Low-cost surveying instruments for Third World

*** All Rights Reserved Alex Weir 2011 ***

Zero Cost Laser Surveying Instruments using inexpensive laser pointers
When I was younger, surveying instruments were expensive, bulky and required a moderate level of expertise to use.
Laser pointers are available in 2011 for $7 retail.
In the Third World, there may be some cases where a less-than-professional instrument would do the trick, and I am guessing that one could be made from 1 or from 2 of these totally standard laser pointers.
Such a device would be used in conjunction with a 100 metre measuring tape (or 100 metres of polypropylene string knotted at metre intervals). It might also utilise a standard builder’s level. It might even use a compass (available for about $6). And maybe a GPS, or else a mobile phone with position capability (Google Latitude or Google Maps or something similar). And it could be used for:
– A Level
– Measuring Distance
– Measuring Angle
– Measuring land area
– Making straight lines
It could be made of steel pipe, sheet and some round bar, and may use wooden push-in legs.
Maybe somebody has done this (?). Or maybe somebody should. I am passing this out so that people who know the business of surveying can come back with ideas and designs.
Maybe some of the things which need to be done don’t actually need an instrument as such – that is also a possibility…. – your feedback is welcomed here in the Comments below…. Or by email to alexweir1949@gmail.com

That’s all for now folks!
Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Friday 26 August 2011
*** All Rights Reserved Alex Weir 2011 ***


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