souls. Mzungu

http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/steve-richards/steve-richards-history-repeats-itself-in-libya-2330176.html – #fraudproofvoting is the solution http://cd3wd.com but your masters wont allow

@PoshBirdGabi @addthis @Londonist @Al_Fatah69 – #fraudProofVoting can work in conflict zone. Let the People decide! Http://cd3wd.com/seev/

Unholy alliance #tantawi #scaf #mb threaten egypt revolution to dustbin. Usa uk delighted. Now  tunisia. Status quo ante. Business as usual

@UKMilOps @WilliamJHague #libya wargame CAN be switched off. Play #fraudproofvoting before 51% libyans support #gaddafi http://cd3wd.com

@WilliamJHague #libya wargame CAN be switched off. Play #fraudproofvoting before 51% of libyans support #gaddafi. Freedom prosperity peace

#fraudproofvoting, feared by the bad, loved by the good. Feared by usa uk china israel saudi assad khalifa saleh

@stuartWeir #mutharika #fraudproofvoting is the obvious way to eliminate this #prowesterndictator http://cd3wd.com/seev – man or mouse, weir?

@iRev @samikishawi egyptians tunisians could not vote regimes out since elections globally are  rigged with Western connivance. #fraudproof!

@Gsquare86 withdraw. There are better battles to fight & better ways to fight them. The people will prevail over ignorance & fascism

We want our world back. @worldLeaders, you are drunk on money greed & power. You think you are gods, but that is punishable blasphemy

@amnesty & #UN are both fake organizations! Freedom prosperity peace justice security. #fraudproofvoting! Http://cd3wd.com/seev/

@Al_Fatah69 i know mi6 & french intel tried to kill me 1-18 dec 2007 to stop fpv, & they will try again. Http://cd3wd.com/seev/intel.htm

@AntaReportNews it is the best. And also it then goes on by domino effect to eliminate every dictatorship globally. #fraudproofvoting

#fraudProofVoting solves both #Libya & #Syria problems. Is anybody listening? Is everybody stupid or is there something political going on?

http://m.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jul/31/chance-ramadan-islam-conquests-libya?cat=commentisfree&type=article @abdelBariAtwan it is time for an Election in #Libya using #fraudProofVoting Technology http://cd3wd.com/seev #guardian

@BraamHanekop #passop #zimbabwe #southAfrica #homeAffairs is corrupt corrupt corrupt, passing money upwards to Zuma, darling of the West

@samikishawi israel backs #assad & usa maintains hands off policy. UN completely useless. Without #fraudProofVoting a dismal outcome

#mexico gangleader 1500 #killings – small change compared to usa president & uk pm – they achieve 100000/year for 4 years

President #assad statement on #usa: I am appalled by the usa government’s use of violence and brutality against foreigners overseas

#obama says syria will be better place when UN USA UK enforce #fraudproofvoting as global norm for all countries including china &  saudi

#independentAppeal @celiaDuggan crisis #kenya due to kibaki election fraud 2007 plus 7% kenyan economy theft by kibaki. #prowesterndictator

#independent @celiaDuggan crisis #kenya due to kibaki election fraud 2007 plus 7% kenyan economy theft by kibaki. #prowesterndictator

@johnSentamu backing #fraudproofvoting & #40pcMineralRoyalties can make a real difference to africa’s starving millions

@NickKristof most evangelicals work for cia, in africa and south america

@ted619  government which calls its people rats has a serious problem #libya

@Ghassandwich @samikishawi freedom prosperity peace justice security through #fraudProofVoting http://cd3wd.com/seev/

@celiaWDugger #nyt #maternal #deaths – problem is #prowesterndictators, solution is #fraudproofvoting. But – uk & usa governments refuse!

@Al_Fatah69 if you want him in power then vote for him in fraud proof election which mi6 cia mossad cannot manipulate. Simple

http://smpalestine.com/2011/01/30/on-the-united-states-anxiety-over-losing-an-ally-in-the-middle-east/ – great posting from end of jan2011 by @samiKishawi on #prowesterndictators, usa & #egypt

@Al_Fatah69 quite wrong. 2006 the west tried to kill me to stop my #fraudproofvoting project, which without bias removes PWDs & AWDs

http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/leading-articles/leading-article-libya–the-mission-that-crept-2327706.html – #libya – an #election is appropriáte! http://cd3wd.com

@Al_Fatah69 so – support #fraudproofvoting & an election in #libya. Http://cd3wd.com

http://m.guardian.co.uk/ms/p/gnm/op/s8SmA3hswt2hWlF1Hh390BA/view.m?id=15&gid=world/2011/jul/27/jail-singapore&cat=most-read – #singapore – yet another fu**ing pro-western dictatorship! Remove these injustices & HR offenders  #fraudProofVoting

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/politics/from-mubarak-to-marcos-where-are-all-the-despots-2327029.html – 87% of the mere 8 dictators listed in this poor article are PWDs. There are many PWDs in our cruel world, under radar

@Gsquare86 @lilianwagdy @maggieosama @RashaPress @Abol3araby @NourElakkad – all, 2006 i invented a fraud proof voting system. Can we use?

