Left/right pairable joinable reading glasses

*** Alex Weir 2013 All Rights Reserved ***

Left/Right Pairable Joinable Reading Glasses

There have been some articles in the global media 2013/06 about adjustable lens glasses and how they might possibly be a low-cost solution for vision problems in the Third World.  Certainly the difference in price between reading glasses (US$ 2-10) and fully-specified tailor-made glasses  (US$ 50-300) is huge and unnecessary (i.e. profiteering).  This problem incidentally affects people with less than perfect vision globally � the opticians’ racket is truly a global racket.

Now the problem with reading glasses is that the left and right eyes have both the same setting.  And to provide enough off-the-shelf pairs with all the variety of possible combinations would be uneconomic for any retail outlet or vendor.

So � the obvious solution:

1. Make Reading glasses with lens which can easily be popped out and popped in � and allow customers or the vendor to do this process.

2. Make reading glasses as 2 halves which fit together by one of several techniques � in my estimation, a split on the nose bridge would work best, with for example a small steel or aluminium male thread on the left unit and a female thread on the right unit.  These threads should be common and universal, so that lefts and rights from different manufacturers can be joined together if need permits.  The threads can be embedded into the plastic at the time of moulding of the frames.  Alignment of course would be important.  The result should be sturdy but maybe not so sturdy as a normal fully integrated pair � OK there has always to be some tradeoff.  If threads become loose they can be doctored with thread tape, bostick sticky stuff, or even chewing gum.  In fact if the client wishes them to become permanent, then a good epoxy adhesive can be used to provide more strength.

3. An alternative would be an adaption of solution (2) as above, but using two small curved steel plates � one in front of the nose bridge and one behind it, each with 2 small drilled holes, and using two small high tensile bolts with nuts.  2 sets of conventional reading glasses can be sawn in half, drilled and re-joined using this technique.  Stainless steel for the plates if possible.

4. Just bring down the cost of optician-supplied glasses � which may happen hopefully if any or all of the above 3 solutions take hold…

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa.  Sunday 21 July 2013 � All Rights Reserved

*** Alex Weir 2013 All Rights Reserved ***


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One Response to Left/right pairable joinable reading glasses

  1. percy hastings says:

    there already are glasses available with the left and right lenses held separately. the joining of the glasses is accomplished quite simply with a magnetic coupling

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