Politics as Poetry 2011.08.18

@bhookh_com hunger is #1 cause of death in india

http://trc1.emv2.com/HS?a=ENX7CqgRK9Is8SA9MKLf8F3nGHxKCMt5YfcStGb5lw8W0bBhOG5mpqVsje_HxHDbxlOA – bill gates #bmgf program against #malaria will fail. They are the most Useless among the #Useless!

#uk 20% #unemployment16-24 age group.  #cameron & #clegg ask me how since your advisers dont know – #free highquality #content

#uk 20% #unemployment16-24 age group. This free content can be along lines of http://cd3wd.com & can even run on dvd player without pc

#uk 20% #unemployment16-24 age group. Situation needs useless government to organise useful free e-content for uk & global youth

#uk 20% #unemployment16-24 age group. Since university entrance is no longer a hurdle then study your own stuff during (free) school time

#uk 20% #unemployment16-24 age group. University is no big deal. Buy & share the books. Allow anyone to sit university exams. Simple!

@RYANGIBBINZ #tsvangirai just needs good advisers. Get #mugabe & #zanupf out then prepare for new faces 5 years later #zimbabwe

@amnesty: How can #technology advance #humanrights? I told you 2006, but since you are a fake organization you rejected #fraudproofvoting

@DavidBurudi @SokoAnalyst too many thieves politicians presidents pms  ministers #kenya #kibaki

Alex weir (@Alexweir1949) has shared a Tweet with you:

“hatem: “@breale: 67 open source replacements for really expensive software http://t.co/DGuQHac #processmaker #sugarcrm #openbravo #linux #bpm””

#uk – tough on young poor black rioters, easy on rich white bankers & killer cluster bomb makers. Fascism in action!

@bbc_whys india is too unequal, rich underpay everyone else. No purchasing power in the economy. +26773815632

Uk #moraldecay affects #police & #rioters equally. Two sides of  the same coin

@slim404  @ISIETN #tnelec  @hatem ISIE svp permettez moi vous assister  conduire un election garantie sans truc – http://cd3wd.com/seev/

@slim404  @ISIETN #tnelec #fraudproofvoting @hatem ISIE svp permettez moi vous assister  conduire un elections garantie sans truc – serieux

@slim404 Election committee @ISIETN says it did not receive any request to monitor elections from foreigners #tnelec #fraudproofvoting

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/these-indiscriminate-killers-leave-their-deadly-legacy-from-libya-to-lebanon-2338175.html – #cluster weapons – manufactured used & sold by russia china #usa & financed by uk & uk public banks. West is #fascist

@AlexChipapa #fraudproofvoting http://cd3wd.com/seev #malawi #dictator #mutharika

@AlexChipapa i am white but not lazy mr alex. Democratically elected means zero in this modern world when uk usa rigg elections #mutharika

http://greenimalist.com/2011/08/cd3wd-do-everything-yourself/ – great article on my cd3wd.com project

#uk #rural #bus using twitter as free searchable database can enable immediate rural #carsharing. Only problem may be old using internet

@afro_swit until there is #40pcMineralRoyalty plus #fraudproofvoting plus g2p universal payments. #whiteGuilt #southAfrica

http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/williamsaundersonmeyer/2011/08/13/a-cellular-licence-to-print-money/- good article + comments on #mobile companies & politicians stealing from the poor in #africa

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/oxfam-official-quits-haiti-post-2337097.html – #oxfam another #ngo fiasco in #haiti #parasites #antipeople #westernBS

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/ethiopia-counts-the-cost-of-east-africas-crisis-2337272.html – #ethiopia counts the cost of #prowesterndictator meles #zenawi

http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/jeremiahkure/2011/08/10/malawi-on-the-precipice-too-ghastly-to-contemplate/ #mutharika is yet another #dictator who needs the cold wind of #fraudproofvoting http://cd3wd.com #malawi

http://www.balancingact-africa.com/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=4553&qid=300464 – #kenya internet #schools #textbook project belgium & japan

#Egypt accepts US$2 billion from #WB http://t.co/HH3u5kk – needless & foolish when thief #mubarak had $70n in western banks! @Gsquare86

@AntaReportNews @M_akbik for genuine elections use #fraudproofvoting – feared by the bad, loved by the good. Feared & hated by usa uk china

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/8695556/Without-Saudi-support-President-Bashar-al-Assads-brutal-dictatorship-in-Syria-looks-doomed.html – since #saudi severed with #syria, #assad downfall is now only a matter of time & how many more innocent to die

@360CNN #ukriots – fascism abroad inevitably creates some fascism also internally, which triggers protests, riots & then escalating fascism

@engpravda #internationalCommunity is pure BS & fantasy & is full of sh*t. Uk usa have only their own devious commercial intetests at heart

#ukriots occurred because uk police kill with impunity. Simple!

