Third world requires enhancements in Gmail

All rights reserved Alex Weir 2011

Modifications to Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other web mail packages to adequately serve Third World Requirements

The main requirement which I see is as follows:

Sometimes one will need to delegate someone else to check for one’s email and even to send off an email – because of being geographically out of signal range, or just for convenience – e.g. some small business people may delegate some or all of their email activity to a cybercaf� / internet caf�.

Thus it will be useful to have different passwords and different authorisation levels.  I can envisage the following as being useful:
1.  The master password – which is the only password available at the moment – gives full access to read, delete, compose, send etc all email

2. A low-level password which allows one to view the inbox unread emails only.  This may be on a line-item only basis, or to view the complete email body and even to copy out to a flash ram or something else.  i.e. there may even be 2 sub-passwords here, or one may determine whether it is a read-summary only or read-all-contents password

3. A middle level password which allows one to send email only, with or without also being able to read inbox unread items.  This may even be a one-off password which allows one to log in and see nothing but be able to compose and send off one email only.
The main dashboard with the master password must of course summarise all activity conducted by persons using these lower passwords when the master password user logs in again….

These features should not be so difficult to build in, and should be useful in certain or many third world situations.

Additionally, there should be special operating screens for third world extremely low bandwidth conditions (like one finds in Kigali – the supposed IT Hub (!)) – one should be able to pull up a compose window offline, compose up to 6 or 10 short emails, and then send all at one time and pull back also the first 200 characters of all inbox unread items (and maybe the subject only when gmail or whoever knows or suspects it is an email service – i.e. not an actual communication from a real person).  Then one can conduct a complete email session with 1 or at most 2 client-server calls.

Although I made this the secondary or subsidiary item, on afterthought it is probably a more important requirement to implement than the first set – on which I set out to compose this blog.

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Thursday 11 August 2011

All rights reserved alex weir 2011

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