@jonsnowc4 #West is now in a trap in libya with no way out except an election. Cannot run an election without feared #fraudProofVoting

#icc are truly a puppet of the west! Another fake fake fake organisation! #libya #awd anti western dictator. Make dictatorship history!

Distinguished british newspapers studiously avoid the E-word – they dare not talk election. How many days or hours before Hague capitulates?

Fear & Loathing in London & Washington. #FraudProofVoting is the only way out, but the West squirms & squeals to avoid this Poisoned Chalice

The #West is now in a trap – embroiled in libya with no way out except an election. #fraudProofVoting is the solution, but is feared by West

The #West is now in a trap – embroiled in libya with no way out except an election. Cannot run an election without feared  #fraudProofVoting

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8663293/The-Libyan-campaign-is-running-into-the-sand.html – the libyan campaign is running into an ELECTION using #fraudproofvoting http://cd3wd.com

@UKMilOps @WilliamJHague #tnc. #nato is not authorized to use even $1 of libya’s money nor gaddafi’s stolen money! War must be paid by NATO!

@Gsquare86 police and securityy globally believe they are above the law and prefer to talk about ‘the Law of the Land’. Dangerous fascism

@UKMilOps nick, have you not heard? There will be an ELECTION – using #fraudproofvoting. Stand down – stop destroying people’s assets

@AntaReportNews @WilliamJHague need for #fraudproofvoting in #yemen

@ibnezra the cellphone is mightier than the uzi!

@Gsquare86 #chaos&revolution – the yanks are feeding #scaf this garbage. They wish to bend fold tear & mutilate your revolution

#southafrica government opposes #walmart coming because of possible job losses, totally ignores positive impact on poor of lower prices

@WilliamJHague @UKMilOps correction i would not will not run for #nato or for #hmg but will run for #Libya People #fraudproofvoting

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/8664429/Ministry-of-Defence-spends-1billion-on-staff-credit-cards.html – uk #mod massively corrupt – ask @desBrowne

@jonGlennie #guardian – the West does NOT want third world to develop, hence the massive incompetence in all #DevCoop. Minimize benefit/cost

@alScotlandi uk will pay in cash for crimes against humanity by illegal installation of #idiAmin & #Mugabe #cah

@awalgonga2009 in my experience 95% of whites are #racist against blacks. In africa, less than 1% of blacks are racist against whites

@ipsnews #haiti #reconstruction – capability of #aidanddevelopment to waste money to zero benefit must never be underestimated or doubted!

@WilliamJHague the libyan people must determine their own future – hold an election. No western-style rigged BS. #fraudproofvoting

@amnesty #vietnam – pro-western dictatorship. Usa loves that. Amnesty, embrace #fraudproofvoting – make Amnesty History!

#bbc #journalists #worktorule – why dont you guys try telling the truth for a change? Talk about #fraudproofvoting http://cd3wd.com

@StopBombing #fraudproofvoting is much more effective weapon, more targetted, lessexpensive, zero collateral damage http://cd3wd.com

@WilliamJHague why not subject #gaddafi to #fraudproofvoting? I really thought that us brits believed in democracy? Maybe yorkshiremen not?

@mfinancenews @sietsema what about #democracy #freedom via mobile? #fraudproofvoting http://cd3wd.com

@barrybateman ok pwd or awd, i dont like dictators. Kill them or retire them through #fraudProofVoting – Http://cd3wd.com

@ArabDissident un & aid agencies so fu**ing useless, have seen this crisis coming for 6m & done nothing. Usa responsible. Dfid budget gbp7bn

@AnjumKiani correct. Put him in a saudi jail for 21 years. Along with all politicians  who play the race card #breivik

@NickKristof you will never need therapy as long as you believe the lies and obscufation which you peddle. Cover #fraudproofvoting! Coward

@anitamcnaught #fraudproofvoting! And since when is nato a political organisation? If they are then fascist since unelected (like gaddafi)

@anitamcnaught write about #fraudProofVoting. Go on. I dare you. Http://cd3wd.com/seev – solution to gaddafi vs nato impasse

@ipsnews #swaziland #arvs #aids shortage BS – show us the money for generics!

@AntaReportNews google alex weir aids arvs you should find the whole ugly facts on my website & blog. No one pays any attention. Media BS

@AntaReportNews @TheEconomist #aids the cure is already here – ARVs, but the West prefers to  withhold both free & affordable treatment!

Usa uk cia mi6 determined to stop fraud proof voting being used in tunisia and egypt – at all costs and with extreme prejudice

#malawi needs immediate election using #FraudProofVoting to remove this tiresome pro-western dictator mutharika! #m&g

African Villains: Only leaders who are determined to steal from their people are prepared to kill their people

@Gsquare86 #egyelection int observors in practice are ineffective. I offer free public domain fraud proof voting – please RT, gigi thanks

@killianFox africa moble revolution. Uganda needs #FraudProofVoting. Why dont you write about THAT use of mobile phones, you lackey?

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