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/8693546/Can-anything-douse-the-economic-flames.html – necessary that savers & creditors absorb some losses in order to resolve present crises, including sovereign debt

I think uk reaction to #ukriots is deeply racist. I hear nothing against or about the 25 police killings per year in custody

Disturbing #ukriots opinion poll – 33% want live rounds against rioters. We fought fascism 39-45 only to adopt & nurture fascism 2011!

#cameron – Pockets of our society are not just broken but frankly sick.Guess he means his police death squads…..

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/pressure-grows-on-swazi-king-to-open-up-royal-slush-fund-2334162.html – #swazi king another thieving #prowesterndictator – when the king is greedy the people are poor

#ifo2 refugee camp scandal #un #unhcr #kenyagov #somalia #famine – ifo2 camp still closed for no good reason. Someone must bribe #kibaki

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/un-and-kenya-attacked-over-60m-somali-refugee-camp-that-still-stands-empty – yet more un & devcoop gross incompetence!

@asoolalsayed wrong – gordon brown and des browne are well above the law. Uk is much less democratic than brits & foreigners think

http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,779413,00.html#ref=nlint – british malaise #ukriots – brits seem universally to approve of police death squads. Very scary. Zero democracy

http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,779071,00.html#ref=nlint – answer is #fraudproofvoting – simple! http://cd3wd.com/seev #arabspring revolution in danger

.http://m.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/aug/09/can-syrians-dare-to-hope?cat=commentisfree&type=article – great from a syrian. They do need #fraudproofvoting! But the West will not allow

#cameron – i want & demand that the current 25 deaths per year in police custody become zero!  And I welcome all peaceful protests

Predatory Economics not Zero Sum Game http://wp.me/p1kSt0-70 – public losses are 100x private gains by speculators & global rich & leaders!

#cameron – we no longer have the death penalty, so police death squads seemed to be an excellent solution

#cameron – police, politicians & rich people are a different life-form, and require quite separate treatment and laws

#cameron – anyone commiting murder will receive life, unless they are police, in which case they will receive guaranteed immunity

#Cameron: We will not allow a culture of fear on our streets, apart of course from fear of the police

#Cameron: “Whatever tactics the police feel they need to employ they will have legal backing – this includes of course their death-squads”

#cameron – we need to have stronger penalties, but not for police death squads, who have and will have blanket immunity

#cameron – we will teach these criminals ballroom dancing & cricket! That will sort them out!

#cameron – these people who insist on living in poverty only have themselves to blame. Why dont they marry someone rich or go to good school

#cameron – we will advise police in future when they execute someone to dispose of body in special acid baths & deny all responsibility

#cameron – nothing is rotten in the State of Britain!

#cameron – the only violence on our streets which will be tolerated is by our highly trained & deadly police!

#cameron – right-minded conservative voters have no reason to fear our unaccountable police death squads who kill with impunity

#cameron – we will pass laws that everyone must live in a rural village and have pleasant lifestyle, nice car, play cricket, vote tory

So- much more recession is coming. We need to harness & organise all these underemployed brains & bodies to improve society in every country

poverty causes hunger. Corruption causes poverty. Dictatorship causes corruption

http://m.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/aug/09/can-syrians-dare-to-hope?cat=commentisfree&type=article – great from a syrian. They do need #fraudproofvoting! But the West will not allow

http://m.ft.com/cms/s/0/fac0b38e-c1d1-11e0-bc71-00144feabdc0.html  – interesting stuff. He says without fear of police there can be no order. What BS. must everyone fear police?

Un ratings agency. Ban all tax havens. Ban cds & all complex instruments. Creditors share sovereign debt losses. Zero incentive risky trades

http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/aug/09/democracy-leaders-cannot-protect-us – the problem in uk & elsewhere is that leaders no longer work for the People but for theselves or whoever pays most!

http://newsletters2.mg.co.za/servlet/link/6026/72057/6501209/590922 – mugabe & military attack civilians in pre-election state terrorist violence. Bring on #fraudproofvoting! Uk says no!

