Solutions to facilitate rapid searching of massive offline content, integrating also online and paper-based content

Solutions to facilitate rapid searching of massive offline content, integrating also online and paper-based content

Local desktop offline searching of cd3wd is now obviously becoming difficult and integrating offline and online content for searching is also problematic.  There are one or two solutions:

– for online searches, use a google or equivalent CSE search which allows a single web search to search oinly at the same time a number of websites or sub-sections of websites.  The problem has been that at one time, Google started to charge for this.  Anyone out there with more current info and advice please feed back to me –

– for offline searches, google desktop (still apparently useable and even downloadable although no longer supported by Google) is a good option I guess

– for offline searches, Copernic full version ($50 or so) is an excellent local offline search tool.  The free version can only index about 1 GB – which is very inadequate for cd3wd offline

– for offline searches, I am thinking about expanding and re-organising my TWI – third world info – project – whereby each file (pdf , avi etc) has a small matching html file with a link to the main file.  This small file has enough title, author, size, filetype, date, keyword info ideally and also has a LOCAL link and furthermore a WEB link to the document.  These small files can sit together in a single directory system and can easily be indexed by Copernic Free Version, Google Desktop etc..  The beauty of this system is that one can also make links to amazon etc for paper-only sources, and links to other organisations websites.  The small htm files can be produced automatically from a file listing using a simple desktop application which works by reading a textfile from a DIR *.* /S /O /B >outputfile.txt  command…..

Then E4C, EWB, Practical Action, UNFAO, WHO, Hesperian, Appropedia, Biovision, Village Earth etc etc can all feed listings for cd3wd to process or feed the actual html files for inclusion.  The html file collection will also be small enough for download even on a bad connection to keep everyone updated…..

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana


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