Australia slashing aid budget can greatly help Third World

Australia’s slashing of Overseas Aid Budget may greatly help the Third World

Tony Abbott’s decision to slash AusAid from AUD 7bn to AUD 1bn per year is a radical experiment which has been talked about (e.g. by UK’s UKIP) but has never yet been implemented.

When one examines the overall efficiency and productivity of the National, Multinational and private sector Aid & Development Organisations, one is stunned by the their incompetence and inefficiency.  It is almost as though the intention of the West is that the Third World should never develop or become self-sufficient. 

That is of course exactly what is going on.

So if AusAid were to shut down tomorrow it would make buggar all difference to anyone and everyone except for those superannuated international so-called experts who lead a nice lifestyle parasiting on the poor and on the Western taxpayers equally.

If Australia’s experiment works then it could be quickly followed by the UK and other players.

For those few in the West who are genuinely interested in the welfare of Third World Citizens (and there are indeed very very few of us, and almost none who work in the Aid Organisations and NGO’s like Oxfam, Christian Aid, Care, WorldVision, Save the Children, UNICEF etc etc..), there should be some magic bullet which could ameliorate the effect, however small, of this withdrawal of foreign currency and projects.

Luckily, this magic bullet exists already and is available for free.  All that is required is to fund its distribution � which can be done largely without the usual overpaid and padded re-branding experts,  PR jonnies and Spin Doctors.

Everyone knows the saying – �Teach a man to fish..�.  Since 2003  has been collecting and collating a massive free high quality electronic library of largely donor-generated information on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food processing, engineering, appropriate technology, water and sanitation, education, health etc etc..  The core material is now  50 gigabytes and additional educational school/preschool/college/university material is another 500 GB.  This is downloadable for free and can be supplied also on external hard drive or on DVD.

Why haven’t the existing aid and development organisations and companies lapped this material up?  One should indeed ask them that question � rest assured that not one single NGO, donor or UN body has shown one iota of interest.  The UK volunteer body VSO has shown hostiliity, USA’s PeaceCorps has shown indifference, the UK’s DFID has shown indifference and hostility in equal measure.

As their closing down gesture, AusAid can through their own and through partners’ presence in Third World Countries (and of course through Embassies and Consulates) give or sell significant (and not token) quantities of pre-loaded DVDs and external HDD’s to urban and rural citizens throughout the Third World.

Having berated Donors I must also here berate useless and anti-people Third World Governments, who are often pro-western dictators of the worst kind, who are only in power to steal from and to oppress their own people, in collaboration with Foreign Powers of the West and East.

OK � AusAid and Tony Abbott� come on down � I have something for you with which to redeem your tattered image.

Alex Weir
Plot 25500, Pepere Road, Block 9, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa.
Tel +267 72 98 2005
Monday 30 September 2013


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