#cameron – it is noble that uk police every year execute 25 uk citizens with impunity. This distinguishes us from gaddafi & assad

#cameron – it is noble that uk police every year execute 25 uk citizens with impunity. This is an indicator of our civilization

#cameron – it is noble that uk police every year in custody & without trial execute 25 uk citizens with impunity. This maintains our freedom

@sonsofmalcolm @avinunu @AJEnglish aje are one of the many respected organizations who censor all coverage of the #fraudProofVoting Project

@SayedModarresi @khdalshatti in our western dominated global society, #prowesterndictators are good, #antiwesterndictators are bad – BS!

Arab #prowesterndictators tell #assad that #antiwesterndictators are a Bad Thing. Death to ALL dictators! Or #fraudproofvoting!

Without the murder of mark #duggan there would be no riots. Is having police who kill with impunity something to be proud of? #ukriots

@Gsquare86 every phone is trackable by national & international securityservices, even when switched off. One has to remove the battery

#fraudProofVoting – #censored by opendemocracy.org tariqRamadan philipBarclay FCO DFID MOD number10 – gee – this has to be GOOD!

#fraudProofVoting – #censored by williamCoffey Scotsman robertFisk  independent guardian  telegraph desBrowne – gee – this has to be GOOD!

#fraudProofVoting – #censored by IFES IDEA CarterCenter worldbank imf  osce ers eris amnesty transparency – gee – this has to be GOOD!

#fraudProofVoting – #censored by gavinesler abdelBariAtwan alQuuds zenaBadawi sky cnn gordonBrown justinForsyth – gee – this has to be GOOD!

#fraudProofVoting – #censored by bbc aljazeera presstv georgegalloway jeffreysachs billclinton tonyblair – gee – this has to be GOOD!

@SherineT sue usa uk for blocking #fraudproofvoting since 2006 which would have & will still remove all dictators pro & anti western!

@haJoonChang – 1. Create UN ratings agency  2. Force creditors to absorb %age of bad sovereign debt 3. Ban complex financial products

@haJoonChang – 4. Render all tax havens illegal 5. Completely change incentive structure in financial industry to penalize risk-taking

Untrammelled Capitalism is killing the world & creating #poverty. Bring back the #KindCapitalism we used to know & love!

In our modern society, the rich are removing $10 trillion from global economy so that they themselves can gain $ 100 bn. Selfish destroyers

http://m.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/aug/08/number-one-problem-economy-europe?cat=commentisfree&type=article – sounds like the middleclass & poor are getting screwed also in germany! AngloSaxon NeoCon model again the culprit!

http://m.ft.com/cms/s/0/f35f1722-c1b1-11e0-acb3-00144feabdc0.html – ft says uk schools must help underachievers – but where will the jobs be? And what about irrelevant curriculum?

http://m.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/aug/08/global-finance-dysfunction-at-heart?cat=commentisfree&type=article – global financial system needs 6 here-detailed safeguards which hurt the rich & safeguard & help everyone else!

http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2011/08/morning-papers-financial – so many good articles here today!

http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/aug/08/global-finance-dysfunction-at-heart – this economist @haJoonChang really has his shit together

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/8630533/Riots-the-underclass-lashes-out.html – the uk underclass lashes out

Uk economy in ruins. War machine runs amok. All parties ignore underclass. Police kill with impunity. Revolution seems good idea

Uk economy in ruins. War machine runs amok. Parliament corrupt.  Police kill with impunity. Revolution seems like intelligent & good idea

Uk economy in ruins. War machine gobbles money & kills innocents for no reason. Police kill with impunity. Revolution seems like a good idea

Uk economy in ruins. War machine & royalty gobbling money. Poverty unemployment. No jobs no hope. Police kill with impunity. Revolution?

http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/oneyoungworld/2011/08/08/good-governance-is-not-enough/ – #southAfrica needs #fraudproofvoting, #40pcMineralRoyalty, elimination of corrupion by #anc #malema #zuma

@samikishawi #somalia drought became #famine because of usa policy & actions 1990 till today & beyond. Usa is 100% culpable

@Gsquare86 inequality and poverty must go!

