Zero cost Housing for third world

*** All Rights Reserved Alex Weir 2011 ***
Zero Cost Housing

Low-Cost Housing is a relatively popular buzzword among Development Cooperation and Architectural Circles.  As far as the Third World is concerned, low-cost housing is actually Housing for the Middle or Lower Middle Classes – it is never Housing for the People.

Zero Cost Housing is exactly Housing for the People – the approach will examine how people in the rural and the urban area house themselves in traditional dwellings built of mud and straw thatching  and in shacks built of corrugated galvanised iron and/or plastic sheeting.  It will consider how such dwellings can be made:

1.  Stronger

2. More rain resistant, heat and/or cold resistant

3. More secure against thieves while inhabited and while empty

4. How a strong-box or something similar can be incorporated for security of possessions, money and documents

5. More secure against wild animals while inhabited

6. How sanitation – external or internal – can be effected, possibly with beneficial by-products such as fertiliser, compost, gas etc.

7. How mains electricity can be safely integrated with the structure. Alternatively generator, solar, batteries

8. How privacy can be provided

9. How personal washing can be integrated, internally or externally

10. How cooking can be integrated, internally or externally

11. How clothes  washing can be integrated, internally or externally

The study by the way may also try to determine how many people who have only lived in traditional and who have lived in both such traditional and western dwellings (usually forward progression but also hopefully sometimes backward progression) rank the various features and  benefits and how much they may be willing to pay or invest to have them.

There we are chaps!  A good idea/ good ideas  – run with it!  Do something for the People!

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Thursday 11 August 2011
*** All Rights Reserved Alex Weir 2011 ***


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