@thegenderwire @jetsetfeminist because devcoop industry does not want third world to develop, prefers to waste money on useless projects

#assad – it is the duty of a dictator to kill those of his citizens & fellow countrymen who oppose his rule. Those people are outlaws

@WilliamJHague #arabspring will bring #fraudproofvoting – which britain has vehemently & murderously opposed! Http://cd3wd.com

#Germany says #Assad will lose his legitimacy to rule if he doesn’t immediately implement #fraudproofvoting in #Syria http://t.co/GRyGFvb

#Germany says #Assad will lose his legitimacy to rule if he doesn’t immediately implement #fraudproofvoting in #Syria http://t.co/GRyGFvb

http://trc1.emv2.com/HS?a=ENX7CqgRK9Is8SA9MKLAQgznGHxKCNF77PcStGb5lw8W0bBhOG5mpqVsje_HxHDbxlOv – bahrain is not divided between shia & sunni – it is a #prowesterndictatorship! Make dictatorship history!

http://m.ft.com/cms/s/0/f443f640-c115-11e0-b8c2-00144feabdc0.html – crucial article by #roubini – runs counter to #osborn #merkel #usa & others who will remain rich unlike us others

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/fair-elections-promised-as-tanks-pound-hama-2333288.html – syria needs #fraudProofVoting as a solution to present deaths & chaos

#southAfrica #zuma states #nationalization will not work in south africa. But #40pcMineralRoyalty WILL! Make poverty history! #m&g #anc

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2022993/DOMINIC-SANDBROOK-Capitalism-crisis-warning-history-Eighty-years-ago-banking-collapse-devastated-Europe-triggering-war-Today-faith-free-markets-faltering-again.html – capitalism in crisis. Rapacious war-mongering feed-the-rich-only usa/uk neocon philosophy now in tatters. Solution?

Globally, #unemployment, #poverty, inequality becoming more serious problems! Require solutions from outside box. Present path isnt working!

Only 58% of usa population are in work, lowest since 1983. Globally, #unemployment, #poverty, inequality are becoming more serious problems!

Deaths of US special ops troops marks continued ‘senseless waste of human life’ in Afghanistan – #Obama #news

http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2011/08/mubarak-trial-arab-father #faridFarid most important is to reclaim #mubarak money for #egyPeople & #egyEconomy & to implement #fraudProofVoting

Syrian foreign minister has said elections to a new parliament will be held by year’s end. http://t.co/yBfz1pm – i offer #fraudproofvoting!

15% germans 20% brits 25% americans 80% africans 85% indians live in poverty, & increasing! UN rubbish West rubbish. Action is required!

#katyClark #newStatesman – #trident only required by a britain which is externally fascist & in a world populated by #dictators. #fraudProof

@DavidBurudi #ruralPoverty #kenya. Problem is massive land holdings by wazungu & foreigners. Land shortage. Thieving presidents. Rigged vote

The Gulf Cooperation Council urges an end to “bloodshed” in #Syria and calls for #FraudProofVoting to be implemented globally #gcc

Istaelis feel that they themselves should have #socialJustice, but #Palestinians not. Selfish radicalism

Uk economy in ruins. Britons suffering. But uk war machine continues its insanities. Madness. Bring on #fraudproofvoting! Save the world!

America economy in ruins. Americans suffering. But usa war machine continues its insanities using chinese & other foreigners money. Madness

@ArabDissident @iRevolt #nato to invade #syria. Nato usa uk are very afraid of #fraudproofvoting & have tried to kill to stop it but failed

@ArabDissident @iRevolt #nato to invade #syria. Nato usa uk are very afraid of #fraudproofvoting because they like to steal from the poor

@ArabDissident @iRevolt #nato to invade #syria. Nonsense! #fraudproofvoting & fraud proof election will give syria people what they want!

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8684942/Libya-Italy-demands-investigation-into-whether-Nato-warship-ignored-refugees.html – unnamed #nato warship kills 100 libyans in med, noone cares. Libyan lives worth nothing states @WilliamJHague

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8684942/Libya-Italy-demands-investigation-into-whether-Nato-warship-ignored-refugees.html – #nato defies its own humanitarian mandate to save libyan lives – when desperate libyans try to sail to europe #kill

@alScotlandi #lotto #islamic – only ok if you give 95% genuinely   to the poor & not to bogus charities like oxfam, xtianAid, SaveChildren

Uk usa announce global 40% mineral royalty payment, #fraudproofvoting, universal lowcost e/m-bank accounts & G2P payments. Stocks soar 25%

@bhookh_com make premature death history! Make hunger history! Make poverty history! Make corruption history! Make dictatorship history!

@bhookh_com Make poverty history! Make dictatorship history! #fraudProofVoting http://cd3wd.com/seev/


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